Harbor Beach Lions Club
General Membership Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, October 11, 2016 • 6:00 p.m.
These minutes are subject to approval at the Tuesday, November 8, 2016 meeting

The October meeting of the Harbor Beach Lions was called to order by
President Bob Swartz at 6:05 p.m. on October 11, 2016. There were 23
members in attendance (52.2%) and one guest.
President Bob asked Patty Kramer to lead the group in a prayer of thanksgiving.
President Bob led the club in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United
President Bob introduced our guest, Deanna Holdwick, a potential new
member of our group.
The meeting was suspended for dinner and at 6:45 p.m. the meeting was resumed.
New member orientation meetings have been canceled due to a death in the
family of Paul Ginther.
Two new clubs, Freiberg St. Ignatius and Deckerville and four Anchor Bay,
Applegate, Alba Township, Port Sanilac need support.
Clarification of Memorials as of November 11, 2008. Memorials are given to
immediate family. Larry Krozwek’s father-in-law and Paul Ginther’s mother-inlaw
are not eligible for a memorial.
District 11-D2 is asking for candidates for the Melvin Jones award. Bob Swartz,
Ted Falkenberg, and Paul Ginther are recipients of this award. They will get
together and choose a candidate to be submitted to the district by the January
31, 2017 deadline.
President Bob is getting with Clark Ramsey for an ad at the theater. This will be
a 30 second ad for three months at a cost of $135.00.
Activity discussing the All State Band is postponed to early January.
Fundraising Eversight is sponsoring a “Give Detroit Challenge”. We can’t
compete with big clubs in city but will give a donation.
Thelma Duda and Patty Kramer are collecting entries for this year’s Peace
Poster contest. The deadline is November 15, 2016. This contest is to encourage
children, ages 11-13, to creatively express what peace means to them.
Ted Falkenberg motioned and Roy Morley seconded to approve the Secretary’s report.
Eric Schumacher motioned and Roy Morley seconded to approve the Treasurer’s report.
The Club Initiative Process (CEP) is an interactive process that brings members
together to look at what the club is today and what it will be tomorrow. A Motion
was made by Thelma Duda, seconded by Patty Kramer to complete a survey
about the club Excellency at the November meeting.
The club will not sponsor a Golf tournament this year, but next year will
schedule a tournament during the dates that have been used by Zion because
Zion is dropping this event.
Ambassadors ad, October 24 drawing. WLEW had a call in to win admission.
The View will print an ad for $370.00 and Minden City will put an ad for $125.00.
Concession stand needs four people. 80 18 x 24 Posters we’ll sell for $30.00
and will cost $8.00. Two $50.00 gift certificates from Walmart of Sandusky.
The Lunch Wagon was at a Harbor Beach soccer match on September 9, 2016.
Shirley Messing, Pat Emerick, Bob Swartz, and Sherry Swartz managed this
project and brought in $310.80. On September 19, Bob Swartz, Pat Emerick,
Shirley Messing, and Sherry Swartz went to Marlette for an Osentoski Auction
and collected $656.26. On October 1 Bob Swartz, Buck Roggenbuck, and
Glenda Swartz went to Argyle for an Osentoski Auction and collected $522.50.
Later, they went to North Park from 4:00 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. and sold $157.85
worth of refreshments. A trip to North Park on October 8 took in $301.10. Donut
sales October 1 and October 8, 2016 at DJ at the Park event sold for a profit
of $403.00.
A can and bottle drive took place Saturday and Sunday, October 8 and October 9,
and brought in $643.30. (Kevin Knoblock, Eric Schumacher, Bob Swartz, Dick
Langley, Buck Roggenbuck, Marge Roggenbuck, Ted Falkenberg and Fred
Swartz worked this project.) Marge Roggenbuck motioned and Fred Swartz
seconded that we do this project again next year. We would schedule this
project the second Saturday in October. Eric will be in charge of the project.
Thank you cards were passed for members to sign for Kevin Knoblock, Nancy
Farden, and Ken Mosey for repairs of the lunch wagon.
Jack Kriete motioned and Glenda Swartz seconded that this year’s Christmas
party be held Sunday, December 4, 2016 with the raffle taking place at 7:00
p.m. Details of the party will be discussed at November’s meeting.
