May 15 2024 Bench Press

Trent Tripple is the district court clerk who runs 2 elections a year. There are 197 precincts, 162 polling places, over 350 contests, and over 1100 ballot styles. They are always in need of poll workers. Go to the web-site to sign up if interested. ADA county works very hard to be fully transparent. ID uses hand marked pa-per ballots. A person scans their ballot on the public logic & accuracy test ma-chine which tabulates the choices. This machine is not connected to the internet or Bluetooth capable. They take the count from the machine and compare it to the count of the volun-teers. When there have been discrep-ancies, it was always human error. Only in ADA county there will be a ballot verifier. It is the first of its kind in the country. The main reason they de-cided to purchase it was due to the office being inundated with public rec-ords requests. In Idaho, voters must request an absentee ballot, not every state does that. 15% of voters use early voting. 70% vote in person. Vot-ers can register the same day in Ida-ho. May 21st is the Primary Election only about 20-30% of voters will vote. In November, about 88% of voters will vote.
There have been threats to elections. In Slovakia, a video which was created using artificial intelligence, was sent out through social media showing a candidate claiming to double the price of beer if he was elected. He lost the race. The video was not real. Russia sent this video out with their multi-million dollar weapon of mass manipula-tion to influence social behavior.

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May 8, 2024  Bench Press

Stub Clarkson of Optimist Youth Football and Cheer Programs was our guest speaker this week. Optimist Youth Football and Cheer Programs is a non-profit, volunteer-driven youth football organization in Idaho's Treasure Valley, with programs in Boise, Meridian, Kuna, Eagle, Nampa, Emmett, Homedale, Middleton, Horseshoe Bend and Mountain Home.  This wonderful program was formed in 1949 (football in 1952) and has evolved from 2 teams and 30 players to now over 1700 kids playing on 25 teams. Optimist Youth Football sets up teams based on neighborhoods, ensuring that everyone participates without tryouts. Age and weight also determine team placement. 

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May 1, 2024

Judge Mike Oths has been a magistrate judge for almost 20 yrs. He was appointed by the magistrate commission. He did mostly criminal cases. He said he worked on about 9,000 cases a year. 95% of the casework is done at the magistrate level. Click here for the rest of this story and more!

April 24, 2024   Bench Press

Our speaker Jan is a licensed respiratory therapist. She is now with the
Division of Occupational & Professional Licenses who are dedicated to consumer
protection and public safety. There are 3 divisions: Building construction
and real estate, occupational licenses,  and health professions. Each division
has a board and these boards are appointed  by the governor. Their goal is
to protect the health, safety, and welfare  of the public. They determine
licensing or registration, they regulate standards of conduct and scope of
practice, adopt and monitor continuing education, and review complaints and
take disciplinary action if needed. One story of interest, some people try to
“doctor shop” to get controlled substances prescribed more often than
they should. There is a nationwide database the pharmacists use to enter
the dates/type of medications and amounts prescribed. After the Mandalay
Bay killings in NV, a pharmacist accessed this database to see what medications
the shooter was prescribed and sold that information to TMZ.  This pharmacist no longer has a license. The database is monitored on who has access. This department
keeps track of all of the licenses in the 3 divisions. She said the amount of
physicians that have been reported to be leaving ID is not supported in their
statistics of licenses leaving ID.

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April 17, 2024

Kyle Kamp is the owner, dietitian at Valley to Peak Nutrition. He got up to 270 lbs. and has lost 140 lbs. He was in his 20’s and started having medical issues due to his weight. He knew he needed to make some changes if he wanted to have a good quality/quantity of life, get married and have children. 

