Lions on Parade!

Lions can be seen escorting, marshaling and parading in many public processions and walking days. Here we are supporting the Preston Guild. 




The Lions Message in a Bottle Scheme is well supported by Birchwood Lions. We have distributed over 8000 bottles within our Community and the scheme is proving to be saving lives.

  • The Bottle which contains information which would be of use to the emergency services is placed in the fridge of the householder. A sticker is placed on the inside of the front door and the outside of the fridge. The information covers, allergies, medical conditions, next of kin, medication, pets in the home and a whole lot more. It is used as a helpful guide by the emergency services. The scheme is now running nationwide and various PCT's have awarded grants to Lions Clubs to sponsor the project.



Collection Points

  • Ks Opticians
  • David Lindstram
  • A H Mertons
  • Conway Phillips



The Birchwood Club have collected thousands of pairs of used spectacles over the last few years. Special boxes are provided by Lion Elaine Ives and are placed in opticians and other locations in the Birchwood area. The glasses are then sent to Chichester Lions and they are graded and despatched to third world countries. Parcel Force piovides it's services free of charge for shipping.

Past president Walter Priden is now the  co-ordination officer.



Birchwood Lions are partners in a project which saw the erection of a Birchwood Cenotaph and flag mast at the Birchwood Shopping Mall. Each year the Club arranges a memorial service and it is attended by Civic Dignitaries, local schools, youth organisations, armed services, emergency services and the Birchwood Community Band. Usually  over 300 people attend, some of whom had lost loved ones in recent conflicts. The cenotaph has had a recent  facelift with a new garden. 


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