for fiscal year 2010-2011
ON JULY 2-4, 2010
A collaboration project with a charity organization " Rumah Zakat" to support them on holding a 3 days youth camp for 90 orphans from several orphanages in Batam. On this project, the children was being teached how to sell things, to know aboutcurrency exhange, to cook and clean, and others in order to teach them to become more independent. The 3 Lions CLubs provided all the 3 days Meals and snacks for the children.
A continous collaboration project with Lions Clubs Hakata Higashi Fukuoka, Japan since 2007. On 29 July 2010, we has planted 1,000 seeds of Mangrove at the muddy beach site Tanjung Rame, Barelang - Batam, Indonesia. Started from 04.00 am in the early morning taking almost more than 2 hour journey by bus then on board small boats to reach the area.  Even the small boatscould not reach the shore. By this collaboration project, we build a good international relationship and friendship  with fellowlions from Fukuoka, Japan. Upto to now there has been 3 other clubs visiting and joining  the planting beside LC Hakata Higashi, whom the head mission on this project.
for fiscal year 2009-2010

International Relationship
On August 23. the Club has been welcoming Lions CLub of Singapore Amber along with their District Governor Anthony Tay and few other clubs such as LCS Eunos, LCS Henderson and LCS Sommerville to Batam Island for their   charity activity to the St. Theresia Home Shelter which is also has a primary school of SD. Ignatius Loyola at Barelang Jembatan IV area, Batam. For this visit, they sent donations of bed racks and lockers.      

 Community services; 
Several surveys had been done by our President and members for the projects in educational and community services. A trip to a small village in remote area Barelang, Blongking Village, which has only  about 60 families living there and a government primary school which consisting of 47 students of 6 grades with 3 classroom only, brought out a result that they need assistancy on power unit instead of scholarship, as our government has given free shcool fee for primary school. "The  Power Unit is needed only for the school daily activities, but would help to lighten up the whole village", said the Principal. It will help the children to able study at home at night too. A 20KW Generator Power Unit then has been donated to the school and the villagers along with cables and 4 unit Fan for the school on August 29, 2009.
Later at another area nearby in supporting LC Batam Centre scholarship project, the Club, sponsored by Buana Media, our 1st VP Lion Sarno Ahmad's company has also donated a billboard to a home shelter and primary school at St. Theresia Home Shelter/SD.Santo Ignatius Loyola, Jembatan IV Barelang, with a sign of We Serve Here. This because Lions, not only Batam but also Singapore have been given donation continously to this home shelter to make it a better and proper home to stay for those homeless children since year 2005. They now have a better one than in year 1999.

























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