In memory of our Charter President, our Lawrence Cross Scholarship Award Programme affords us the opportunity to grant a full scholarship to students in need. We give continued support to a local Regional Life Centre and one successful Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) student.

Our success stories include students who moved on to:

Careers in National Security and who also participated in the affiliated music bands; being  Entrepreneurs who benefitted from learning trades; and a budding science student and violinist who is also a member of the T&T Philharmonic Orchestra.

Our Recent Awardee is a Secondary School Student who volunteers at the Arima Public Library and enjoys playing basketball.



The Centennial Service Challenge is an opportunity for Lions to celebrate our 100th anniversary by doing what we do best – "serving others." Clubs are challenged to organize at least one service project in each of the CSC Campaigns per year. The campaigns include Engaging Our Youth, Sharing the Vision, Relieving the Hunger, Protecting Our Environment and Halting Diabetes. The overall goal is to serve more than 100 million people by June 30th, 2018.

Since September 6, 2016, Lions in clubs around the world has superseded the challenge and are now working towards serving 200 million people annually by the year 2021. Guess What? We may come across as over-achievers but our work is not yet done.

Centennial Legacy Project 

Clubs are also challenged to ‘Connect with Community’ by identifying needs in our community and planning a Centennial Community Legacy Project to make a lasting local impact. This also raises the visibility of our club and honours our legacy of service.


A service model for the 21st Century and a roadmap that embraces new ways to serve, new cutting-edge technologies and new ways to engage youth in Lions. As we embark onto the 2nd Century, to reach our goal of serving 200 million people a year by 2021, LCI developed a strategic plan called LCI Forward. 

As part of this initiative, Arima Lions Club participates in five (5) of the Lions Clubs International Global Project Campaigns which are:



Helen Keller inspired Lions to commit to ending preventable blindness and serving the visually impaired. Blind and deaf since the age of 19 months, she had once lived in virtual isolation, unable to effectively communicate. Since 1925, hundreds of millions of lives have been changed through the vision-related work of Lions around the world, and today the association is as dedicated as ever to hastening the day when no one should suffer unnecessarily from vision problems. 

Arima Lions remains steadfast in our role of ‘Sharing the Vision’. We donate white canes to the visually-impaired enabling the recipients to be more independent. The white cane has become a symbol of the independence, confidence and skills of those who rely on it to guide their walk through life. International White Cane Safety Day is observed on Oct. 15.

Vision screening is a long-standing Lions tradition that saves sight and saves lives. Through Lion Jacqueline Taylor, Arima Lions partners with reputable eye care professionals to conduct vision screening of (200+) students at schools in our area; it is a simple, fast procedure that can make a big difference in children’s lives. We’ve successfully captured special cases during these screenings and provided the necessary assistance to improve their impairments.

With Lion Cheryl Juanette at the helm, we partnered with the School for the Blind to provide technological tools to the facility. Among the students at the school were students vying for their Bachelor’s Degree. The tools provided made learning less difficult for the students and It was a really proud and emotional moment for us Lions to learn of their successes.

Throughout the year we contiue to provide assistance by donating spectacles to people in need as they approach the club.

Even if you are not experiencing vision problems, it is still important to have a comprehensive dilated eye exam. Early detection and treatment can help save your sight.           

Get Tested Today!



We screen TOTs, Tweens, Teenagers and Adults at our sessions.


November 14th was named “World Diabetes Day” to highlight the importance of diabetes and its management and prevention. Diabetes is a growing world epidemic. Currently, 1 in 2 (46.5%) of adults with diabetes are undiagnosed. The purpose of diabetes screening is to identify asymptomatic individuals who may have diabetes and not know it, and refer them to qualified healthcare professionals for additional assessment.

So what is diabetes and what is the importance of knowing about it? By the way, do you know anyone in your family or otherwise who has diabetes?

You may hear someone with it saying “I have sugar” or “I sweet”, well that is not a correct definition. Everybody has sugar in the blood as it is necessary to use the food and drink we take and the oxygen of the air we breathe to provide all our energy.

There are two main types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2. There is also diabetes in pregnancy and other lesser types. The most common type is type 2; about 95% of all diabetics develop it in adult life. Type 1 affects mainly children and in young adults are less than 5%, varying in different countries.

