Rock Bridge Picnic 

Sept. 24th, 2018


Columbia Rock Bridge Lions Picnic

Sept 24, 2018 5 pm- 8 pm at Logboat 504 Fay St.

100% of proceeds go to Welcome Home

Tickets $30  BBQ, Beer and Entertainment.  Raffles and Silent auction items

501C and 50% state tax credits available for qualified donations


Donations Sponsors Benefits

_______ $1,000 Major Sponsor       Logo used in advertisements, websites, promotional                                                                             postcards, signs and banners

_______ $500 Sponsor                    Logo used in signs, banners and websites

_______ Silent auction items            Signs, banners

_______  $30 x each ticket                BBQ dinner, Beer and Entertainment


Contact Information

Craig Diggs 573-445-2334        Megan Sievers 573-228-2400




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