2018-2019 Officers and Board

The officers and board members for the 2018-2019 fiscal year serve from the last meeting in May, 2018 through the last meeting in May, 2019.
  • President:  Hugh VanLandingham  
  • Secretary:  Paul Toffenetti
  • Treasurer:  J.S. Brown
  • 1st Vice Presidenti:  Virgil Cook
  • 2nd Vice President:  Currently Vacant
  • Lion Tamer: Easley Smith
  • Tail Twister:  Vacant
  • Membership Chairman:  Dick Schmidt
  • Past President:  J.S. Brown
  • Webmaster:  Paul Toffenetti
The Board members are:
  • Joe Donckers 
  • Lou Tribble  


2018-2019 Committee Organization
The Blacksburg Host Lions Club is organized into committees under the direction of the president and vice presidents, as follows:
      1st Vice President
       - Meals: Hugh Vanlandingham, Paul Toffenetti      
       - Constitution and Bylaws:  Paul Toffenetti
       - Membership: Dick Schmidt
       - Programs:  Virgil Cook, Paul Toffenetti, Hugh Vanlandingham,
                       and John Barden
      2nd Vice President
       - Youth:  Lou Tribble and John Barden
       - Hearing Conservation:  Elaine Cook
       - Sight Conservation: Elaine Cook and Paul Toffenetti
       - Community Betterment and Civic Improvement:
       - Citizenship and Patriotism:  Easley Smith
       - Public Relations:  Elaine Cook 


       Special Projects:

  • Blacksburg High School Awards:  John Barden and Lou Tribble 
  • Blind Products:  Dick Schmidt
  • Nominating Committee:  J.S. Brown, Dick Schmidt, and Elaine Cook
  • Peace Poster Contest:  Lou Tribble, J.S. Brown, and Hugh  Vanlandingham
  • Bland Music Contest:  Virgil Cook andPaul Toffenetti
  • Fall Fundraiser:  Joe Donckers, Paul Toffenetti, and Dick Schmidt.
  • White Cane:  James Hardell and Easley Smith
  • Pancake Breakfast: Dick Schmidt, Elaine Cook, Lou Tribble, and  Joe Donckers 




Club Membership Directory

Last Name First Name Spouse Phone Address City State/zip     Email Address
 Barden  Lion John A.  Vicky  552-5428  1342 Thomas Lane  Blacksburg  VA 24060                                                
 Brown  Lion J.S.  Debbie  230-3728  2105 Chestnut Drive  Blacksburg  VA 24060
 Cook  Lion Elaine  Virgil  315-9339  901 Vista Terrace  Blacksburg  VA 24060
 Cook  Lion Virgil  Elaine  315-9339  901 Vista Terrace  Blacksburg  VA 24060
 Donckers  Lion Joe  Susan  552-2317  1830 Greenbrier Circle  Blacksburg  VA 24060
 Hardell  Lion Jim  Marilyn  951-4491  233 Price Street  Blacksburg  VA 24060
 Kosztarab  Lion Mike    552-1905  Showalter Cntr, Apr 301  Blacksburg  VA 24060
 Saacke  Lion Dick  Ann  230-3861  1404 Westover Drive  Blacksburg  VA 24060
 Schmidt  Lion Richard  June  552-1590  511 Cedar Orchard Dr  Blacksburg  VA 24060
 Smith  Lion Easley    552-1355  304 Overlook Drive  Blacksburg  VA 24060
 Toffenetti  Lion Paul  Susan  953-1021  410 Ridgeview Drive  Blacksburg  VA 24060
 Tribble  Lion Lou    951-4323  1485 Tribble Road  Blacksburg  VA 24060
 VanLandingham  Lion Hugh  Patricia  552-4328  2190 Blue Jay Lane  Blacksburg  VA 24060



Updated  24 February 2019

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