June 22, 2022

Lion Cliff introduced our speaker with a question; What do they do with your poo? Cindy Busche works in the Education center at the Boise Watershed. The center is quite amazing! They have interactive areas that are fun for kids and adults. What day of the year is our highest flow due to high water use? Super Bowl Sunday, I had no idea! 40 million gallons of waste water flows thru the plant a day. 7,600 lbs. of trash is generated per week. Flushable wipes aren’t really flushable. The companies never checked in with the waste water/ water renewal plants before making them. Only the 4 P’s should go into your toilet: Pee, Poop, Puke and toilet Paper. They work very hard to renew the water they extract from the waste to return it to the Boise river. Why remove phosphorous & nitrogen? To avoid algae build up on top of the river which steals the oxygen from the plants and animals. The renewed water goes back to the Boise river and the solids go to the biosolids 4,300 acre farm in Kuna. How can we help? Compost your food items instead of running them thru your garbage disposal and buy greener cleaners that are biodegradable. If you would like more info go to  download the newsletter here!!!!



June 15, 2022

Kam Neth and her hubby started Little Heroes in 2007. Kam had a camera in her hand since she was in high school. She went to college, played softball and still didn’t know what to do with her life. Her camera was never far away and it easily came back to help her give back to the community using her gift of taking beautiful portraits. Little Heroes is a nonprofit that offers professional portraits for families with terminally ill children (18&younger) and terminally ill adults with children (18&younger). Local hospitals reach out to Little Heroes Inc. The following is offered to the families: a family portrait session at a location that best fits their needs, digital files, all edited images printed as 5x7, a keepsake slideshow (link to YouTube) and one large family wall portrait of their choice. Little Heroes has received local awards and featured in the ID Statesman 2008, a Seven’s Hero in 2009 and Channel 6 in 2014. Check out their Facebook page and their website What a beautiful gift of memories for the families.  download the newsletter here


June 8, 2022

Russ Weedon from ID Power started off with some nostalgic information about Reddy Kilowatt. He made his first appearance March 14, 1926 and was around for over 70 years. He is now a collector’s item. For many years ID Power provided purely Hydro power but with less and less water they brought on coal and natural gas. They plan to provide 100% clean energy by 2045. Natural gas is not considered clean energy as it still has some carbon particles but far less than coal. They have closed the Boardman coal plant in OR. There is conversation about possibly converting it to natural gas. They shut down half of the coal plant in Valmy, NV. Before 2020, 17 dams provided 41.7% of the hydro power but now with less water they only provide 32.5%. They are focusing more on solar energy with battery storage and wind energy. They are building a large solar power with battery storage facility in Twin Falls. Russ mentioned Anderson Ranch Dam is now full! ID Power works very hard to not impact the environment. There is a new Niagara Springs sturgeon hatchery next to their steelhead hatchery in the Snake river canyon south of Wendell. Check out ID Power’s website for more information.  download the newsletter HERE for more information



June 1, 2022

Chelsea Miller is the director of community engagement at the Wyakin Foundation. Wyakin is a Nez Perce term which stands for Guardian. The Wyakin Foundation’s mission is to provide transitional support to veterans through educational, career, and workforce development in vocational training programs. They have 60 warriors in their program now with 54 alumni. The youngest warrior is 22 and the oldest is 55. Wyakin maintains an alumni program to keep in touch with their graduates. The foundation works with BSU, CWI, CSI and other technical and vocational programs to help get their warriors degreed or certified into whatever career the warrior desires. Their first 5 members were 5 visually impaired warriors who have since graduated from the program. One DOWNLOAD THE NEWSLETTER HERE FOR THE REST OF THE STORY


May 25 2022 News

Erika Harmon from the Boise Senior Center shared some great information about the center. It was founded in 1979 and named after past Mayor Dick Eardley who served from 74-86. The Boise Parks and Rec now runs the center and the Metro Meals on Wheels rents/runs the kitchen. COVID affected them hard just like everyone in our community. They were closed for 16 mos. and half of their staff was laid off. They have been open for almost a year now with multiple different programs like Chat & Chew and Lifetime & Leisure. They have many different fitness classes like (Download the newsletter for the rest of the story)


