Lord Baltimore Lion Members Welcome International 1st VP Choi to 22D Delaware

Nine members of the Lord Baltimore Lions Club joined 45 others from neighboring clubs in Lions District 22D to welcome visiting 1st Vice President Jung-Yul Choi, of the International Association of Lions Clubs and his Partner in Service Seung-Bok to Delaware. The lions attending had the opportunity to listen to VP Choi who shared his experiences in the United States as very pleasant. He talked about the importance of service and he encouraged us to seek new members from those retired and from service professions like social workers, teachers and volunteers that we meet in other settings. The Lions from District 22D appreciated the chance to spend some time with VP Choi. He gave us the opportunity to tell him about our service projects and to learn from his experiences as well.

The meet and greet session with VP Choi was held at the Dewey Beach Lions Clubhouse Wednesday, August 15.

Lord Baltimore President Janet Bauer and Lion Jack Bauer presented 144 composition books to Lord Baltimore School for their Writing/Journalist Project ON August 21st.  Pictured from left is President Janet Bauer with the teachers who will be presenting this project to the students.  Far right is Lion Jack Bauer and Principal Pam Webb.



Would you like to mentor a student in your Community?

The Lord Baltimore Lions Club has three male mentors in the Sussex County Schools and I’m proud to be one of them.  This is a hands-on, face to face commitment with our future generation.  Lions, especially retired ones are ideal for this program.  This is a no cost program to the clubs.  It has been proven that mentoring makes a difference in helping young people make smarter life choices.  This is a statewide program and should be in all of the schools.  

The commitment is about 1 hr. a week at the school you chose during the school year.  Here are some of the measured outcomes.

How does mentoring help?*
The benefits of mentoring are well documented. Studies by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Delaware and Creative Mentoring have found the following improvements by youth:

• 81% exhibit improved self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-control
• 61% show an improved attitude toward learning
• 46% are less likely to start using illegal drugs
• 52% are less likely to skip school
• 27% are less likely to start drinking

What are the benefits to the mentor?

  • You have an opportunity to give something back to the community.
  • You learn how to better communicate with young people.
  • You are doing something very positive and you feel better. 

THINK ABOUT IT!  THIS IS A WIN-WIN PROGRAM FOR THE MENTEE, FOR YOU, AND FOR OUR NEXT GENERATION. It takes time to get the application processed and there is required training to get you up to speed, so get started early for the 2019 school year.

Mentoring is the best kept secret in DE. 

Go to or contact your local school for information on the program. 

*Source: Making the Connection-Connecting Generations training manual 2015

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