The Argyle Lions Cub was chartered May 28, 1952 with 38 members.


Leslie Berger,  Wm. Berger,  Ervin Brooks,  Ross Brunne,  P. D. Cameron, 

S. S. Clapperton,  Edgar Currie,  Robert Currie,  Wm Currie,  Wm. Davis,

Edward Diamond,   L. Percy Dobbs,  Melvin Gattie,  Norman Gerhart, 

Fred Hinchberger,  Rooney Kimberly,  Lloyd Lewis,  Harry Mathews,  

Wm. Mathews,  Kenneth McKenzie,  Ronald Menzies,  Stanley E. Moore,  

John Odorizzi,  August Parolin,  Russell E. Quick,  Aurthur Richardson,  

Archie Rogerson,    Lloyd Rogerson,  Edward Simms,  Herbert Simms,

Theodore Simms,   Mose Sommacal,   J. Elmer Steele,   Sidney Stephens,

 Maurice Stillar,  Gordon Towns,   Jack Tuffy,   Theodore Weller 


The Argyle Lions Club serves the communities of Bear Valley, Golden Valley, Arnstein, Port Loring, Loring, and Spring Creek. The sponsoring club was the Powassan Lions Cub. The first Charter Night was held on June 16, 1952 at the Rogerson's Lodge in Loring.

Membership has fluctuated over the years, with members from various backgrounds, and includung those of both male and female gender.

Argyle's six Melvin Jones Fellows are: Cliff Clelland (deceased), Elliot Leppert, Gilbert Moore, Irwin Perkins (deceased), Howard Dobbs (deceased) and John Moody (former Argyle Club member).

Argyle members have succeeded in winning elections for office at the District A-5 Level: Zone Chairs, Regional Chairs, Deputy District Chair, Vice Governor.  Many awards have been received in the form of the International President's Certificate of Appreciation, The International President's Award of Appreciation Medal, The International President's Leadership Award, and various Visitation Awards. The focus of The Argyle Lions remains strong - to serve those less fortunate, especially the children, locally first and then throughout Ontario, Canada and around the world. The next objective is to have fun while achieving these goals.

Argyle Lions are proud of the past, proud of the present, and confidently anticipating the future.

Our Lions' Motto: We Serve 

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