Sponsorship of Dog Guides

Ariss and Maryhill Lions Club made a pledge to sponsor a dog guide in each of the 6 programs over the next 10 years or sooner. This is our third dog "Nick" a diabetes awareness dog. Nick was named for Brian Nichols, brother-in-law of Lion Bruce Kurtz , who was killed in a snowmobile accident. Brian was a very strong supporter of the Ariss and Maryhill Lions Club. The club’s annual golf tournament was named the Brian Nichol Memorial Golf Tournament.  The club pledged to raise $48,000 to cover the cost of sponsorship for a dog guide in the 6 dog guide programs in the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guide Program. As a dedication to Brian the club used his nick name “Nick” as the name of one of our sponsored dogs.

Nick was co-sponsored by the Ariss and Maryhill Lions Club and Heartland Insurance. The Heartland Insurance grant was to be used for Dog Guides.
Our 1st dog was Ariss, a Hearing Ear Dog Guide. Our second dog, a Canine Vision Dog Guide was named Gore in recognition of a grant from Gore Insurance.
Our next dog Kurtz will be a service dog guide and will be co-sponsored by Ariss and Maryhill Lions Club and the Maryhill Volunteer Fire Department in recognition of a donation made to the club. Kurtz is named for and in recognition of the club’s charter president, Brian Kurtz.

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