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Lions is the largest service club in the world.  Members are volunteers who raise funds for local, national and international projects and who carry out local community projects for the elderly, youth, disabled and those in need.  ALL funds raised are used for good causes. Lions members make a contribution to an administration fund, but despite this we still need extra funds to run the Club itself.

In order to help to do this we run a “50 Club”.  We need 50 people prepared to contribute £1 per week, that is £4 per month by Standing Order. 

In return we will hold a regular draw with a prize of £50.

There will only be 50 participants (initially less) so your chance of winning a prize during the year is very good indeed.  In turn you will be assisting us to help local projects. If you have any queries about how the 50 Club operates, please email on

To join our 50 Club, please complete our Standing Order form and you will be notified of your 50 Club Number once the Standing Order is set up. We post the details of winners on our Facebook page at

Most Recent Winner

July 2019 - Elizabeth Maul (Number 31)




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