One of our Lions projects that non-Lions frequently ask about is our glasses collection.  Boxes for used glasses are scattered throughout the county--including Piggly-Wiggly, the hospital, Southernaire, the library, Save-a-Lot.  Please deposit used glasses, including both prescription and "readers",  used cell phones, and printer cartridges in those boxes.  They are recycled for use by those who truly need them.  If you want to see how, go to and check out some of the ways your "trash" changes someone else's life.

For the third year, Lions managed a free, organized parking lot for the Saturday of the Irish Parade.  The city volunteered the property, the empty land by Bethesda Mission wrapped around WorkForce Essentials.  We had areas for handicapped parking and this year, thanks to a loan of a wagon from the Recreation Club, provided a shuttle to the carnival area from the lot.  Thanks to the wonderful folks who made donations which will go to our White Cane fund. This project is a lot of fun for the Lions who are able to participate and not involved with some other aspect fo Irish Days.  The Lions also donated several items to the Silent Auction at the Irish Banquet.   Irish Days being one of the big events in Houston County, the Lions are very happy to do our part.

We again gave dictionaries to all 3rd grade students in the county in conjunction with The Dictionary Project, another non-profit organization.  We chose a paperback copy which is easy for the students to use and to carry.

Every month a good number of Lions join the volunteers for the perishable food distribution at the National Guard Armory.  We sort crates and crates of foodstuffs and then help fill boxes and bags to give to the folks who are on the list to receive it.  Thank goodness, Bethesda Mission does the paperwork; we just help to supply the manpower.  We also supply muscle at the commodities distribution at Highland Rim Economic Corps.  Those bags of dried beans, canned goods and other non-perishables are VERY heavy, so Lions carry them out to the recipients' cars.  If the pre-packed supply of bags dwindles, we start stuffing more.  

A special project was the installation of 2 benches along the walking trail in Erin.  They were purchased using funds donated in memory of Lion David Julseth and have plaques noting that fact. 

Another big project, in the Centennial Project category, was partnering with Traditions First Bank to install a fenced, inclusive playground in Tennessee Ridge.  It's a great feeling to drive by the playground and see it being well used.  .


Where there is a need, there is a Lion.  WE SERVE.




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