The 2023-2024 Aquia Evening Lions Board met on Thursday, January 11, 2024 with  President Brandi Bowles presiding.  She called the meeting to order at 7:07pm.  Also attending were: 

Bea Klapak, Donna Razler, Sheryl Sinche, Sonya Trower, Jeannete M. Wentworth and Jeannette N. Wentworth.

Treasurers Reports:

  • 501c3: Sonya Trower – Balance:  $39,622.99

Balance includes $2,000 donation to AH resident in need and a $2,000 donation for the funeral of a child with pediatric cancer.


  • 501c4 Admin: Donna Razler – Balance:  $5,549.00

--- Still have $1,000 dues outstanding.  We are no longer funding the $35 new membership fee.

--- Clubhouse is raising meal prices, so we may need to make adjustments in Christmas Party or Charter Brunch costs for members.  In June, we will revisit discussion of possible dues increase.

--- Discussed ideas to add funds to 501C4 Admin account since we cannot use money from the charity account.

Secretaries Report:

Susie Doss:  Nothing to report.

Sheryl Sinche:  Membership now at 55; added 3 new members.



  • 3 New members:  PDG Rose Burrus, Wally Burrus, and Lauren Bowles.
  • Carol Byers, acting Membership Chair, will induct Rose Burrus and Wally Burrus at 1/25 meeting.
  • Affiliate Member, Lauren Bowles may be inducted remotely since she resides in AZ.
  • Brandi Bowles and Jeannette N. Wentworth will post on Friends of Aquia every Monday to invite new people to visit a meeting.


Old Business:

Committee updates:

  • Santa Visits –$850 net profit; Joanna Robertson, new chair of this event, did a fantastic job.
  • Low Vision and Teacher Support committee.  Sheryl Sinche will reach out to teachers in AEL and ask them to submit classroom needs.  $2,000 has been budgeted for this.  Sheryl has not been successful in contacting Low Vision teachers in Stafford to offer funds for classroom or individual student needs.  She will continue trying.
  • Wine Event can be Friday, February 9, or not until August.  Brandi will report back on dates.  Event will feature new wines not offered at Clubhouse and steak/fish options for meal.  May tie this event to a cause:  Domestic Violence.
  • Monte Carlo, March 16.  Susie Doss, Event Chair, will discuss how to do food this year.
  • Bourbon Dinner, April 20.  Four course dinner.  Need a few auction items.  May tie this to a cause:  Diabetes.
  • Mother’s Day buffet style high tea, May 4.  Will have separate price for children at this event.  May include fashion show.  Brandi has contacted some vendors.  May tie to a cause:  Pediatric Cancer.
  • PayPal-Still looking for login information from Betsy Husser.


New Business:

  • Dining in the Dark, October 12;  looking for venue that can hold 100+ since we were at capacity at the Clubhouse.

--- Aquia Episcopal, St. Peter’s Lutheran churches were mentioned as places with event spaces.

  • Trivia Night with Stafford Lions.  Brandi will meet with SLC on 2/16 to discuss venue, how often, and what cause funds should be slated for.

--- Discussed making it a family event at the lower level of Clubhouse, requiring each team to have at least one child, and adjusting menu to be family friendly.  We are looking for committee members to work on this.

  • Need to publicize ideas of new service opportunities for members.
  • Again, involve members in our donations.  At January dinner meeting, each person will be given a ‘blank check’ to write in an idea for an AEL donation.
  • Put copy of minutes and request for service project ideas on each table at January dinner meeting.


Webmaster Update:

Need to put a committee together and then train people how to use the website as well.


District Update:

April 18-21-LOV MD-24 State Convention  at Hyatt Regency -Dulles.



February 9 or 10-Wine Event?

March 16-Monte Carlo

April 18-21-State Convention at Hyatt Regency Dulles

April 20-Bourbon Dinner

May 4-Mother’s Day Tea/Fashion show?