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April 10, 2024

Josh is the U.S. Attorney and Elliot is the Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of Idaho. The “Main Justice” is criminal fraud, consumer protection, federal programs etc. They have offices in Boise, Coeur d’ Alene, and Pocatello. There are 34 attorneys and 33 staff. 
Josh is the U.S. Attorney and Elliot is the Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of Idaho. The “Main Justice” is criminal fraud, consumer protection, federal programs etc. They have offices in Boise, Coeur d’ Alene, and Pocatello. There are 34 attorneys and 33 staff. 
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April 3, 2024

Lions Jill and Scott Muir have been curling for 7 yrs. They are members of the Boise Curling Club at Idaho Ice World. Curling started in Scotland in the 16th century. It is one of the oldest team sports. There are only two businesses, in Scotland, who make the curling stones which are of a specific granite and moisture resistant.


March 27, 2024

Our March 27th speakers were Jenny Hirst and Yesenia Tyler from Taft Elementary School in Boise.   Taft Elementary Community School has 305 students K-6. With 20 preschool students in partnership with the YMCA. More than 40% come from immigrant and refugee backgrounds. 80% receive free and reduced lunches. Who is a Refugee? A refugee is someone who has been forced to flee his or her home because of war, violence or persecution, often without warning. 

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March 20, 2024

The Boise Rescue Mission started in 1958. It opened in a Chinese restaurant where the Grove Hotel is now. Back then they had Soup and Salvation, get them to come in, feed them and move them on. Now they serve more than 600 meals daily (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner). They are open 24/7/365 in Boise and Nampa. Their mission is to help the people with homelessness and to help the addicts get clean with their recovery program. 

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March 13, 2024

Lexi is the Health Initiatives Coordinator for Special Olympics Idaho. They are working on the healthy athletes screening process for the upcoming Summer Olympics in Caldwell June 8th. They are in need of 3 clinical directors for Strong minds, Health promotion and Opening Eyes.  Please pass the word to help this great organization. Devin  Riley is in charge of Development & Partner Relations.  Devin told us about the Special Olympics programs and initiatives.  He travels the state to bring awareness to Special Olympics. Everything they do is for the athletes and all events are free for the athletes.  

March 6, 2024

Nicole is the general manager of KRBX Radio Boise 89.9 and 93.5 FM broadcasting since 2011. They started as the Boise Community Radio Project now DBA Radio Boise. They are a free form non-profit since 2002 where the DJ’s pick their own music to play. They promote local artists, have varying genre’s, with multiple programs throughout the day.

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February 28, 2024

Julie from the SW ID Area Agency on Aging one of six across ID and Lynn from the ID Commission on Aging shared some great information. The facilities are for 60 and over. There are many, many resources on aging in ID. They have staff strategically placed in the rural areas. The SW ID Area Agency on Aging for care management, advocacy, respite and education. Phone: 208.898.7060 and toll free 844.850.2883, email:, website: Here are the top 3 requests from caregivers: 1. needing respite (someone who can watch the loved one while the caregiver takes care of errands), doc appts. etc. 2. Peer Support, 3. equipment needs. Check out and for all the resources.

February 21, 2024

Maribeth and Jen from the Simply Cats adoption center spoke about their totally non-profit program. They are a cageless, no kill adoption center that started in the 80’s with no facility. They were able to build a brick and mortar facility from donations in 2007 at 2833 S Victory View Way in Boise. In 2009, they had 211 cats and kittens adopted. 

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January 31, 2024

Michael Colburn and Gary Grunewald of the USS Idaho Commissioning Foundation were our guest speakers.  The USS Idaho is a Virginia-class nuclear attack submarine that will be used for several missions including intelligence gathering, reconnaissance & surveillance, sea control, carrier & expeditionary strike group protection, land attack, mine detection, mine laying, special operations team (SEAL) insertion, command/control and recovery.  The USS Idaho will be christened soon, which means it will be formally named, blessed, and launched into the water.  It will be commissioned about 6 weeks after the christening which means it is now part of the navy fleet and ready to go to war.  The Idaho will have a crew of 140 and it is interesting to note that every crew member must learn all the other crew members’ jobs.   

January 24, 2024

Cynthia Bridge Clark spoke for the ID Dept. of Water Resources and the ID Water Resource Board spoke to the BB Lions at our meeting.  Both of these departments are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. 


