smileyClub President:     Tom Conlon

For information on Membership - e-mail Tom at

  1st Vice President: Ron Marsh

  2nd Vice President: Nancy Conlon

  Imediate Past President: Lucille Bailey

  Secretary:          Carolyn Carbonneau

  Treasurer:          Cathy Moody

  Membership Chair:   Phil Cannell

                                    Cathy Corcoran

                      Ron Marsh

  Tail twister        Paul Hennessey

  Lion Tamer          David Troy

  Board of Directors  Tom Conlon

                                       Maureen Gustafson

                      Gerry Quist

                      Joe Perron

                      Nancy Conlon

                      Norma Johanson

                      Bill Waslske

                      Karen Wiberg

                      Kathy Hyland

Sunshine:     Cathy Corcoran

Thoughts of the Day:  Maeuren Gustafson

Refreshments: Gerry Quist - Neal Nelson


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