smileyClub President:     Ron Marsh


  1st Vice President: Nancy Conlon

  2nd Vice President: Maureen Gustafson

  Imediate Past President: Tom Conlon

  Secretary:          Carolyn Carbonneau

  Treasurer:          Cathy Moody

  Membership Chair:   Tom Conlon

For information on Membership - e-mail Tom at

    Other committee members:

                Phil Cannell 

                Dave Meyer

                Mary Meyer

                Cathy Corcoran                



Board of Diectors:

                      Gerry Quist           

                      Phil Cannell

                      Norma Johanson

                      Bill Waslaske

                      Karen Wiberg

                      Lucille Bailey

                      Paul Hennessey



  Tail twister        -Bill Bailey

  Lion Tamer          -David Troy

  Thought for the Day - Kathy Troy

  Sunshine            - Cathy Corcoran                  


Refreshment Committee: Gerry Quist - Neal Nelson


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