In memory of our Charter President, our Lawrence Cross Scholarship Award Programme affords us the opportunity to grant a full scholarship to students in need. We give continued support to a local Regional Life Centre and one successful Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) student.

Our success stories include students who moved on to:

Careers in National Security and who also participated in the affiliated music bands; being  Entrepreneurs who benefitted from learning trades; and a budding science student and violinist who is also a member of the T&T Philharmonic Orchestra.



Donation of a wheelchair!

Our first service activity for the year was the donation of a wheelchair to young Janeisha. 

Lion President Sarah (left) joined

Ms. Sita Ramcharan and Lion Lauren Subar at the presentation. Lion President Sarah (left) joined Ms. Sita Ramcharan and Lion Lion Lauren Subar to present a wheelchair to young Janeisha!

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