Through our very own Lion Dr Lloyd Ramcharan we continue to partner with the Diabetes Association of Trinidad and Tobago to provide testing and counselling to our community. In recent years, we’ve shifted our focus toward juvenile diabetes.

Lion Lloyd leads our members in school visits to screen students and sensitize them on the ill-effects of diabetes. The students are reminded to eat healthy, exercise and get lots of fresh air.

He says to them, “Now I am not telling you to stop eating anything, it is the frequency and the quantities that matters. Be content with what you are convinced is good for your health and enjoy it. Instead of a video game, ask for a bicycle for Christmas.” They will all laugh in agreement.

The students will then be rewarded with packages from the Arima Lions that also contains a snack of fresh fruits and vegetables.



Lions around the world work to alleviate hunger and malnutrition during the Worldwide Week of Service to Fight Hunger (January 8-14). Our Club conducts a 'Food Collection Drive' in the last quarter of the year at neighbouring supermarkets to make Food Hampers. Our members take shifts in collecting the items then it’s all hands on deck to help prepare the hampers.

These (100+) hampers are then delivered in time for the Christmas Holidays to Senior and Children's Homes, families in need and individuals in our charter area. This initiative was started by Lion Jeanne Blaize-Fitz Charles who really enjoys the project as each hamper is delivered with a little cheer.

Recently, we partnered with the Arima Borough Council and the NGO, Volunteer Network of T&T to provide meals for the Homeless of Arima and Environs. We also make occasional contributions to the St Vincent De Paul Society.

We work to sustain life and dignity for the most vulnerable among us and are dedicated to eliminating hunger in our community. 



Every two minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer and Lions are working to give children with cancer a second chance at life. We join with other organizations already working on childhood cancer to provide support, expand upon, or compliment their ongoing work.

Mostly, we participate in annual 5k Cancer walks to help build awareness for all types of cancer.

“Where there is a need there is a LION,” So when called upon, we jump right into action to give of our Time, Talent and Treasure.

This is a new challenge for us and pretty soon we will be on top of our game because no matter how we choose to serve, our contributions matter.


The environment impacts the quality of our air and water, the availability of food and medicine, the health and beauty of our local communities, and the future of us all.

With the Protection of the Environment being a personal favourite of Lion Lauren Subar. Arima Lions along with other Lions Clubs and Corporate entities, joined with the International Ocean Conservancy in a beach clean-up exercise. This annual International event is the world's largest volunteer effort to clean up waterways and the ocean. We also join in on the activities coordinated by Nature Seekers to clean the beaches during the ‘Leatherback Turtle’s’ nesting period. This makes the journey to the water a lot easier for the hatchlings. Please Enjoy and Don’t Destroy our Beaches!

On “World Rivers Day,” celebrated globally on the last Sunday of September every year, Arima Lions participated in the Water and Sewage Authority’s “Adopt-A-River Programme”. On Sunday 25th September, 2016 for the first time in Trinidad and Tobago we became one of three countries in the Caribbean region to observe the "World Rivers Day Festival". The other countries are Puerto Rico and Dominica. The major impacts on our rivers stems from;

Loss of forest covers due to the encroachment of housing developments into the upper watershed; Agricultural, Chemical and Farm Wastes; Industrial effluent and Domestic Sewage and Waste run-off make its way into the water course.

Partner in Service to our International Director, Mr Rudolph Moore, brought to our attention the Adopt A river Programme and has been engaged on this project since. He even made a presentation on the project in Athens, Greece while accompanying Ln Nicolin on meeting her many commitments around the globe.

In celebrating our 50th Anniversary, we partnered with “Habitat for Humanity” and students of the University of the West Indies to repaint the 99year old building of Child Welfare League’s “Georgiana Beckles Day Nursery”.

Throughout all of our environmental projects we try to incorporate Tree planting and continue to beautify play parks in our community.

No environment projects is complete without us Lions “Unplugging from the Drama and Recharging with Mama” Mother Nature that is! We work hard to preserve it, there’s no reason we shouldn’t enjoy it.


The descriptions above is just a few of the projects we've conducted but projects in alignment with these categories can take any form or direction that the project chairperson decides in agreement with the board. Our members being as creative as they can be with their project ideas are what make our projects exciting and we always appreciate a good challenge.

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