May 18 2022 Newsletter

Joy Miller was the 1998 Idaho Mother of the Year. She was voted that by The Idaho Organization of American Mothers, Inc. Since 1935 this organization is committed to valuing mothers through service and education as an interdenominational, bi-partisan, multigenerational, multi-cultural non-profit. She was the president of the national organization from 2003-2005. She is a mother of 8, 4 adopted with many foster children. Idaho has had one mother from Sandpoint who was voted in as the National representative. Joy’s Philosophy of Parenting: My children...Love the Lord with all your heart. Love the family that created you, and create a family that loves you. Choose where you go and who you become. Do this within our Lord’s limits. Dance. A little freestyle movement around the living room does wonders for your soul. Education is a privilege. Studying is not what we have to do. Learning is what we get to do. Read. Read the Bible; the manual; the Sports Illustrated; the how-to-books; the backs of boxes and cans at the grocery store. Read great novels. Remember always: God and your parents love you unconditionally. Humbly recognize a power greater than yourself. Think, speak, love, laugh, work, give, pray and be kind. And if times are tough, call home collect. Check out their website:

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May 4th, 2022 Newsletter

Jeff McElwee had a tour business before COVID. They stopped for a while but may start back up again. He is also on the board for the Birds of Prey. He mentioned if anyone is around town on Memorial Day, it is half price at the Birds of Prey. He and his wife, the other half of the tour business, have traveled and toured New Zealand many times. That is their favorite location of all the places they have gone. Before the 1200’s , no people had step foot on this island country made up of two land masses. The Maori Indians are a Polynesian race who run the national parks system in New Zealand. New Zealand, Land of the long white cloud, is named after the strip of white clouds that hangs by their mountain range. The Tasman Sea is named after the first European, Abel Tasman, to come to New Zealand. This beautiful country has over 452 waterfalls, an active volcano, glaciers, bungy jumping, zip lines, the Waitomo caves and more. They usually travel there in March because their seasons are switched from ours and it is like September there. You can email Jeff at for more information. Download the Newsletter here


Newsletter April 27, 2022

Dale Hartwell is the development manager for the ID Shakespeare Festival. She basically grew up with the festival hanging with her father. She was in the apprentice program and worked in the box office. In this position, she helps raise funds for the festival. The festival started in 1977 with some BSU theater students downtown at the Capital One center, then to Plantation, then Parkcenter and now the amphitheater. They will have 5 productions this season. They believe in educating the young people with their school performance tours. Elementary schools will see “Alice in Neverland” and the Jr. High and H.S. students will see “Romeo and Juliet”. They have an apprentice program where mostly juniors and seniors work over the summer. They have many jobs but also get one on one training with the actors and are taught speech skills. The Cleveland, Tahoe and Boise company’s work together. The Cleveland company builds the set, uses it in the winter then sends it to Boise and they use it in the summer. It also goes up to the Tahoe company that has a shorter season. They would ultimately love to have a permanent building location to have a year round season but the perfect spot just hasn’t been found. Website:


Newsletter April 20, 2022

Marcia Tennyson founded Chrysalis House over 20 yrs. ago. She never imagined her dream coming alive as it has over these 20 yrs. Seven women are living on the property they are leasing on Cloverdale. They have done lots of remodeling to the interior of the house. They are working on purchasing that property and have half of the money needed through grants, a golf tournament, individual donations etc. You can follow their progress on Facebook. The BB Lions have helped support the house for over 15 yrs. Almost all of the women's stories have to do with drugs and alcohol and many of these women have tried to take their own lives. Chrysalis’ goal is to provide a place for women to live, feel safe and rebuild their lives after being institutionalized. Beth, who is 36 and from the Boise area, shared her very tragic story. She said it is hard to express the depth of despair she went through! She has lived at Chrysalis house for 6 months and has a full time job. Check out the website for details on their big 20 year celebration at the Grove Hotel on Sunday May 1st. There are 8 BB Lions signed up so far. You can sign up on the website.

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Lunch Gathering April 13, 2022

Launee Wolverton founded Purses with a Purpose two and a half years ago in her garage. She used Facebook to reach out to her people for donations. She started with 48 purses filled with hygiene products, make up products, socks, scarves, hats, gloves, flip flops, nail polish, food gift cards to name a few and is now up to 250-300 purses a month. Her goal is to reach 1,000 purses a month and she will do it as she is that determined. Purses with a Purpose is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and they now have a location in Eagle for $300 a month to use for storing all of the items that are donated and space for filling the purses. Help them fill Purses with what Women in need….really Need! It used to cost approx. $12-$15 a purse now it is up to $18-$20 to fill a purse. Launee was at a farmers market where she had a banner advertising for her organization. A beautiful woman walked by with her children. The woman shared that when she left prison, she was given a purse from Purses with a Purpose which pretty much saved her life. It helped her to feel like a woman again and she got back on her feet and was able to get her children back! Check out her website:

