Sight & Health

Ian and Tersea Kelly, Susan Day


Ways & Means

Suman Srinivasan, Bob and Jeanne Hanseman, Cathy Roseberry


Environmental and 9-11 Memorial Team

Glenn and Carolyn Gersch, Sue O'Rear


Owen's Place Victory Park Team

Eleanor Haupt


Community Services

Mary Steele , Sue O'Rear, Karyle McManama, Eleanor Haupt, Carolyn Gersch, Beth Cauley



Eleanor Haupt, Sue O'Rear


Membership, Nomination and Awards

Cathy Doyle, Beth Cauley, Carolyn Gersch, Susan Day


Marketing & Communications

Eleanor Haupt, Sue O'Rear, Beth Cauley, Tina Bowlby


Reading Action Project

Karyle McMannama, Eleanor Haupt, Cathy Doyle


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