When Medina Lions recieve a request for help an application will be requested from one of the committee members of the Lions Hearing Aid Program.

Committee members need applicants name, address, and phone number.

An application will be numbered and mailed to client promptly.

Applications will be processed within two weeks if possible.

Once application is recieved by Medina Lions Club we need to review, approve, and sign off.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

This application is then emailed/hand delivered to the committee for review and final approval.

The committee's goal is to service as many referrals as possible, but limited funds may sometimes force committee to prioritize applications.

Applicant will then be notified of status via a phone call from originating Lions Club.

Cost of Hearing Aid:  $700-$800;

Reconditioned (when available) will cost about half of new.

Cost includes test, fittings, and hearing aid.

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