Town Hall Park Improvements

The Ashippun Lion's Club is working to improve the children's play area at the Ashippun Town Hall Park. We started by planting trees. We also built a small shelter for picnic tables. Thanks to all who provided donations and help with this project.

Deer Hide Collection 

During the deer hunting season the Ashippun Lions Club collects deer hides. The hide are used to benefit the Lion's Camp for people with disabilities. Hides can be dropped off at the collection box at the Ashippun BP station.


In 2007 the Ashippun Lions took on another activity to benefit the community.  The club adopted the section of Highway O from Highway 67 in downtown Ashippun west to the Lebananon town line.  In spring, summer, and fall, club members pick up all the litter along the road sides to keep our community looking great. 

 Triangle Park

The Ashippun Lions Club helped to develop and maintain the Triangle Park on the corner of Hwy 167 and Hwy O at the fire station.


Each year the Ashippun Lions Club provides scholarships to area students.

Christmas Baskets

Each year the Ashippun Lions provides a Chrismas Basket to deserving community members who may appreciate a little extra help during the holiday season.

Ashippun Food Pantry

The Ashippun Lions Club helps support the Ashippun Food Basket.

Ashippun Fire Department

The Ashippun Lions help support the Ashippun Fire Department through donations made from our fund rasing efforts. Help us support the important work of our fire and rescue personnel.

Community Work

The Ashippun Lions provide a variety of types of assistance to community residents and groups. We work hard to keep our fingers on the pulse of this great community and help out where ever we can. Your support of our projects helps make that possible.


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