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Lunch April 6, 2022

Molly Lenty and Matt Thomas are assistant athletic directors at BSU. BSU is quite the powerhouse with 18 different sports programs. Their men's basketball team finished off with a fabulous season and the ladies had a rebound year but they are looking very good for next year. Their softball team is selling out every game including berm seating. They are ranked 23rd in the nation. No new news about bringing back the wrestling program. No new news about BSU hosting the NCAA tournament. There will eventually be a huge, very nice screen on the south end of the football field. Varsity B program with Daryn College. I forgot to ask what that is so...check it out. The new football schedule is out. It was amazing to hear they are scheduled 12 years out. Upcoming event: BSU fan advisory committee will be sharing their initial touch points. This Saturday is the spring football game at 3:30. Parking and admission are FREE! Their E-Sports program is located across from the Grove hotel. They are self-funded and have the National champion in Madden football! Check out BSU’s website:


Lunch March 30, 2022

Lion Ken Arnold was a BB Lion for over 40 years, his wife Mary Ann was our speaker today. She re-connected with many BB Lions she hadn’t seen in a while and the newbies in the club got to meet her. She gave us quite the history lesson. The Historical Society of ID Pioneers was created in 1881. It became the ID State Historical Society in 1909. The ISHS is responsible for 61 bldgs. and multiple acres of land across ID. The ID State Historical Museum started in 1951 and has gone through multiple expansions and renovations. After the major interior renovation and expansion in 2018 it became the ID State Museum. The Trailblazing Women of ID exhibit was held at the ID State Museum. It was so popular they kept the exhibit going for a year. The ID territory was created in 1863 and the capital was in Lewiston. The capital moved to Boise in 1865. ID became the 43rd state in 1890. In 1947, the American Friendship train went through ID. 700 boxcars were filled with food and supplies and shipped to France to help the country after WW II. Check out

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March 23, 2022

Lion Curt spoke to us about the different types of clubs: Traditional clubs like the BB Lions meet in person, full slate of officers and weekly speakers. Cyber clubs meet electronically, different traditions and rules, your club your way. Club branches don’t have a charter as they are a branch of a chartered club, a minimum of 5 members with a president, secretary and treasurer. Funds raised go to their projects. If they reach 20 members they can be chartered as their own club. Cyber branch: meet electronically and may only meet when they are about to do a project. Special interest clubs or branch: there is a diabetes club in 39E which focuses on families with children who have Type 1 diabetes. The Tucson Cyber Lions clubs focus is on eyeglasses for children. The Scholarship club in 39E focuses on scholarships. They have several members in Michigan. Wherever there is an interest, a club can sprout. Check out the clubs website: and check out the clubs YouTube channel. Thank you Lion Curt for keeping us visible online!  download the newsletter here


Newsletter March 16, 2022  two weeks of news in one newsletter

march 9th program

Maddie Ortiz and Marbeth Soler are retirement counselors with Touchmark. They get to know your life story and your family. They work to educate people on what retirement communities really are. They have 3 different living spaces: Independent Living which offers apartments, villas and cottages. Pets are allowed and they have a dog park. Assisted Living with 2 buildings and Memory Care with 3 neighborhoods. There is a health and fitness center with a pool. They have housekeeping if needed. They have concierge service 24/7, a 9-hole golf course, home health services and home care with an on-site medical clinic. There is a lot of common ground areas with covers, walking paths, gardens and lots of activities. Our very own Lion Tedd Foote lives there so you could reach out to him and get the scoop. Check out Touchmark on YouTube or go to their website: 

march 16 program

Lion 2VDG Lynne Burks, Lion VP Gayle Chaney, Lion PCC Dennis Burks, Lion Shelly Shelton when there are 5 Wednesday’s in the month the BB Lions use that extra day for Lions information. Lion Shelly the program chair for March asked Lions Lynne and Dennis to share their DG paths. It was fun and hopefully we didn’t bore anybody

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Newsletter March 2, 2022

Leslie and her mom (party Barb) are both breast cancer survivors so her nonprofit Flock Cancer Idaho is near and dear to her heart. They walked for many years in the Susan G. Komen Cancer event so when it went away, she thought why not start something similar here in Idaho. Last year was the first walk, they had over 400 participants and raised $25,000 which they gave to the YMCA Oncology Recovery Program. With the success of last year’s walk, she has scheduled this year’s walk which will be on May 7th from 10-2. Once she gets the registration information put together you can sign up. They walk on Harrison Blvd. There is no start line or finish line. You just park and take a stroll on the street. The neighborhood supports the walk with pink decorations, there is a Pink party the night before or Estrogen Fest whatever she chooses to call it. This year she hopes for more participants and has chosen 2 organizations to donate to this year: YMCA Oncology Recovery Program and Bustin’ Out of Boise. Her website:

