What we do

Youth Empowerment:

We equip our youngsters with knowledge and skills to make them self-reliant.

Women Development

Focused to create an impact by changing the lives of under privileged women, by creating the set goals and conducting training session to make them self- sustainable in life.

Health Programs

We conduct medical camps from time to time and spread awareness and conduct diet and nutrition programs for healthy living.


Sharing the Vision, which includes conducting vision screenings, providing Braille and large-print books to a local library, and organizing sporting events for the blind and visually impaired.

Hunger Relief Efforts

Relieving the Hunger, which includes collecting food for food banks, delivering meals to the elderly or disabled, and supporting community garden projects


Protecting Our Environment, which includes, tree plantation, recycling projects, building wells and latrines in communities in need and community clean up campaigns.


Organizing a screening project in their communities, conduct diabetes awareness and prevention sessions.

Childhood Cancer

Raise awareness about childhood cancer by holding an educational talk with support of healthcare professionals. Collaborate with a local childhood cancer hospital to support needs of their patients and families.

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