To provide better service to the Tri-C Area, the Carterville Lions Club is conducting a survey of resourceful people and organizations in these communities.  Our goal is to clearly identify humanitarian services, which we -- as a service club -- could provide. We hope you will help us identify areas of need.

By completing the appropriate questionnaire, you will help us determine needs and areas of concern in our communities. Please feel free to comment on any community service needs which you feel would be of benefit. We also encourage you to forward our website link to any other person whose comments you believe would be helpful.

The questionnaires are all the same but having 3 will allow us to determine needs by community.  They will be open until July 18th and all responses are anonymous. After we have compiled our data, we will post a summary of what we learned from the assessment and how we might work together, on our website.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to contact the Lions Club, by email, at We look forward to your comments or questions.


Cambria Questionnaire     

Carterville Questionnaire     

Crainville Questionnaire  

The results will be posted soon.






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