Below are listed SOME OF the community programs of the Oak Harbor Lions Club, and the level of activity in recent years.

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Camp Horizon:    Support Camp Horizon with maintenance and other support.
                                      In 2009we provided $3500 for "Camperships," and 438 hours of volunteer 
                                       labor to help serve and maintain the camp.

Scholarships:      Support Oak Harbor Schools with vocational & academic Scholarships.
                                       Each year we provide funds for two two-year, and two four-year $750
                                         scholarships for a total of $3000 per year. 

White Canes:      Support LIONS INTERNATIONAL White Cane Days.
                                       In 2009 we sent $2500 to Northwest Sight & Hearing Foundation.

Sight:         We provide eye exams and glasses for people who need help.
                                      In 2008 we provided eye exams and glasses to 50 people, mostly children,
                                          and collected over 3000 pair of used glasses for Lions International.

Play It By Ear:    Support LIONS INTERNATIONAL Golden Ears.
                                        In 2009 we sent $500 to Northwest Sight & Hearing for the 
                                                     Play It By Ear Program.

Hearing Aids:   Provide hearing aids to low income members of our community.
                                     In 2008 we helped four people with hearing problems get hearing aids.                                           

Construction:    Build wheelchair ramps for persons in need and other occasional projects.
                                        In 2006 we helped 3 families with ramps, and we spent $2500 and 230 hours
                                             building the shelter at the new Ft. Nugent Playground 
Christmas in 
July:                   Support Whidbey Help House by accepting donations at Safeway.
                                       In 2007 we collected $315, and helped collect  2000 food items.

Equipment:         Loan Beds, Walkers, wheelchairs, & more to persons in need.
                                            Each year we loaned more than 300 home medical items to area residents.

Health Van:        Provide free screening to public for hearing, vision, glaucoma, diabetes, 
                                     & hypertension.
                                      In 2009 we provided health screenings to 73 people.

Road Cleanup:    Pick up litter along State Route 20 south of Oak Harbor four or more 
                                                        times each year

Blood Draws     We assist  Puget Sound Blood Center, a six local blood drives with 
                                          registration, and donor monitoring (Canteen)     

Below are some of the projects that help raise money to provide the above programs. 

Fruit Sales:           Sell Fresh Washington fruit & vegetables in June, July, and August.

Tree Sales:      Sell Christmas trees, Thanksgiving - December ??

Flag Project:         Display more than 300 American flags throughout Oak Harbor,
                                             on 12 Special Days each year.
                               This program is paid for by the merchants where you see the flags,
                                            and some individuals.


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