Message from Dr. Naresh Aggarwal, LCI International President

Diabetes is a global epidemic. And it's growing. More than 400 million people are living with the disease, including friends and family—even children. That's why we are elevating diabetes as a new global focus in our service framework.

We have an opportunity to put the Power of We into action to change the world as only we can. Addressing the threat posed by diabetes will be our biggest challenge yet, but Lions have always risen to the challenge.

We have so much to accomplish in the year leading up to our official diabetes rollout in Las Vegas. And your commitment is essential to our success. I need you to encourage your clubs to learn more about the dangers of diabetes and find ways to make a difference in their communities. Because our communities are counting on us.

Your support of diabetes will be the difference in our fight against this disease. Learn more about how your district can contribute to this cause and help me promote it to Lions so we can change the world together. 

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Lions Club International: Join the Fight Against Diabetes

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