Our club has voted to repair the door (not to exceed $300.00) for Sand Beach
Township Hall. The door has been delivered. Lion Buck Roggenbuck will make
these repairs when his schedule permits.
At the director’s meeting, the officers voted to accept Joni Pilaske, Patrick
Carbury, and Bill Duerr as members to our club and will be installed at the
November’s meeting. A Motion by Ted Falkenberg, and second by Carl Taus to
appoint Bill Duerr as Webmaster to our club’s site.
It was motioned by Roy Morley, seconded by Margie Roggenbuck to
accept Deanna Holdwick as a member to our Lion’s Club. Lion Jack Kriete
administrated the oath. Glenda Swartz accepted sponsorship of Deanna.
The Lunch Wagon will go Saturday, October 15, 2016 to Caro. Bob Swartz and
Shirley Swartz will work this project.
It was motioned by Jack Kriete and seconded by Fred Swartz to donate
$100.00 to the Goodfellows. This is a budgeted item.
This year’s open house at the Leader Dogs for the Blind in Rochester will
be October 16, 2016. Jack Kriete and Virginia Kriete will attend Big D night
October 16, 2016. A motion by Patty Kramer and seconded by Thelma Duda to
donate $660.00 to the School. This amount has increased 10% from last year
per our budget. Jack Kriete questioned increasing our donation 10% each year.
An Appreciation Dinner for Past District Governor Justin Faber will be held
Sunday, November 6, 2016. Tickets are $25.00. Motion by Dan Lemanski and
seconded by Jack Kriete to donate $100.00 to Justin Faber. Jack Kriete and
his wife, Virginia and Ted Falkenberg and his wife, Mary will attend this event.
The Lions Bear Lake Camp offers to make available a growth filled experience
for blind and visually impaired youth at no charge to parents. The camp
services over 500 campers. Jack Kriete motioned and Carl Taus seconded to
donate $100.00 to the camp. Carl Taus motioned and Jack Kriete seconded to
donate our budgeted item of $200.00 for a total of $300.00.
The fall district conference will be combined with District 11-D1 and District
11-D2 and will be hosted by the Mayville Lions Club October 23, 2016. The
conference theme is “Eyeglass Recycling”. President Bob questioned the
meeting taking place on a Sunday. This was scheduled because District 11-D1
is participating. Jack Kriete will be attending this meeting.
On August 10, 2016 Tom Stacer suffered a seizure and was taken to the
hospital where a brain tumor was discovered. Tom will require six weeks of
radiation and chemotherapy treatment. A donation breakfast (with a silent
auction, raffle, and bake sale) will take place Sunday, October 16, 2016 at the
Ruth K of C Hall, 7074 E. Atwater Rd., Ruth, MI 48470. Jack Kriete motioned,
and Sherry Swartz seconded that the club donate $200.00 to this cause.
We received a thank you card from Boy Scout Troop 585 from Minden City.
We received a thank you card from the Thumb Area Steelheaders kids fishing
tournament which sponsored 15 boats.
The district has a Kid’s Sight Trailer that we will use as a float at Harbor Beach’s
Christmas Parade December 3, 2016.
The Lions 11-D2 District Convention will be April 7 through April 9, 2017. This
year’s convention theme will be Disco 1970s Party. The convention will be held
at the Double Tree by Hilton in Holland, Michigan. The convention committee
is having a raffle to help offset the cost of the convention. Our club was sent
35 tickets and 30 tickets were sold. Our club bought the remaining five tickets.
Patty Kramer collected $10.00 from the monthly club raffle, which she donated
to scrapbook project.
Shirley Messing suggested everybody wears a turkey -- Women wear on the
right side and men wear on the left side. Eric Schumacher made a motion and
Glenda Swartz seconded that this be put in the minutes.
Any member in District 11-D2 and any guests can receive the 11-D2 Newsletter
by email. Make certain the club secretary has your proper email recorded in
the club records.
We will hold our directors meeting November 7 and our regular meeting
November 8, 2016. Don’t forget November 8th is Election Day, so don’t forget
to vote.
We received a certificate from the Sight Conservation Fellowship from Diane
L. King from Eversight, October, 2016. Sight projects are in honor of Charles
A. Were.
At 8:00 p.m. a motion to adjourn the September meeting was made by Shirley
Messing and seconded by Jack Kriete.
Minutes submitted by Bill Duerr


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