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Newsletter Feb 23, 2022

Our speaker Jamie Weishar a physical therapist at Modern Rehab spoke about Fall Prevention. Some facts about falls: most falls go unreported and can be prevented. The CDC website states 1 out of 4 older people, 65+, fall every year. And 1 out of 5 of these falls cause a serious injury such as broken bones or a head injury. More than 95% of hip fractures are caused by falling, usually by falling sideways. In 2015, total medical costs for falls was more than $50 billion! Medicare and Medicaid shouldered 75% of those costs. Here are some risk factors: lower body weakness, Vitamin D deficiency, difficulties with walking and balance, medications, vision problems, foot pain or poor footwear and home hazards (broken or uneven steps, throw rugs, cords) Three specific exercises to work on: 1. Sit to stand, 10 reps, 3 sets, 7 days a week. 2. Lateral monster walk (walk sideways) with resistance band, 3 sets, 7 days a week. 3. Tandem stance (one foot in front of the other) with support, 3 sets hold for 30 sec., 7 days a week. download the newsletter HERE


Newsletter Feb 16, 2022

Abigail Breidenbach is the Family & Mission Ministry Coordinator. She also runs the Friendship Food Pantry at the First Presbyterian Church. There are 3 main places she gets food donations for the pantry. The Franz Bread Outlet donates 200+ bread items every week. The Rolling Tomatoes donate the bakery items from Starbucks that aren’t used but still have a good shelf life. And the ID Foodbank. She picks up 2000+ lbs. of food from the Foodbank every week. They get donations from the church and community like the BB Lions. They serve in an average month: 280 families, 369 children, 427 adults and 89 seniors. Over 50% of the people coming to the pantry are immigrants. She uses Google translate to communicate in the different languages. The pantry gives out recipe cards to help the immigrants learn how to prepare items like potatoes. When school gets out for the summer is their highest time of need. Check out their website to donate: download the newsletter HERE for more information


Newsletter Feb 9, 2022

Our speaker, Blaine Patterson, is the director of St. Luke’s Emergency Services. He started out as an EMT then went to nursing school. He was in Twin Falls but has since come to Boise. The Magic Valley Paramedics receive approximately 12,000 911 calls in a year. Add Air St. Luke’s to that and it is over 20,000 calls. EMS - providing care, respond to the treatment then transport to the closest appropriate facility. Air St. Luke’s (helicopters) and they have access to a jet on very rare occasions have multiple teams who can fly with them. EMR’s, EMT’s, Adv. EMT’s, Paramedics, RT’s w/advanced credentials, Critical Care Nurses, Physicians and other specialty teams. Blaine started flying in 2001. They carry blood on the helicopters along with 64 different medications. Blaine said it appears ambulances may be going to telemedicine in the field using Getac computers to treat people in place in hopes of alleviating transporting to a hospital if not necessary.

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Newsletter 2/2/22  Two's Day

Our very own BB Lion Arden Schmitt was the speaker. He taught at the Idaho School for the Deaf and Blind for over 40 yrs. He signed most of the time while he was talking to us. He showed us an amazing array of pictures from his many, many projects. All of his projects are made with recycled or repurposed materials. He believes his vision for recycling and repurposing came from his mother who was raised during the depression. He learned you can find a purpose for everything.

Speaker on Jan 26 2022

Our speaker last week was Professor Jennifer Pierce from the Department of Geoscience at BSU, Climate Control. She discussed climate change and what causes it and what the effects are of the environmental impacts facing us today. She touched on allergies, water quality, biochemical, malnutrition, and other areas affecting humans. She started with land. The fire seasons are lengthening and the fires studied are more severe when conditions are hot and dry. She said it took her studying for a PHD to discover that. She then jumped to agriculture. Environmental conditions are changing what crops we grow and when we can begin planting them. The number of consecutive dry days is increasing. Water is affected by the levels of snowpack and the amount of summer precipitation. The water levels are affected by snow on snow vs water on snow in the spring months. This results in a more rapid and early snow melt. Surprisingly, the mountains are the largest reservoir of water in the state, not man made structures. By 2080, Bogus is predicted to receive no snow. Zero. Zilch. Warming of the climate is projected to increase 6 to 11% in temperature. The low river flows will get even lower in the future. Smoke from fires will increase 2 to 3 fold by 2050. The smallest particles are the most harmful and most likely to damage lungs. Nationally, 84% of wildfires are man caused. The CO2 has increased from 280 Parts per million in 1750 to 408 parts per million in 2019, a 40% increase. She said Idaho could be the poster child for renewable energy if we would only put our effort into it.