Ariel Agenbroad is an extension educator from the U of I. She is over the community food systems and small farms program. She was the horticulturist in Caldwell for 8yrs. The extension program has been around for 105 yrs. They are ever changing and adapting. The extensions area of expertise are agriculture, community development, family and consumer sciences, natural resources and youth development.



January 10, 2024


Our speaker Jordan Rodriguez has a column in the Statesman, Tight Lines 208. What’s the biggest fish he caught? An 8ft., 200lb. 

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January 3, 2024

Tammy Johnson is the executive director of Life’s Kitchen. A local restaurant owner noticed the young people she was hiring at her restaurant were lacking in basic life skills. She had seen a program elsewhere that worked to develop those skills. They are now in their 20th year!

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December 20, 2023, Bench Press

Dominique Delobbe, founder/president of Dominifarm Animal Sanctuary started in 2013 as a private farm in Kuna. In 2021 they became a non-profit due to the increase in animals being surrendered after the confinement period of the covid pandemic. Dominifarm’s mission: COWS: Community, Outreach, Welfare, Shelter. Her sanctuary provides a permanent loving home for all types of abandoned, abused and/or special needs animals.

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December 13, 2023 Bench Press

Sean Meldrum, Financial Adviser, Shane Smith, Private Client Officer, and Rachel Cossel, Community Development Manager from Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU) were the speakers at our December 13 meeting.

Idaho Central Credit Union is a non-profit credit union based here in Idaho. It has over 30 Branches in the Treasure Valley, Twin Falls, & Eastern Idaho and recently expanded to the Spokane, Washington area.  They are also a member of CO-OP's, a network of over over 30,000 ATMs and 5,000+ shared branches nationwide which means customers have more direct, surcharge-free* access to their money, a real plus to their customers who travel.  ICCU is very progressive and tech driven in providing security to protect its customers via passwords and secondary log-in codes and, constantly working and upgrading to protect their customers’ money and privacy.  Their customers' accounts are insured by NCUA.  ICCU is also very proactive in giving back to the communities they serve. 


There were 8 Lions at the Idaho Food Bank Yesterday and they help pack 1800 bags of oranges. Lion Jan Brady won the attendance award. 


Patty Frison reported that Sleep in Heavenly Peace hopes to deliver 300 beds this year and as of last week was at 285.  Thanks to Patty & Dan Frison for spearheading this wonderful cause for the Lions.

December 6, 2023 Bench Press

At our December 6 meeting, the Boise Bench Lions were entertained by the Borah High Madrigal Choir.  The Choir sang Christmas Carols and we enjoyed their festive entertainment. 

Chrysalis House will be hosting an open house Sunday, December 10 from 12 PM to 5 PM at their home located at 1683 N. Cloverdale Road in Boise.  They are also hosting The Avenues For Hope Challenge fundraiser for a much needed bathroom and updated wiring in their home.  See the complete info. posted on the Boise Bench Lion's Facebook site.  

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November 29, 2023 Bench Press

Lions Curt and Rick manage the BB Lions social media platforms. They shared information about the BB Lions social media presence. Check out the club’s website: There is lots of information to answer all your questions about our club including the financials. You will need to login for the financial information. 

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November 15, 2023 Bench Press

Col. JR “Apollo” Williams is the commander of the 124th Operations Group at Gowen Field. Gowen Field was built in 1940 and named after 1st Lt. Paul Gowen, a Caldwell native who died in an aircraft crash in 1938. He was a Medal of Honor recipient. Throughout World War II, the Army Air Forces used the field to train B-17 and B-24 aircrews for duty. After the war, the war department gave Gowen Field to the City of Boise. In 1946, the Air National Guard started without planes. In 1947, the P51’s arrived. Since 1946, Gowen has been home to 9 different fighter jets. There is a federal mission funded by federal dollars to defend our nation for deterrence and security. And there is a state mission, to provide soldiers and airmen trained and ready to assist the citizens of ID during emergencies and disasters. There are about 5,000 employees at Gowen, both ci-vilian and military. There are not any drone pilots in ID. They last deployed in 2020 to Afghanistan, Operation Freedom’s Sentinel. ID is Fighter Country. Daily access to the best operational airspace in the USAF! There is ramp space for 70+ fighters, 44 acres. They are ready for follow-on mis-sions and have hosted multiple F-15/16/35 units. In the next 5 years, Gowen Field will be moving to F-16’s as the A-10’s are being retired. Check out



