It was late in the year when our club decided to get our Peace Poster Contest Kit, but we felt it was a wonderful opportunity to get the message of peace and tolerance of others across to our children. 

Ms. Cahalan, the art teacher at the RJK Middle School in Monticello was given the kit and despite the fact that time was short, she was able to send us three posters.  Our three budding artists were Luis Garcia, Emily Smith and Jasmine Ulger.  Jasmine was chosen as our winner and her poster was sent off to our District Governor.  Jasmine drew a picture of our planet with people all around it holding hands.  Her quote on peace was "We should all hold hands and live in peace."

For 2010, we intend to get our kit earlier in the year.  Ms. Cahalan indicated that it would give her more time to develop a comprehensive lesson plan.  It will also allow her students additional time in which to develop their posters.  We are looking forward to seeing what our budding Picasso's create!

to learn more about the peace poster contest click here

The theme of the 2010-11 Peace Poster Contest is "Vision of Peace." Students, ages 11, 12 or 13 on or before November 15, are eligible to participate.

Here is last year's winner, painted byYennie Shyu, 12 years old, from California, USA.

"Peace Begins With Me"
2008-09 Grand Prize Winner

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"Peace Around the World"

"Celebrate Peace"


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