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Newsletter January 19, 2022

Dave Wagers, President of the Board of Trustees for the Boise School District grew up in a Rotarian family and married into a Lions family. So he is well versed in service organizations. There are 5 out of 7 trustees up for re-election this year. The district serves 25, 527 students. 42% of the students qualify for free and reduced lunches. There are 4 City of Boise Community Centers and 4 Pre-K schools. 6 designated community schools providing parenting and family programs. In 2017 the district passed the largest bond $172.5 million. 22 capital projects in the works. The average teacher’s experience is 14 yrs. 72% of those teachers have master’s degrees. The high schools are ranked in the top 11% of the nation. All elementary students learn music. 100+ STEM courses for junior and high school students. Most national merit scholar semi-finalists in ID. 200+ sports, activities and student led clubs. There are 31 advanced placement offerings per high school. 67% of the students go on to college within 2 yrs. Way to go Boise School District!   Download the newsletter for even more information


Newsletter January 12, 2022

SWOT’s UP? Lions Tom and Curt led a great discussion about rebuilding our clubs membership. On July 1, 2016 our district had 880 members and 33 clubs. On January 10, 2021 our district has 798 members and 29 clubs. What is SWOT? Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Strengths: What currently exists? What do we do well in these areas? Weaknesses: What don’t we do very well? What can we improve? Opportunities: Where do we have opportunities to expand? What’s happening outside of the organization? Threats: What’s happening outside of our clubs that may impact our success? Group activity: Each table had a small sticky note pad and pen. Each member at the table was asked to write down the clubs strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Below are the top 3 for each category. Strengths: 1. Strong leadership 2. Fellowship 3. Active members Weaknesses: 1. Not enough younger members/more diversity 2. Not visible enough 3. Mentoring Opportunities: 1. Contact community leadership for project ideas 2. More public exposure/marketing 3. Just ask someone to come to a meeting Threats: 1. Young people not interested in joining clubs 2. People still don’t know what Lions do or who they are.  Download the newsletter HERE for more fun facts.


Newsletter January 5, 2020

Our speaker Paul Vinci is a physical therapist who has been practicing for 25 yrs. He spoke to us about increasing our physical activity. The CDC guidelines recommend exercising 5 days a week for 30 minutes a day with 2 of those days dedicated to weight training. Sadly only about 8% of people meet those guidelines. We need to challenge our hearts for great health! We must get up and move as risk of falls becomes more prevalent as we get older. Work on your balance by improving your quad strength. One way is to place a chair behind you so you can stand and sit 10 times to build your strength. Resistance bands are highly recommended which can be used for weight training. To help with neuropathy he suggested getting your heart rate up for 10-15 minutes constant to get the blood flowing to your hands and feet. Physical activity helps with so many things in our bodies. So let’s get moving BB Lions!   download the newsletter here for even more information



Newsletter Dec 15, 2021  Last one of 2021

Chords on delivery is part of the Boise Chordsmen. Chords on Delivery is a senior quar-tet but they do have younger members in the Boise Chordsmen. You may see them singing along with the Salvation Army bell ringers at different locations. The barbershop quartet is a unique American art form. The BB Lions joined in for a few classic Christmas songs which brought smiles and some tears to our Lions. Visit them at   download the newsletter for more news

Newsletter Dec. 8, 2021

Jeremy Delmore, DPN, RN, Administrative Supervisor Manager at Nampa St. Luke’s gave us the current climate of health care. More social gatherings because of the holidays = more COVID cases, St Luke’s has a backlog of approx. 9,000 surgeries, Nampa St. Luke’s is opening for emergent or life threatening surgeries. The Omicron variant is not currently in ID so there is no experience with how it affects people. The research for the Omicron variant is coming from Germany and So. Africa. The research he has seen is if people have the 3rd shot, people are doing better with their symptoms. Due to COVID there are 250,000 lab specimens a month when before COVID it was approx. 100,000 specimens a year. They are still quite full of COVID patients. They are working to keep their staff healthy and rested to cover the extra shifts they have had to take on. The vaccines have helped tremendously but every person reacts differently after getting the vaccine. There was a nursing shortage before COVID hit our state. Nurses retired early, then they came back to help with the many patients but now they want to retire again. Evidence based practice is showing joint replacements like hip and knees are becoming out patient procedures. They want you moving as soon as possible. We had a huge crowd of Lions with lots of questions.

