Lions Meet for 40th Annual Lions Day at the United Nations

Over 750 Lions from various parts of the United States and from many International Countries gathered in New York City on Saturday, March 24, 2018 to observe “Lions Day at the United Nations”. This annual celebration began in 1978 and this event brings together Lions, Leos, UN Diplomats and other global leaders from government, business and the non-profit sector to assess the most pressing global humanitarian needs and create innovative solutions for them.

The main focus of the Program centered on a key service area for Lions, namely, the battle to combat Diabetes. Speakers throughout the day stressed the need to work together globally to fight a disease that impacts 420 million people and takes approximately 5 million lives every year. Tragically, it is estimated that 178 million people worldwide have the disease and are not aware they have it. A highlight of the afternoon was the announcement of a memorandum of understanding for partnership in the fight against Diabetes signed between LCI (Lions Club International) and the IDF (International Diabetes Federation).

The 60th Anniversary of International Leo Clubs was celebrated as part of the program. There were also video updates that highlight the work of Lions and Leos in supporting Special Olympics during the past year of Service.

Lord Baltimore Lions Pat and John Monahan again attended this Lions Day at the UN. The program was held at the UN General Assembly and the main hotel was the Millennium Hilton located at One UN Plaza in New York, almost directly across the street from the United Nations. The day was informative, festive and we had many opportunities to meet and learn from other Lions and hear the service experiences they shared.



Lord Baltimore Lions Celebrate High Achieving Elementary School Students

Lord Baltimore Lions Club members had the pleasure of paying tribute to some high performing students at the two elementary schools located in our service region. The Lions held a celebration party for “A” Students at both the John M. Clayton Elementary School on Feb 1 and then on February 2 at Lord Baltimore Elementary School. A total of 110 students were honored for their good grades during the recent marking period and each student received special congratulations from attending Lions. Each student was given a choice of a snack, refreshment and received a bookmark as well to honor their special achievements for this marking period. This is the second year that the Lord Baltimore Lions Club has partnered with both schools to pay tribute to our “A” Students at both elementary schools. Lions participating this year include Janet Parham, Pat Monahan, Joanne Withers, Pat Brinsfield, John Monahan, Jack Bauer and Lion President Janet Bauer. Special thanks to Ms. Jan Bomhardt at Clayton Elementary and Ms. Pamela Webb, Principal at Lord Baltimore Elementary and staffs at both schools for working closely with the Lions to make this such a special time for all.


Lord Baltimore Lions Club donates medical equipment to Ecuador

The Lord Baltimore Lions CLub has donated excess medical equipment to the Ecuadent Foundation.  For many years the Lord Baltimore Club has been providing free medical equipment to Sussex County residents in need.  In addition the Club receives donations of no longer needed equipment to help our cause.  With new equipment purchased through the graciousness of community grants, we have the ability to share our good fortune with others.

Lion Jack Bauer contacted the Ecuadent Foundation, based in Maryland, which provides free dental and medical services to children in Ecuador.  Through this program the Club has donated four wheelchairs, 12 sets of crutches and six walkers that will be delivered during Ecuadent's next mission trip in February of 2018.  In response to the donation, the foundation stated, "These items will help aid patients newly released from our care to return homewith their parents and finish healing."

For more information on the Ecuadent Foundation, visit:




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