Charity Book Shop - with a difference!

What's the difference, you may ask?

Where: The Marlowes Shopping Centre, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. We are open 7 days a week when the Centre is opne (apart from Thursday, when we close at 5.30pm)

Cost: We generally sell paperbacks for 50p, hardbacks for £1 and children's books for 20p.  You can also find some limited editions, signed editions and all sorts!

What Else: Jigsaws, (for he puzzle fiends), CDs, Vinyl, DVDs. 

Reclycling: Firstly, the amount of books that we have recycled by receiving and re-selling, because we don't descriminate against books which have been well loved and well read and then donated to us.  This means that even if your book has seen better days, it will be well loved by someone else.  However, that doesn't mean that we don't get in books in immculate and superb (and often new) condition.  Just the right thing for a pressie when the budget's a bit tight!  It also means that we often manage to find you that book  you've been after, which is no longer in publication.

Knowledge: Although we are not what you may call literary experts and all work there as volunteers, the one thing we all have in common is not just a love of books, but the challenge of finding that elusive book for you. 

Where the Money Goes: Because we are ALL volunteers and the kind people at the Marlowes Shopping Centre have let us use the shop free of charge, it means that  ALL THE MONEY RAISED GOES BACK TO THE LOCAL COMMUNITY.

Varieties of Book: We have often been praised for the amount of school, college and university books we have, as well as our easy to look through sections, ranging from royalty, transport, pets, foreign sections (and many more!) to the fiction, biographical and autobiographical sections.

Thank you: We are delighted and eternally grateful  to the Marlowes Shopping Centre Management who have given us the use of a shop, completely free of charge.  This "tiny project", which started off for a few weeks only in March 2011, has now grown into a fantastic business, where you can donate your books, buy brilliant books at a fraction of the price and know that YOU are raising money for local charities and worthy causes too!

We are happy to receive your unwanted books at any time, but if you just can't bring them in, then please do call us and I am sure we can work something out.

getting ready for the bookshop opening

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