Permanant Project :

Donation & Maintaing Of Drinking Water Cooler at Agra I.S.B.T.


Donation Of Wheel Chair at Agra Railway Station on 24/7/2011

Tree Plantation at Karamyogi Park , Agra on 24/7/2011



Flag Hoisting on Independence Day 15th August at Parishadiya Vidyalaya

Donating of  Fans, Durries for sitting,Copies,Pencil,Fruits & sweets at Parishadiya Vidyalaya on 15th August,2011 ( Celebrating Indian Indepence Day )


Donating of Woolen Jackets & Sweaters in Deaf & Dumb's School at Vijay Nagar , Agra in Chilling Cold Month January.


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