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Newsletter Dec 1, 2021

Jo Ann Daron is the Volunteer Services Coordinator for the Boise Veterans Home. She thanked The Cardinale’s for continuing to deliver their cookies during the pandemic. She also thanked our club for always supporting the Veterans throughout this difficult time. They had to halt admissions because they cannot fill approx. 25 licensed positions needed to care for the Veterans. The Boise Veterans home houses 85 veterans mostly male but they have 5 females. Female Veterans, spouses or widows can reside their as well. The BVH is one of 3 in the state with a 4th being built in Post Falls. They have been closed for almost 2 years but things are looking up. Families and volunteers can now come into the BVH. They have contracted a new barber to give haircuts, hot towel treatments, razor shaves and beard grooming. The barber is a 20 yr. veteran so he fits right in. Veterans needs: gripper socks, recent books and movies, sweats, button or snap up shirts and lottery tickets. If you want to volunteer there is an online training or Jo Ann can do the training in person. Email: to get the veterans home volunteer application.

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Newsletter November 17,2021

Dustin Lapray is one of Idaho’s COVID Crisis Community Resource Specialists. He works for Idaho Health and Welfare. The FEMA grant funded 7 counselors to cover the entire state. The grant ends in about 6 weeks. They have covered as much of Idaho as they possibly can with a focus on the smaller rural areas. COVID is obviously not like other national disasters as it has been going on for almost 2 years. The emotional impact on Idahoans has been tremendous. In the phases of a disaster, we should be in the “reconstruction” phase but we are still in the “disillusionment” phase of this disaster which is taking a toll on many. Try some of the following healthy coping skills if you notice behavioral, emotional or physical changes. 1) Practice Mindfulness and Meditation 2) Practice talking to therapists or trusted persons 3) Exercise! 4) Turn off social media, the news and other screens 5) Practice Kindness. If you know someone who needs help you can contact Dustin directly at 208.576.2771 or call/ text the National Disaster Distress Helpline at 1.800.985.59




Lion Lisa Gier and Morgan Coenen from Hodia shared their personal stories with Lions. Lion Lisa, “I grew up going to camp on camperships so I understand the impact of donated campership dollars that Lions give. Since I was a teen I have been attending Lions Club meetings on behalf of Hodia to help raise funds to send children who can't afford to attend camp, to go. Now I am a member of the Caldwell Idaho Lions Club. Morgan, “I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at (download the newsletter here for the rest of the story)

Newsletter November 3, 2021

DG Kathy Donahue installed the club officers at Wednesday’s meeting and spoke about what is happening in the district. The MidWinter Convention will be February 18-19 at the Grove Hotel. More to come on menu and cost. The convention committee is working on sponsor levels for businesses or clubs to donate to help defray costs of the convention. November 14th is World Diabetes Day. An email went to all Presidents and Secretaries with the details on how all the clubs can participate. The pull tab committee is hoping for a big 700 pounds donation to the Ronald McDonald House of Boise. Keep saving those tabs! The district is hard at work with the Global Membership Approach. The next meeting is November 16 at 6:30 on Zoom. Email DG Kathy if you would like to get involved!  DOWNLOAD THE NEWSLETTER HERE!!


Newsletter October 27, 2021

Ariel Agenbroad teaches at the U of I Extension campus in Ada county. She spoke to us about the Spaulding Ranch Project. U of I has a working agreement with the city of Boise who now owns the Spaulding Ranch site. The city acquired the 20 acres in 2016. U of I would like to create public agriculture education opportunities on this historic farm turned experiential park. In 1994 the property was added to the National Registry of Historic Places. The community would like the city to preserve the old buildings on the property which will be quite costly. You can view the master plan on the City of Boise’s website. U of I has proposed green space areas, food production and education on the property. They would like it to become a teaching farm. They have a number of programs that would be able to use the property in a perfect location. Like Cultivating Success - small farms, Harvest Heroes - veterans growing food. The veterans farm is in Nampa now. During 2019-2020, Harvest Heroes grew and distributed over 5000lbs. of fresh food to the hungry in southern ID communities. ID Victory Garden, Master Gardener, Composter, Food Safety, Advisor, Healthy Living and 4H They work with the 4H camp up in Donnelly. (download the newsletter for more fun facts)


Newsletter October 13, 2021

Fishing with Jordan Rodriguez, Tight Lines 208. He has fishing columns in the ID Statesman and the TF Times News. Here are the answers and some information to the common questions he is asked. What is the biggest fish you ever caught? A 6’ sturgeon. The only way to catch a sturgeon is with bait on the bottom of the river. He caught his in the Snake River. They are a protected fish and have seen some growth. Caviar comes from the eggs of the Beluga sturgeon. What is the toughest fish he caught? A 38”, 15lb. tiger muskie which is a cross between a northern pike and a muskie. You can find them in the little Payette and Cascade lakes. He was a “mean bugger” to catch. What was your best trophy? He had a replica mount made of his large mouth bass he caught in ID which was 8lbs and 2’ long. He guessed it was 15 yrs. old. What is the coolest fish you ever caught? A 20” Lahontan Cutthroat trout which was a state record and is the state fish of Nevada. What’s the best keeper you ever caught? His cute 3 yr. old daughter Quinn. She has no fear. Visit for more information. download the newsletter for more information


