• The Belvidere Lions Club has collection boxes around town to collect used eyeglasses, hearing aids, ink cartridges, cell phones, and keys.

  • The Belvidere Lions club also has a crew that performs Adopt-a-Road four times a year.

  • The Belvidere Lions Club has several fundraisers through the year including the Boone County Fair, Fall Diddley, BYB Diamond Classic Tournament,  Harvest Fest, Rose Day and Candy Day.

  • The Belvidere Lions Club maintains the junior varsity dugouts at Belvidere High School.

  • The Belvidere Lions Club adopts a family at christmas time and decorates a tree. Shops for the family and delivers the gifts and tree to the family. 

  • The Belvidere Lions  Club along with the Belvidere Lions Club participate in several parades a year.

  • The Belvidere Lions Club awards four scholarships a year to High School seniors. 


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