Projects and Activities Plan For Fiscal Year 2011 - 2012

1. Jul-11 Who's the Best Singing + Song Composing Competition 2011 Service

2. Jul-11 Sight First @ Happy Retirement Home Service

3. Aug-11 “Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan” Social

4. Sep-11 Happy Lion's Family Day Social

5. Oct-11 Food Fair Fund Raising Funding

6. Nov-11 Lions Club of Bagan Jermal 2nd Charter Anniversary Dinner Funding

7. Dec-11 A date with 'Santa' Social

8. Jan-12 "Gong Xi Gong Xi" Chinese New Year Celebration Social

9. Mar-12 Anti-Drug Campaign Service

10. Apr-12 Blood Donation Service Eugene Poh

11. May-12 Fellowship + Team Building + Orientation Social & Education

12. Jun-12 Amazing FunD Race 2012 Funding

13. Long Term Education Centre Education

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