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Boardman Lions/Target New Coats for Kids Donors 2012-2013


Thanks to the generosity of the following donors, we have been able to purchase 150 new coats for 76 families, and we will be able to continue this program for another year.



Lowry Supply

Denise DeBartolo York



Yvonne & John Ams

Boardman National Honor Society

Boardman Target

Jeanette Chamberlain



Nancy Bare                                                  Joni Blase

Laura/Brian Blasko                                       Bill Buehler

Linda Burcham                                              Brad Calhoun                  

Kathy Collins                                                          Tom Costello

Rosemary Cuccia                                           Patricia Fagan

Lorraine/Mark Fulks                                    M/M John Grove   

Debbie/Mark Haverstock                           Carolyn/Dave Herbert    

Dr. Jeff Hirschl                                          Jean/Bud Jenkins           

Judy Jones                                                  Kate/Sid Jones              

Connie Knecht                                             Candi Kominak                

John Landers                                               Mary Kay/William Lee     

M/M William Leskanic                                  Lucy Marino                    

Olga Maruskin                                              Kathryn Mathey

Sophie Mazejko                                            Dr. Kim Korte Moore      

M/M Ozzie Muresan                                    Barbara Pasquale   

Jackie/Bill Rausch                                        Carly Roberts       

Wendy Samford                                           Joe Schiavoni       

Patti/Terry Shears                                      Lois Smith                    

Gary Sobotka                                              Rick Sobotka                  

Mary Ann Tavolario                                     Archana Vangal               

M/M Michael Yannucci                                  Deborah Yorkovich


Memorials(In Memory of/Donated by)

Barbara Acerra/Laura Sevenich Sobotka

Dr. Carroll Brunner/Kristen Dailey

Mrs. Ciotti/Laura Sevenich Sobotka

Harold Cullar(Former Boardman Principal)/Sandy & Larry Saxton

Georgeann Basch DeRose/The Dancing Divas

Agnes & Stuart Dickson/Elizabeth Miller

Larry Duncan/Laura Sevenich Sobotka

Larry Duncan/Joyce Mistovich

Mrs. John Elash/Joyce Mistovich

Ed Gluck/Kristen Dailey

Edward L. Gluck/Doris V. Gluck

Marilyn Higgins/Pam Grabman

Marilyn Higgins/Laura Sevenich Sobotka

Marilyn Higgins/Joyce Mistovich

John Hunt/Kathy Hunt

Rose(Porcase)Liguore/Kathy & Megan Collins

Marilyn Rhiel/Kristen Dailey

Bill Scheetz/BCMS 6th Grade Teachers

Bill Scheetz/Kristen Dailey

Bill Scheetz/Anne Kravitz

Sue Shidler/Laura Sevenich Sobotka

Debbie & Marty Watts/Joyce Mistovich

Nancy Weimer/Joyce Mistovich

Barbara Willett/Chuck Willett


Honorariums(In Honor of/Donated by)

The Glow Girls/Friends

Jessica Kate Mowery/Kay & Ed Lugibihl

Fr. David Rhodes/Laura & Gary Sobotka

Chuck Rudge/Robert G. Mayer

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