C B R ( Community Based Rehabilitation ) Project For The Blind


This is a permanent project run by Lions Club Allahabad City , with the help of All India Confederation of Blind ( AICB), a self supported society, managed by the blinds of India, and Lions Club International Foundation ( LCIF).


The aim of the project is not only to treat people with impaired vision, but also to identify completely blind persons and rehabilitate them through training and financial support as an individual, help them live with self esteem in the main stream of the society.

This is a pilot project of LCI which has been proposed and approved for a time span of five years. What ever projects related to the eye care and eye sight run till now had been at the club level. This is for the first time that it has been taken up on a community basis. The major portion of the finance comes from LCIF, and rest by the members of the club.

This is the very first effort from LCI on community level. Its success is very important because on the basis of its success, such projects may be taken up in other parts of the globe.

After its inception, the CBR project took its first step in the month of October 2012 in Manjhanpur, district head quarter of Kaushambi. After one year, in October 2013, it was shifted to Sirathu, another place of the same district, to benefit more and more people.

Members of the club go to kaushambi, base office and camps from time to time to invigilate and see the progress.


Data from October 2012 to March 2014

  1. Total villages surveyed 79

  2. Town area surveyed 2

  3. Total population of villagers surveyed 180950

  4. Identified blind persons 278

  5. No. of blind persons provided training 172

  6. No. of blinds economically rehabilitated 80

  7. Amount of interest free loan distributed 735000/-

  8. No. of blind children referred to blind school 5

  9. No. of bus passes obtained 81

  10. Railway passes obtained 83

  11. Blindness certificate obtained 81

  12. Government pension applied 25

  13. Government pension obtained 2

  14. Radio sets distributed 100

  15. Blankets distributed 145

  16. Provided employment through MNREGA 7

  17. No. of eye screening of villagers 6075

  18. No. of eye screening of students 11070

  19. No. of schools where eye screening organized 64

  20. No.of free spectacles distributed to villagers 1518

  21. No.of free spectacles distributed to students 523

  22. No of IOL cataract surgery done 431

  23. No. of eye awareness camps organised 38


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