Frequently Asked Questions





1. How are the Lions funded?


ALL costs are covered by our subscriptions
2. How is the money spent?

ALL money goes out to good causes & charitable institutions.


3. What is the aim of the LIONS?


To help those less fortunate than ourselves.
4. In how many countries are there LIONS?

Internationally there are 1.31 million members in 205 countries.


5. Can anyone join?

Yes. All good men and women.


6. How can I join?

Contact us & we will invite you to one of our meetings so we & you can see if membership is for you.


7. What are the LIONS?

LIONS clubs are an international network of men & women who work together to answer the needs that challege communities across the world.


8. Do LIONS have fun?

YES! We have many social events enjoyed in the Club and with members in other Clubs.


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