Newsletter October 6, 2021


Hannah Sharp is the Development manager for Jesse Tree a non-profit which started back in 1999. They had 2 paid staff members back then and now have 14. They serve ADA and Canyon counties. They have a housing crisis line where renters in crisis can call. They have case management which offers supportive services to empower people to be financially stable moving forward. They have rental assistance which pays the rent for the low or very low income neighbors at risk of losing their housing. They have an eviction court program which provides mediation between the tenant and landlord. Jesse Tree will either pay the rent or pay part of the rent and set up a payment plan for the renter to pay the rest. The tenant does not have to pay anything back. In 2020, they helped 380 families stay in their homes. In 2021 so (download the newsletter here )

Newsletter September 29, 2021

Charlye Hahn from Idaho Relatives as Parents spoke to us today. IRAP, 501(c)3, is a kinship care and family support group serving Boise and the surrounding areas. Nationally, 1 out of 11 children who live in kinship care at some point before turning 18. 10,574 ID grandparents responsible for raising children under the age of 18. This doesn’t include the thousands of children living informally with other relatives or close family friends. A kinship caregiver can be a grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling or anyone who has established a “kin-like” bond with the child or children. Relatives or “fictive kin” are the preferred placement for children who must be removed from their birth parents as they have inherent capabilities for supporting and maintaining the child’s family connections and culture traditions. So far, AmeriCorp and a couple of churches have already agreed to help IRAP with Christmas gifts. Last Christmas, the BB Lions purchased gift cards for the families and will most likely do that again this year. She said the families can use grocery gift cards to help with food items year long. Contact email:   (download the newsletter here for more information)


Newsletter September 22, 2021

Our speakers Van and Sarah gave us a snapshot into the current real estate market. The state of the market is ever changing, low supply and high demand. Our local area can be looked at as “a big small city or a small big city” depending on who is asking. Forbes said we are the most “overpriced” area which most can agree on that. The market has gone from “red hot to hot”. Affordable house is not available. In ADA county, the average sale price is $530K and the average list price is $630K. In their estimation, it will be 2-3 years before things level out. The national builders Toll Brothers bought out Coleman Homes and more national companies are coming to the area. New buyers are waving appraisals and paying closing costs. The appraisers are having trouble keeping up with the demand. Home warranty companies are growing in the area. If you feel your home has been assessed incorrectly, you are welcome to contact Lion Dan Frison for more information. He said he has appealed to the assessor’s office multiple times and can put you in touch with the right people. (download the newsletter here for the rest of the news)


Newsletter September 15, 2021

Jen Skeesick educated us all about the Challenged Athletes Foundation. All 50 states and 70 countries with 103 sports are supported. One athlete started the movement, from one came many. All sports, all abilities. The athletes find their identity in sports. 28% of all athletes are youth under 18 but there is no age limit. They have had as young as 3yrs old to 85yrs old. The adaptive equipment the athletes need for their sports is very expensive. One example she gave us, a running leg is about $15,000 not covered under insurance. They receive grant monies as well as fundraise. They started an adaptive sailing initiative a couple years ago. Our Lion Keith Sanders and his wife Lynn got involved as they are avid sailors. They used Lucky Peak for the lessons and before they knew it the athletes were racing their sailboats. They support all athletes for all sports. Some statistics: 21 million people live with a physical disability in the US. 50% of adults with a disability get no aerobic exercise. 38% higher obesity rate for children with disabilities. They are breaking ground soon for their new building which they will be sharing with Mission 43. Specific for visually impaired athletes, they are equipped with guides. Check out their website for the opportunity to volunteer.   (download the newsletter here for even more club news)

Newsletter September 8, 2021

Leslie spoke about Chrysalis which is a women’s transitional living home. This amazing 501(c)3 organization helps women transition out of incarceration. While the women are incarcerated, they fill out an application. Chrysalis has screeners to make sure the women are ready as they can be. There are approx. 25-30 women in their 6 month or 18 month faith based programs. Chrysalis rents 3 homes but their house on Cloverdale (which we helped do the outside clean up) they are working to purchase it. It may turn out to be their only home in the future as they could possibly build more houses on that property. The women are strongly encouraged to join a church, the coaches meet with them weekly to help with many things. The women pay $400 a month rent. The first month is free but after that they are expected to get jobs and pay their way. As you can imagine, most of the women have had very difficult lives. Chrysalis likes to make a big deal out of each woman’s birthday and Christmas for that reason. Leslie wasn’t able to bring one of the women in the program as they are all working! That is wonderful to hear. Donation ideas: bus passes and gift cards to grocery stores. Check out their website for more info: Members (download the newsletter here for more information)


