Purpose: To provide financial support to a student from the local area defined by the boundaries of Canal Flats, Invermere, Radium and Regional District of East Kootenay Areas F and G. The student must be enrolled in and attending a post secondary educational program of study, including college, university, trade school or other post secondary training leading to specialist certification.


Value:  One or more awards of up to $1000.


Requirements and Procedures for the Application:


  • The applicant must complete the attached application form, along with the required documentation and either mail or email said forms to the Fairmont Lions Club address provided below or submit the forms to the David Thompson Scholarship application official.

  • The scholarship may be awarded to an applicant at any stage of his/her post secondary education, be it to a student just graduating from high school or one already engaged in a post secondary program.

  • The scholarship recognizes a student for his/her volunteer services to the community at large and/or the school community. Service to others is a primary criterion. The applicant should detail the nature, amount and times of the service and provide supporting, signed documentation from a supervisor, colleague, teacher, etc., who can confirm the service and its nature in a letter of reference.

  • The application must be received on or before the application deadline of June 15 each year.

  • As is the policy for most such awards, the announcement of the recipient(s) will be shortly after the application deadline; however, the actual award of funds will be made only after the recipient(s) document their actual successful and continuing enrolment in a post secondary program. An official from the post secondary setting would provide such documentation. It is the recipient's responsibility to provide the Lions Club with the proof of admission and program attendance and continuation.

  • The Lions Club may request the recipient(s) to attend a Club meeting at some future date to discuss the program of study for the information of the Club members.

  • The Scholarship Committee of the Fairmont and District Lions Club will review all applications and make a recommendation to the Club as to the recipient(s) of the award, if any.




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