We Congratulate Our 

2019-2020 Officers/Board Members

and Thank Them For Their Service and Leadership



President: Jim Taylor
Vice President: Jamie Clark
Secretary: Alan Pate
Treasurer: Nancy Church
1st Year At Large: Mike Lovoy
2nd Year At Large: Leigh Harrison
Past President: Doug Doubleday


2019-2020 OFFICERS

Membership Chair: David Hughes
Tail Twister: Jamie Greene
Lion Tamer (Officer):  John McIntyre



We Thank Our Past Leaders
For Their Leadership and Service

President - Doug Doubleday
Vice President - Jim Taylor
Secretary - Jason Williams
Treasurer - Nancy Church
1st Year At Large - Mike Lovoy
2nd Year At Large - Tom Snively
Past President - Kortesha George
Membership Chair - David Hughes
Tail Twister - Jamie Greene
Lion Tamer - Kathie Terwilliger

President - Kortesha George
Vice President - Doug Doubleday
Secretary - Evelene Gallardo
Treasurer - Nancy Church
1st Year At Large - Jane Difiore
2nd Year At Large - Wanda Pate
Past President - Anne Lovoy
Membership Chair - Malia Bagdy
Tail Twister - Charles Gallardo
Lion Tamer- Dick McKeon

President - Anne Lovoy
Vice President - Kortesha George
Secretary - Dot Crumley
Treasurer - Nancy Church
1st Year At Large - Wanda Pate
2nd Year At Large - Nancy Francis-Heckman
Past President - Jason Williams
Membership Chair - Dick McKeon
Tail Twister - Jamie Greene
Lion Tamer - Jason Williams

President  -  Jason Williams
Vice President  -  Anne Lovoy
Past President  -  Dot Crumley
Secretary  -  Patty Stanley
Treasurer  -  Nancy Church
Tail Twister  -  Jamie Greene
Lion Tamer  -  Mike Lovoy
Director  -  Peter Crumley
Director  -  Kortesha George
Director  -  Mike Lovoy
Director  -  Nancy Francis Heckman

President  -  Dot Crumley
Vice President  -  Jason Williams
Past President  -  Mike Lovoy
Secretary  -  Jane DiFiore
Treasurer  -  Valerie Magnotto
Tail Twister  -  Dick McKeon
Director  -  Kortesha George
Director  -  Peter Crumley


Beaufort NC Lions Club celebrated the End of a great 2017-2018 year with a dinner and Induction Ceremony for upcoming 2018-2019 Board Members and Officers at the NC Maritime Museum. Many thanks to the new NC District 31-N District Governor, (Rahim) Ray Shomrari, Jacksonville New River Lions Club for attending and leading our Induction Ceremony. We appreciated that special time with Ray and his wife Lakeesha. 


Below, 2018-2019 Board Members/Officers, Left to Right: Vice President - (Jim) James Taylor , District Governor - Ray Shomari, President - (Doug)Douglas Doubleday , Members at Large - (Tom)Thomas Snively and (Mike) Michael Phillip Lovoy, Past President - Kortesha George, Tail Twister -Jamie Greene, Membership Chair - David Hughes, Lion Tamer - Kathie Terwilliger and Secretary - Jason Williams. Not pictured: Treasurer - Nancy Church 

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