November 8, 2023 Bench Press

Jim Findley from the ID Mountain Search and Rescue Unit shared some great stories and information about this unit. They have been serving the people of ID since 1960. They are a volunteer organization dedicated to saving lives through search, rescue and mountain safety education.  For the complete story, and all the other news in our 11/7/23 newsletter, please click on the link below:

October 25, 2023 Bench Press

Bob Batista has been the general manager for the Western ID Fair
for the last 24 yrs. He oversees 240 acres, the horse races stopped in
2016. They have removed the horse stables and plans have started to
build a park on that land. Port Authority out of Pennsylvania won the
bid. The EXPO bldg. is the workhorse of the property. They rent the 3
connected bldgs. throughout the year so they keep it updated with new
roofs, wiring and HVAC systems. They build a little city the week before
the fair then it all comes together. The concerts have grown
from buying tickets, to hard chairs to just fair admission to attend.
They are still working on what to do with Lady Bird Park which runs along
Chinden. The Park at EXPO ID will try to recapture what the area
looked like back in 1951. 720 trees in the project, soccer and baseball
fields. They hope to be done by December 2026. See the pictures of
now and the schematic design for the future on page 3. Go to idahofair.
com, click get info, recent news for more information about the new park.

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All the news you need to know on October 18, 2023


Boise Bench Lions News


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October 18, 2023


Boise Bench Lion Esteban Galan spoke at this week’s meeting.  He grew up in Fruitland, was an Eagle Scout and was a member of the Blue Thunder Marching Band at BSU.  Esteban is the programs and development Coordinator and manages the Idaho Lions Vision Clinic for Lions Envision Sight and has been on staff for about a year.

During the 2022-2023 year, Lions Envision Sight provided 13 sight restoring surgeries, recycled 61,536 pairs of eyeglasses, performed 149 full eye exams, and provided eye glasses at reduced cost based on income.  The Eye Bank supported 353 corneas for transplant throughout Idaho and around the world. Vision and Hearing screenings at local schools are supported by Envision and a hearing aid program is also part of the operation.  Lions clubs throughout Idaho and Oregon and worldwide perform vision and hearing screenings and work with deaf and hard of hearing individuals through many other programs.


He discussed the merits of eye screening for 6 months to 6-year-olds with the Plusoptix screeners to detect Amblyopia, aka lazy eye.  Detection at an early age will make a huge difference in correcting this condition and have a lasting impact on an individual’s life.  Envision is encouraging Lions Clubs to contact day care organizations and offering to conduct screenings for their children.

Esteban gave an overview of vision screening with the Plusoptix electronic vision screeners.  Several points to be aware of are:  no direct sunlight, hold the machine about 3 feet from the subject and move as needed to bring the eyes into focus, the results are Pass or Refer, test children with eyeglasses on to verify the prescription. 


       The Boise Valley Lions Team raised $1370 for the Walk toEnd Alzheimer’s and had a great turnout despite  the cold, rainy weather





String packs and grab and go bags were delivered to RMDH. after Octoberfest Convention

Eight bags and boxes of warm clothing and blanket delivery to Interfaith Sanctuary on Oct 19 thank you Lions


Next Week

October 25, 2023
$13.25 for optional lunch
Casa Mexico
speaker is Bob Batista, Director of the Western Idaho Fair


October 30 to November 2

Vision and Hearing Screenings at Anser Charter School

Bench Board meeting
November 07, 2023
6 pm
send agenda items to Lion LaDawn or Lynne


