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We are entertaining the possibility of a scholarship for needy kids. We still have to come up with the criteria required. Keep in-touch for further development.

"Vision Screening"

One of our projects is "Vision Screening" for children. With a special camera that can analyze the subject's eyes and build a report that will give the condition of their eyes. If the camera finds a possible problem it will give a suggestion to have the person see an Optometrist.

            We use a "Welch Allyn Spot Vision Screener VS100" camera for the procedure.

"Eye Glasses"

​We have a project to help people from our area receive eye examinations and glasses. There is criteria that is required for eligibility. We pay for dozens of Glasses each year to help people that can't afford them.

​We also have drop boxes for used glasses at different business. We collect them and send them to a Optometric college. Eyeglasses are processed and delivered to foreign countries for the needy.


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