Our Permanent Projects are ..

1) The Missionaries of Cheritable Trust Run by Mother Terresa Called Prem Jyot Ashram.

300 Orphans are staying there and our club is extending all daily requirements for them . 

We celebrate X-mas party with their children and distribute sweets. 

We arrange their education 

2)The Society for Physically Handicapped 

We provide them Trycycle, and other medical treatments,like medical camp and Diabatic check up for all handicapped (Visistrangs)

We motivate them by way of arranging yearly sports activity & on 3rd December, We organized rally for Handicap persons on WORLD HANDICAPPED DAY.

For their rehabilitation,we provide them specialized Trycycle along with Banner fixing structure and allocate time slot to earn money. 

3) Adopted Mahatma Gandhi Sarve Vidhyalaya Kundhela & Joben tekri Village and school

More then 500 Students are studying at adopted schools, we arrange Youth motivation Programme at regular interval

Our Other Projects:-

1) Diabatic Awarness lecture, Puls Polio Drops,and Medical Check-up & Blood Donation camps

2) Celebration of all Festivals,

3) All our meetings are well arranged with Dinner and Entertainment Programme 


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