Boise bench Newsletter, October 11, 2023

Abby Barzee is the marketing and communications director for the El-Ada Community Action Partnership. El-Ada was established in 1967 during LBJ’s term. This was his war on poverty program. They are a nonprofit who serves Elmore, ADA and Owyhee counties. They are a community service block grant recipient who helps low-income individuals achieve self-sufficiency. Their Veteran services program helped 90% of their Vets exit into permanent housing last year. In FY2022, El-Ada weatherized 153 homes in these counties who qualified by income. Their Energy assistance program helped 6,120 households. They have community services like zoo passes, garden seeds, bus passes, water bill assistance, personal care items, household goods and referrals. Their Harm Reduction program provides HIV and HEP C testing, overdose protection, syringe exchange, and contraceptives. Their Emergency Food Assistance Program provides food boxes to income eligible households. Check out their website: They need volunteers in all of their programs. Reach out to Abby:  For the complete newsletter, click the following link:

Boise Bench Newsletter October 4, 2023

At our meeting, Lion Dan shared the basis of the USA/Canada Forum was about membership growth. He attended the social media seminar where he learned if you comment on a FB page, it makes the page grow in popularity. He learned about Hope to Walk. There are 35-40 million amputees in the world. This website has developed a new type of prosthetic that costs around $250. Lion Patty shared her favorite quotes from Striker Corbin whose seminar she attended, and he was our last night of the forum speaker. What you focus on expands. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Lion Dennis shared his favorite quotes: Lions are like puzzles; you need all the pieces to be whole to complete the project. You either win or you learn from the experience. Lion Larry shared about his Environment seminar. Repurposing, recycling, cleaning highways and roadways, create and maintain parks, plant trees, beach and river cleanups. He also went to the LCIF seminar where he learned how impactful LCIF is around the world. Lion LaDawn shared her Burnout Self test and her Accountabilla-buddies. Make sure you have someone in your life that keeps you accountable.  Download the complete newsletter here:

Bench Press September 20, 2023

Bench Lion Curt Kelley presented the trip to Newfoundland and Labrador that he and Pat took in July.  The population of St Johns, Newfoundland was up to 40% Irish as they began migrating there to find work and improve their overall circumstances, so there are a lot of Irish Pubs in the city.  The first wireless transatlantic transmission was received on Signal Hill in 1927 and other fun facts about the city were shared.  Cape Spear is a short distance away and is the easternmost point in North America.  A boat tour took us through a humpback and minke whale feeding ground and is also the site of the largest Puffin rookery in North America.  Screech In was a fun experience involving a Newfie saying, kissing a cod and a shot of Screech Rum, we are now honorary Newfies. A lot of territory and history was covered, including icebergs, Vikings, cod fishing, and Basque whalers from the Brittany region of France over 400 years ago.


There were 22 Lions in attendance

Lion Gayle won the attendance drawing, but she missed last week, so no money for her.

Lion Angel sold some of her lumpy pumpkins to a friend who donated $100 to the club project fund.

Lion Angel had some questions about Idaho facts.  What is the state gem-Star Garnet.  Highest mountain-Mt Borah at 12662 feet, and several other tidbits.

October 10th is the date for the Idaho Food Bank, more information to sign in or call and time and date is on our website

The BB Lions are sponsoring the Boise Valley Lions Team, Walk to End Alzheimer’s which is September 30th at Kleiner Park in Meridian. The walk is open to all Lions and friends of Lions and is the world’s largest fundraiser for Alzheimer’s care, support and research. This event calls on participants of all ages and abilities to join the fight against this disease. The event is free, donations are accepted. The opening ceremony is at 11 and the walk begins at 11:30. Wear your vests or Lions shirts to show support. Team captains Lions Curt and Larry K. can answer any questions. Use the email Copy this link into your browser to sign up:

Lion Rick hiked a trail Rockaway Beach, Oregon and found a project that local Lions had supported.  You just never know what is around the corner.






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