tBega Lions have joined forces with other clubs in the area as well as local Rotary Clubs to raise funds to construct a new Carers Accomadation facility at the new Bega Hospital

This facility will provide accomadation for those who live outside the area who have family members hospilised in the new hospital

We have the daunting task of raising $2,000,000 over the next 2 years and so far have received donations and commitments of $519000 which is a huge boost to our efforts 

We have submitted an application for funding to the Federal Government for another $450,000 and should we be successful we will be able to start construction middle of 2016

The plan is to construct the first 6 of 18 units and then stage 2 will consist of another 6 units and a kitchen and lounge area for family to relax in

We have had fantastic support from several Lions clubs, Rotary clubs and local people and are very positive that this support will continue


We have been successful in being awarded a grant of $450000 from the Federal Govnment under their Stronger Regions grant Scheme to go towards the construction of our new accomodation facility

This is great news and will allow us to start construction in March of 2016

We also received advice that the State Government is granting us another $100000 on top of the Federal Grant. This takes our donations and grants to over $1000000 so far

We have a way to go to funding the whole facility but feel confident that we can achieve our goal of just over $2,000,000 over the next 2 to 3 years

A huge thank you goes to Lynne Keorbyn and Charlie Blomfield who have put in hours on submissions, planning and getting everyone involved


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