May 18-Vision Walk

June 2-Charter Brunch


Prints Deadlines:

Articles/Ads Due              Publication Date

January 28                               February 6

February 26                             March 5

March 24                                 April 2

Next Board meeting: February 8, 2024

Meeting Adjourned: 8:42pm



Membership Growth Awards recognize Lions and clubs for inviting new members.  Tradition-ally, the month of October has been dedicated to inviting new members.  To encourage clubs to start and the end year strong, Lions Clubs International is now also recognizing member invitation in the month of April.  Awards are sent to club secretaries six weeks after the close of the month.

Silver & Gold Membership Growth Award Pins:  Lions that sponsor a member in either October or April receive the Silver Membership Growth Award Pin.  Lions that sponsor a member in October and April will receive both the Silver and Gold Membership Growth Award Pin.

Membership Growth Award Banner Patch:  Continuing in the 2014-15 fiscal year, clubs that add new members in April will receive the Membership Growth Award Banner Patch and a fiscal year patch.  Repeat award recipients (after FY2013-14) receive a fiscal year patch to affix below the banner patch.

Eligibility:  To be eligible to receive the awards, new member and sponsor names must be reported to International Headquarters using MyLCI between April 1 and midnight April 30, Central Standard Time.  Paper MMR’s must be received between the 1st and 20th of April to be processed in time.



The early childhood vision screening program is now called KidSight USA.  The website for the Spot project is  It has the calendar/schedule and other information about the SPOT project.  Jane Stoll is in charge of this project.  She can be reached at 540-657-1626 or by email at



To learn more about our club, please visit our website:  Our webmaster is Carol Byers.  She can be reached at 703-635-8411 or by email  For information on Club website, contact Brandi Bowles at 909-915-8086 or by email at



Please contact Sheryl Sinche, Admin Secretary, at 540-273-7604 or by email at to obtain an updated 2022-2023 Membership Roster.



Please remember to email your volunteer hours for this month to Sheryl Sinche, Admin Secretary, at 540-273-7604 or by email at



The Board discussed the cost of no-shows at our monthly general membership dinner meetings.  Once we provide Jennifer Belcher, the Chef/Caterer for our meetings, with a head count from our telephone polling, we are required to pay for the dinners, whether or not the member shows up.  To save the club from paying for uneaten dinners, we must be more conscientious about this little housekeeping chore.  We can cancel a meal up to two days before the dinner meeting, i.e., Tuesday evening.  If you have RSVP’d and events beyond your control prevent your attendance, if possible, please contact Sheryl Sinche at 540-273-7604, as she is responsible for contacting the Clubhouse.



The Aquia Evening Lions Club is now listed with the Potomac CFC.  Our number is 99070.  Please let your family and friends, who are federal employees, know so they might donate to our charity.



For those of you who are new to the Club, we support Empower House, a shelter for abused women.  Donations are collected monthly to purchase groceries for those at the shelter.  Empower House provides education and training for volunteers to assist the women and their children at the shelter.   If you would like to volunteer, or if you need more information, please contact Alma Johnson at 540-659-4811 or by email at



Our Club has a page on Facebook (FB) at  As you may know, FB is a social networking site that’s great for finding old friends and keeping up with

current friends and acquaintances.  Lions International has a very strong presence on FB and uses it very well for PR purposes.  Chris Hilditch of the Stafford, England Lions, the club we are

twinning with, is also a FB friend.  This is the link to their Club’s website:

It's a great way to reach out to the community and publicize our events in a very easy way.  For example, once a new entry (reminders of our events, photos, videos, etc.) is posted on our page, it will automatically feed that entry to everyone who is a "fan" of our page.  You can easily let your friends know what's going on in our Club, and they can see what we do.  It also will, hopefully, help in recruiting new membership.  For more information, please contact Brandi Bowles at 909-915-8086 or by email at with any questions or comments about our Facebook page.



