From the Lions Club Secretary's Record

Pre-Charter Meeting
March 31, 1925
A meeting for the purpose of organizing the Lions Club of Millersburg was called to order by President Mattison of the Lions Club of Harrisburg.

D. J. Evans, field director of Lions International was appointed temporary secretary.
Dr. J. W. Starr, F. S. Kirk, and C. W. Rubendall, appointed as a nominating committee, Submitted the Following nominations for the offices of the Lions Club of Millersburg.
President - A. G. Bashoar
1st Vice-President - D. E. Hottenstein
2nd Vice President - F. S. Kirk
3rd Vice-President - C. W. Rubendall
Secretary - W. M. Herrold
Treasurer - K. E. Heckert
Tail Twister - A. K. Ulsh
Directors - For three years - B. Nimmons
                                                        J. A. W. Brubaker
                              For two years -  W. J. Minier
                                                        R. M. Tyson
                              For one year -   L. G. Holtzman
                                                        J. W. Hoffman
The Candidates as submitted by the nominating committee were duly elected.
It was regularly moved and seconded that the next meeting be held in the office of J. A. W. Brubaker Tuesday Evening, April 7 at 6:30. The motion passed.
A rising vote of thanks was extended to the members of the Lions Club of Harrisburg for their kindness.
D. J. Evans, Secretary Pro Tem.

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