The Lion of the Year Award will be determined yearly by our club President.  They will pick someone who has shown leadership during the year and been an active participant in the club.  Congratulations to our recent winners:

2021-2022 Lion Larry Boller

2020-2021 Lion Paul Buhrmann

2019-2020 Lion Jenny Tice

2018-2019 Lion Rick Anderson



2015-2016 Lion Brian Hoeschen

2014-2015 Lion Pat Adamski and Lion Ron Goblirsch

2013-2014 Lion Jay Eull

2012-2013 Lion Dennis Miedema  


2011-2012 Lion Terese Gammell


2010-2011 Lions Randy and Connie Bacon were picked by Lion President Rick Kleist for their committment in making our Lions Events successful.  They are hardworking and always willing to help out.

2009-2010 Lion Jeff Edelman was picked by Lion President Scott Pierson for his leadership and participation as a committee member or Chairperson of our events.



2008-2009 Lion Ray Frederick was selected by Lion Dan Myers.




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