The Eldridge Lion's club has many fundraiser's throughout the year.  The monies raised by these fundraisers are used for many local, state and national efforts to help kids and/or adults.  Below is a list of our fundraisers as well as the programs or groups who we support financially.


Pancake Breakfasts - we hold 2 breakfasts each year.  March or April is our spring breakfast - usually the Saturday before Easter.  July is our Breakfast on Saturday morning of Eldridge Days.

North Scott Food raffle - we hold a Fall North Scott Food raffle at North Scott Foods.  Participants are eligible to win $50 to spend at North Scott Foods.

Lucky 20 Drawing - is our big fundraiser held March thru July.  Approximately 400 tickets are sold at $20 each. Participants are eligible to win $500, $100, $50, or $20.

Avenue of Flags - residents of Eldridge can sign up to have us place an American Flag on their curb on the following Federal Holidays: Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Patriots Day and Veteran's Day.

Trivia Night - typically held in February of each year.  Come have some fun and share your knowledge.

Mints - you may have seen our mint boxes at local merchants.  

Local Programs/Groups we support financially:

Scholarships for North Scott seniors - scholarships to North Scott seniors are given each year; amounts and number given vary based upon applications received.

Post Prom for North Scott - we like to keep our kids safe after a fun night dancing, so we help support the after Prom party each year.

Habitat for Humanity - donation needs vary.

North Scott Food Pantry - each year we give a monatory donation

Peace Poster contest - 6th graders are eligible to participant in the Lion's Peace Poster contest each year.  1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners receive monatory gifts.  The 1st place winner is automatically entered in the 9EC regional contest.

History Day - North Scott High School students participate in local and state level History Day contests.  We enjoy helping the cause by donating each year.

North Scott HiSET Program - We supported the NS HiSET program sponsored by the Eldridge Methodist Chuch. 

State Programs/Groups we support financially:

Iowa Lion's Foundation -

Leader Dog Programs - (www.leaderdog.orgProvides guide dogs to people who are blind and visually impaired to enhance their mobility, independence and quality of life. Each year, over 270 students attend our 26-day residential training program to be paired with a guide dog. This is a life-changing event that opens the door to independence, safety and self-worth for many of our students.

Camp Courageous

Camp Hertko Hollow -

Share and Care

National Programs/Groups we support financially:

Lion's Club International Foundation (LCIF)


Things we just do to Serve:

Iowa KidSight ( A joint project of the Lions Clubs of Iowa and the University of Iowa, Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, dedicated to enhancing the early detection and treatment of vision impairments in Iowa's young children (target population 6 through 48 months of age) through screening and public education.

Blood Drives - we host 2 blood drives each year.  One of them is in honor of Elizabeth White.

Food basket deliveries

Eye glass collections - you'll see our drop boxes at many local businesses.  Donated eye glasses are recycled to help those all over the world receive a pair of glasses.

Easter Egg Hunt - same day as our Breakfast in March

Flags for 1st graders - we go to Ed White and talk with 1st graders about the American Flag.  Each 1st grader gets a mini flag of their own in a handmade stand.

Iowa Lions Eye Bank (  A non-profit service organization dedicated to the restoration and preservation of sight through the recovery, processing and distribution of human ocular tissue for transplantation and research, primarily in Iowa, but also throughout the world.  Some of our members are transporters.  They volunteer their time to meet another Lion's member somewhere along the journey to transport the cornea on to its final destination in Madison, WI.

Iowa Cochlear Implant Center ( )
Audiologists here offer support to pediatric and adult cochlear implant patients. This support includes initial diagnostic evaluations to determine candidacy, proper fitting of the cochlear implant, and continual follow-up support to ensure that the greatest benefit is derived from the cochlear implant.

Iowa Lions Hearing Aid Bank (  collect used Hearing Aids.  Feel free to drop any used hearing aid in our Eye glasses drop boxes.

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