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Meet the Deep River - Chester Lions Club:

We currently are 23 members strong and are always looking to grow! Please contact us to express your interest in joining our team!

2016 / 2017 CLUB OFFICERS
President - Alex Breen
Immediate Past President - Mark Tarpil
1st Vice President - Todd Wetmore
2nd Vice President - Lisa Berube
Secretary - Lisa Berube
Treasurer - Robert Edgeworth
Membership Chairman -  John Maxwell
Lion Tamer - Diane Manville
Tail Twister - Rita Thorpe
Two Year Director - Art Davies
Two Year Director - Mark Tarpil
One Year Director - Dave Estabrook
One Year Director - Mark Lowrey
LEO's Advisor - Laura Breen
Webmaster... Alex Breen Jr.
Member Roster:
Lisa Berube-Neubert, Alex Breen, Art Davies,  Robert Edgeworth, Pidge Gill,  John Maxwell, Mark Lowrey, Jess Maghan, Beth Goodnow, John Solovei, Mike Stino, Mark Tarpill, David Thorpe, Rita Thorpe, Dick Tonks, Todd Wetmore, Todd Norton, Laura Breen, Heather Mudge, and Tim Roberts.
Incoming Members: 
Original Charter & Life Members: 
Michael Nucci (Deceased)
Zilvio Zanni (Deceased)
C. Talcott Scovill (Deseased)

Meet the Tri - Town LEO Club:

We currently are 24 members strong and are always looking to grow! Please contact us to express your interest in joining our team!

Our Club Address:

P.O. Box 232
Deep River, CT 06417






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