The Aquia Harbour Evening Lions Board has voted to support, on a monthly basis, the food bank at the Head Start office located off Route 17.  Food is distributed only on an emergency as-needed basis.  They receive no funding for the food bank, relying instead on the generosity of the community.  Each month, the Club will bring requested food items to the general membership meeting for delivery to the food bank.  Sheryl Sinche and Mary Walter will deliver to the food bank.



District Governor Donalda Lovelace would like for the Lions of Virginia District 24-L to take advantage of a new online leadership training program.  This training is being offered to you online.  Those of you who would like to take future leadership roles in our club, our zone, or our district are encouraged to take advantage of this training in the comfort of your home.  This training will enable

you to be better equipped to take action once you are in a leadership position.  After completing these classes, this training will assist you in advancing our organization in a positive way.
To enroll, please log on to the Lions Learning Center using this Link:

Once you are in the Learning Center, please register. You can view the online tutorial that will guide you through this process at:

Once you are registered, you can select from the Lions curriculum. There are three levels, based on four competencies, and 18 courses.

Level 1:  Leading Lion Basic Degree:  Introduction to Lions Leadership:  Writing your Personal Mission Statement.  Setting Goals.  Delegation.  Effective Listening.  Managing Meetings.

Level 2:  Member Motivation:  Effective Teams. Decisionmaking.  Creativity.  Promoting Innovation.  Public Speaking.

Level 3:  Leading Lion Graduate Degree:  Coaching.  Managing Change.  Conflict Resolution. Valuing Member Diversity.  Providing Community Service.  Public Relations.

Once you have completed the courses for a particular level, you will be awarded a certificate for that level. Upon completion of all three levels, you will be awarded your DEGREE as a LEADING Lion.  When you have completed a course, you need to SAVE your PROFILE REPORT indicating the COMPLETED STATUS of a course.  Please email your profile report to Brandi Bowles, Club President, at 909-915-8086 or by email at



If you have the Internet, you can participate online in the LCI Webinars.  Register online for the next Webinar for various training opportunities.  If you know a fellow Lion that would be interested, please feel free to pass this information along!  We hope to have you and fellow Lions participate in our Webinars.  The website is:



Most Americans are very fortunate to be able to purchase a new pair of glasses within a few hours for about $100.  In many other countries around the world, however, glasses are simply

rare and too costly for the average person.  The effects can be devastating and can force adults into unemployment and poverty, and poor eyesight that is left untreated can lead to blindness.

According to the World Health Organization, the vision of 500 million people could be improved with a pair of eyeglasses!  Since its inception in 1998, the Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center of Northern Virginia has sent over 600,000 pairs of glasses to vision-impaired people around

the globe.  This means that over 600,000 children, with corrected vision, can now read in school and, likewise, adults, with corrected vision, can lead normal, productive lives.

Please be a part of the mission to improve the lives of people around the world -- donate your time and/or donate glasses to those in need.  No previous experience is necessary as they train all

volunteers when you get there.  Our Club works at the Eyeglass Recycling Center at Lake of the Woods on the first Wednesday of each month.  The work consists of simply sorting, cleaning,

and reading the prescription of donated glasses so they can be appropriately labeled.  Please join us.  We have a lot of fun and it’s personally rewarding to know that you’re helping to improve someone’s vision!

For more information, please contact Susan Schindler, Chair of our Sight Committee, at 703-303-6419 or by email at



Used eyeglasses have been dwindling at the State level, and many requests are going unmet.  Please look around your home for unused glasses and ask your neighbors for their old glasses that are not being used.  Our Club has six locations for eyeglass recycling:

--- Box on the dais at the General Membership meetings

--- Aquia Harbour Club House

--- Aquia Harbour Information Center

--- John M. Porter Memorial Library-Parkway Boulevard (the eyeglass recycling box is in the corner, next to the copy room)

--- Retina Group of Washington, 200 Executive Center Parkway, Suite 102, Fredericksburg, VA



We are in District 24-L, Southeast Region, Zone F.  To qualify for a visitation award, members must visit each Club in our Zone between the period of July 1, 2023 and June 30, 2024 and each visitation team must consist of at least two or more Lions.  The other clubs in our Zone are the Aquia Harbour Host, Fredericksburg Host, Greater Falls Run, Stafford County, Westmoreland, Stafford Regional LEOs, Clifton Forge High School LEOs, and Stafford Middle School LEOs Clubs.  We must visit the 5 Lions Clubs in our Zone (not LEOs) plus other clubs anywhere in the world.  Members joining after April 1, 2024 are not required to make a visitation.

