03/1/23Draft                    Vol. #10                   The SCLC BULLETIN                April 7 & 21, 2014

Sioux City Lions Club, P. O. Box 5233, Sioux City, IA 51101.

Chartered in 1920 — We Serve, Enjoy Fellowship and Have Fun

Greeter = Paula Damon   Pledge & Invocation April 7 - L. Benne & April 21 - B. Brown

April  7 - Noon  – MidAmerican Energy Company Community Room

          Program: Pete Guetkin of the Sioux City Council

April 21 – 5:30 p.m. – Perkins Restaurant – Gordon Drive -  east end of Sioux City across from Menards

          2014-15 ELECTIONS –Officer, Directors, Membership & Trust Investment Committee Members

         Program: TBD

ATTENDANCE: March 3 = 12 and March 17th = 11 + 2 guests           

BIRTHDAYS: Dorothy Miller and Doug Siefker

BOARD MEETING: Noon, April 10. All welcome. Only elected board members make motions or vote.

BOARD MEMBERSHIP: The board is reviewing its member’s responsibilities to align with the updated Constitution & Club Officers Manual (Membership Committee Chair is board director, etc.)

BOOKMARK: A new bookmark will help us improve communications about SCLC Services (below).

 CHARITY GRANTS: The Tax-Exempt Charity Grants are only accepted August 15 – October 1.

FAMILY DUES UPDATE: Four other family members pay reduced dues of $61.68 if living at address as the “head of household” paying regular $92.00 dues. Same household residency is not required under age 26 if they are pursuing higher education or serving in the military. New members dues are pro-rated based on month joined. Dues are due July 1 and may be paid semiannually July 1 & January 1. All new members pay a first-time only non-prorated $25.00 ILC fee. Dues aren’t charitable contributions. Businesses may deduct as ordinary and/or necessary expenses.

ELECTIONS are for 1st VP (1 yr.), a 2nd VP (1 yr.) Director (2 yrs.), a Membership Director (2 yrs.), Membership Committee Member (2 yr.) and a Trust Investment Committee Member (3 yrs.). Nominations are complete. The Election Meeting is April 21.

NEW MEMBERS WELCOME:  Connie Carlson, puppy raiser and Maria Rundquist, linguistic consultant have joined. Please introduce yourselves and welcome them. We are very pleased!

PAPERLESS SCLC: We are gradually implementing paperless office and comunications as are ILC and IA Lions. Documents will be placed on our website and will be emailed or USPS mailed if needed.

PROJECT PROM COMMITTEE: Donations are less this year.

RAFFLE: March 17 = $35.00

SCHOLARSHIPS: $1,000 each will be awarded to 3 seniors who will attend a Sioux City College/University. The Scholarship Committee will be naming them soon.

SIGHT & HEARING SERVICES REQUESTS: All must first complete an application obtained at Center for Siouxland. Individuals with or eligible for Title 19 (Medicaid) are not served by SCLC.

SCLC YEARLY AWARDS: Lion of the Year, Citizen of the Year and IA Lions Foundation’s Warren Coleman Honorary Award. Melvin Jones Humanitarian Fellowship Award is not given this year. Nominations by March 17. Voting March 17 and April 7. Presentations are at the May Steak Fry.  

SCLC BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Bob Agee, Larry Benne, Brenda Brown, Lee Chamberlain, Steve Cogdill, Paula Damon, Sheryl Ford, Ann Hill, Tim Jacobs, Doug Siefker.                                                                                                             

SCLC SERVICES: Eye Glasses, Hearing Aids, Sight-Related Medical Bills, Preschool Vision Screenings, Leader Dogs, Charity Grants, Alcohol-Free Proms, College Scholarships, International Lions Peace Poster Contest                                       

CLUB OFFICERS MANUAL:                                                    STANDARD LIONS CLUB CONSTITUTION at                                                                                          MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM at                                           

When we try to avoid, stop or control change, we get into trouble.” — Pixar’s Catmull.

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