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The Plan

To celebrate the centenary of Lions, our current President Roger Stratton is planning a major charity drive, taking his Frogeye Sprite, OSKAR (OSK 800) to John O’Groats and on to Lands End (the JOGLE) in September, raising money for Wiltshire Air Ambulance and The Helen Straker Charity on the way. 

He is planning to leave from Devizes Market Place at 9:30am on September 5th where he will be flagged off by Peter Healey, the grandson of Donald Healey, the designer and man behind so many great British sports cars.  

Having driven up through England and Scotland, he will be leaving John O'Groats for Lands End on the 8th September, passing through Bristol on Tuesday 12th, where he will be greeted by Lions from the Bristol Brunel Lions Club and cross over Brunel's iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge at 12:00 noon accompanied by a convoy of classic cars, before continuing on his way to Lands End; then back to Devizes on the 15th.

For such a small car, this is a very long and difficult
trip. For the humans, there are few creature comforts. The hood will be stowed away as much as possible, there is no heater, and no seatbelts or airbags. Motoring in OSKAR takes you back to an earlier era! In OSKAR’s day, Motorways and Dual Carriageways were rare in the UK, so we shall be following a route avoiding them as far as possible. In 1959, the original Severn Bridge was still 7 years away from being completed! There is a map of our route lower down this page and we are really looking forward to meeting other classic cars along the way, and for help from other Lions Clubs, too.
OSKAR will be joined by back up cars during the journey, in which there will be luggage for the humans, and spare cans of oil, petrol and some other parts that might be needed.


The main aim of the drive is to raise money for two Wiltshire Charities that deserve our support.  These are:

The Wiltshire Air Ambulance that is in the process of moving its operations to a new purpose built facility near Devizes and needs to raise a further £1.25m through its Airbase Appeal to meet the shortfall.


The Helen Straker Charity which in turn supports The Dorothy House Hospice


and the Forever Friends Appeal at the Bath Royal United Hospital.

At the same time the drive will be celebrating 100 years of Lions worldwide.
100 Years of Lions.



In 1917, Melvin Jones, a 38-year-old Chicago business leader, told members of his local business club they should reach beyond business issues and address the betterment of their communities and the world. Within three years, Lions became an international organisation. Since then, we've earned high marks for both integrity and transparency. We're a  worldwide organisation with a steady vision, a clear mission and a long – and proud – history over the last one hundred years.



Online Competition

There is an online competition where, in return for making a donation of at least £5 and using your skill and judgement, you can estimate the total quantity of petrol consumed by OSKAR on the JOGLE from the start in John O'Groats to Lands End, measured in litres to one decimal place.  

The winner will be the person whose estimate is closest to the actual fuel consumed.  The winner will receive 10% of the total entry money donated, with the next closest receiving 5% and the third closest receiving 2.5%. (Terms and conditions apply.)

Follow these simple steps to eneter the Competition:

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Terms and conditions apply. By entering this competition, an entrant is indicating his/her agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Of course, you can simply make a donation to the event with your donation being split equally between the two supported charities.

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There is also the opportunity to sponsor the car.  The price for logos on doors, bonnet and boot are £500 each and wheels £250 each.  In addition to being placed on OSKAR, the logos will be displayed on a fold-away board that will be featured at any media stops on the way.

Here are some of the sponsors that Oskar would like to thank for their support:

Brooks MacDonald
The Beechfield Reclamation Co.
Mike Wood Tyres Ltd
OHM Clothing
Shire Garden Machines
Vaughan’s Cookery School
Devizes Rotary Club
The Bear Hotel
Business Control
The Highworth and District Lions
Radcliffe & Co.


To find out more about sponsorship opportunities, please e-mail me here: Sponsorship



This is what Lion Roger Stratton says about his little green car:

"I have been owned by OSKAR who is a green 1959 Austin-Healey Sprite Mk 1 registration number OSK 800, who has delusions of grandeur, since 1990. (Early Sprites are commonly known as Frogs or Frogeye Sprites due to their prominent frog-like headlamps.)

He ('cos only something so macho could possibly be anything else!) is celebrating 25 years of residence here, having had to put up with surgery, both cosmetic and heart and lung, for the first 2 years of our relationship and I am celebrating my 70th birthday this year by celebrating ANOTHER anniversary. Lions Clubs International, whose motto is "We Serve", is 100 years old this year, having been founded in Chicago in the depths of WW1.

So, OSKAR wants me to drive him from his home town of Devizes to the far north of the UK so that he can then complete a JOGLE to Lands End. I presume he wants me to bring him back to Devizes afterwards. He thinks that this will be a challenge at his age, but hasn't consulted with me as to how I feel about it. As well as raising money for a local cancer charity named after a wonderful woman called Helen Straker, funds will also be raised for Wiltshire Air Ambulance. OSKAR's target is £10,000, which he seems to think is easy, given his extreme good looks and oily residues in the garage.

The dates set for this journey of some 2000 miles is the ten days between September 5th and 15th this year.

OSKAR and I would appreciate your support, with flags, bunting, free food, accommodation and cheap petrol. The one thing we do want is advice on the best route, avoiding wherever possible, Motorways, dual carriageways and other heavily trafficked roads not best suited to the size and demeanour of my small green friend."

You can contact OSKAR by e-mail here: OSKAR




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