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Winterton and district Lions will be bringing the Lions Centennial roadshow to villages in our area during 2017.

Please come and meet you local lions club members and see how we support the local community.


The dates and venues can be found on our calender page.


Activities will include:-

Balloon race for Children at Winterton Show with a prize for the balloon which travels the furthest. smiley

 Childrens games at other venues, Find the lion , Dot to Dot pictures  and others.

A Quiz for adults relating to lions with the answers contained in Lions information folder / Display. 

There will be a prize for the first correct Quiz sheet drawn after the last Roadshow.

Other information regarding Lions activities will also be available.

Refreshments  Tea, Coffee, Biscuits, Squash will be provided.


Also for Centennial on 7th June is the Humber Bridge Event. Lions clubs from both North and South bank are hoping to make a line of 20,500 food tins across the Humber Bridge which will be donated to local food banks and food kitchens.

From 6 p.m.....Free soup and a roll. smiley







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