Qualifying visitations include visits to any official dinner meeting of another Club, District Conferences, State & International Conventions, District Visitation and Awards, and Zone meetings, and any fundraisers or scheduled service projects.  These events provide opportunities to promote fellowship, share ideas, and socialize with fellow Lions.

We need 12 official visits to Lions Clubs anywhere in the world to get a Participation Award.  The Governor’s Award goes to a small and a large Club that have the most visitations.  For more information, please contact Sally Kenavan, the Visitation chair, at 540-659-1399 or by email at


Meets on the 1st& 3rd Thursday

Aquia Harbour Yacht Club

Social @ 6:45pm; Dinner @ 7:18pm

Contact:  Ron Rempert, 860-460-1329




Meets 2nd & 4th Thursday @ 5:30pm

Fredericksburg Country Club

11031 Tidewater Trail, Fredericksburg, VA

Contact: Elizabeth Knoxville, 540-448-1474




Meets on 2nd & 4th Tuesday

IHOP Restaurant

I-95 & Rt. 17 (exit 133), Fredericksburg, VA

Social @ 11:30am, Lunch @ 12:00pm

Contact:  Leslie Edenton, 703-975-5408




Meets on the 3rd Tuesday

6 Bears & A Goat

1140 Inernational Parkway

Social @ 6:30pm; Dinner @ 7:00pm

Contact:  Karen Bierne-Flint, 973-800-9535




Meets 3rd Tuesday @ 6:30pm

American Legion Post 252

14576 Kings Highway, Montross, VA

Contact: Randy Hudson, 804-493-1720



LEO Club Advisor – Lion Alexis Scott






550 Courthouse Road, Stafford, VA 22554

Faculty Advisor:  Kelly Greco

LEO Club Advisor - Lion Sue Schaefer

Email:; 540-752-1534



Rebecca Winters (1/4), Sheryl Sinche (1/11), Mary Walter (1/13), Stephanie Clark-Gibbs (1/15), and Wendy Hallman (1/27).





The Aquia Harbour Evening Lions Board of Directors has voted to support, on a monthly basis, the food bank at the Head Start office off Rt. 17.  Food is not distributed on a regular basis from this office but rather provided as emergency assistance.  They receive no funding for the food bank, relying instead on the generosity of the community.  The Family Service Caseworker at Head Start has provided us with a list of items needed.  We have set up a schedule and ask that you bring the

requested item to the monthly meeting.  Sheryl Sinche and Mary Walter will make certain that it is taken to the office on Friday.  Please be as generous as your family budget allows.

January                                             boxed cereals, oatmeal, grits

February                                            boxed complete meals

March                                                pasta and pasta sauces

April                                                   canned chicken and tuna  

May                                                    spam and corned beef

June                                                   Vienna sausages

July                                                     peanut butter and jelly

August                                                tooth brushes and tooothpaste

September                                          toilet paper, laundry detergent/

                                                            powder, dish soap

October                                               boxed cereal and powdered milk

November                                           rice and mashed potatoes

December                                           macaroni and cheese




February 9 or 10-Wine Event?

March 16 - Monte Carlo

April 18-21 - LOV MD-24 State Convention at Hyatt Regency Dulles

April 20 - Bourbon Dinner

May 4 - Mother’s Day Tea/Fashion show?

May 18 - Vision Walk

June 2 - Charter Brunch

June 21-24, 2024 - International Convention, Melbourne, Australia


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