Newsletter August 25, 2021

Dr Andrew Finstuen, dean of the BSU Hon-ors College, enlightened us about this area of academia. The Honors college started in 1968 with about 450 students and has grown to about 1100 students. What is an honors college? A place for nerds and proud of this title! The students are curious, in-terested in their studies, intellectual omni-vores. The college works with every major, their classes are capped at 25. A small school environment with big school opportunities. What do they do to get in? The college looks at GPA’s, resume’s and essays. There are a broad spectrum of students. What is the advantage of getting into the Honors college? The college helps to build their resumes for their future endeavors. It pushes them to heights they might not have ever imagined. What does the college do with them? It helps them build character, helps them socially, helps them with ambition, humility and wisdom questions such as What do you pay attention to? The BSU Honors college has a 90% graduation rate! Nationally it is only 62%.   download the newsletter here for more information


Newsletter August 18, 2021

Russ Weedon from ID Power spoke about the company’s vision for the future but started with some of their past history. ID Power began in 1916 with 18,000 customers which were mostly the farmers and ranch-ers who needed water to run their farms and ranches. Today there are more than 590,000 customers! The first dam pur-chased was Swan Falls and with upgrades of course it is still running today. That says a lot about the company and their vi-sion. There are 17 dams on the Snake Riv-er, they have 2 natural gas plants and co-owners of 3 coal plants. A goal is to ensure affordable power to their customers. Their prices are more than 20% below the national average. Another wonderful goal is to provide 100% clean energy by 2045 which means no carbon emissions. One of the coal plants in Oregon has shut down and is being repurposed into a natural gas plant. Part of the Nevada coal plant has shut down but they are doing it incremen-tally due to the low water issues. A new solar farm/plant is being built outside of Twin Falls. Our state is perfect for wind and solar power. Check out utility-scale battery storage which they feel will revo-lutionize the business to store energy. Way to go ID Power!!  download here for more information



Newsletter August 11, 2021

Scott Muir a Boise attorney spoke about the tent city case against the city of Boise which drew national attention. The city was sued in 2009 by some homeless individuals who felt when they were arrested for camping on the streets or by the river vio-lated their 8th amendment rights. The case lasted 11 years and made it to the US Supreme Court in late 2019 but the court denied hearing the case. The 9th circuit court basically said the city was criminaliz-ing homelessness and that homeless indi-viduals cannot be punished for sleeping outside on public property in the absence of adequate alternatives. The attorney’s and city were surprised that the City of Boise was brought into the spotlight about this issue as the other larger cities have a much larger problem with their homeless individuals. The city came up with a proto-col to not cite individuals if they didn’t have a place to sleep. The police check with the local shelters to see if they have a space. It was quite a daunting task to de-fend the city on this case as there is no accurate way to count the number of homeless individuals or the amount of beds for homeless individuals.  download HERE for the rest of the paper

Newsletter August 4, 2021

Chris is a member of The WCA which is the Women’s and Children’s Alliance. It is a non-profit for the Safety, Healing and Freedom of domestic abuse and sexual as-sault victims. Nationally 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men are raped, physically violated or stalked. That is a staggering statistic! Nearly half of all women and men in the U.S have experienced psychological ag-gression. In 2020, 5,529 911 calls were related to domestic abuse, sexual assault or child abuse. Domestic abuse is a pattern of actions used to gain and maintain power and control. Economic abuse is preventing her/him from getting or keeping a job, making him/her ask for money, giving her/him an allowance, taking their money and not letting them know about or have access to family income. The cycle of violence “I’m Sorry” to “a Calm period” to “tension build-ing” to an “Explosion”. This can go on and on! The best help you can give a friend or family member is to be there for them. Focus on your friend or family member. There is a 24 hour hotline to help with safety planning, crisis counseling and infor-mation referrals. For more information: go to   download the newsletter here for more information

Newsletter July 28, 2021

Frank Eld is on the board of Preservation Idaho which is a 501c(3) non-profit. Their mission is to preserve Idaho’s significant historic places. They use education and advocacy as their main tools to preserve the historic places. He started off with saying Boise was literally bulldozed away back in the late 60’s early 70’s by the Ur-ban Renewal district. They have had victo-ries and losses throughout the years. Ex-ample Loss: The original Twin Falls court-house was torn down when the new one was built. Example Win: Fort Boise was the heart of Boise and was going to be torn down but it was saved and is now a part of the VA campus. They have a portable time machine that goes around the Boise ele-mentary schools. There is an ID architec-ture project on their website which is a community-powered catalog of ID’s histor-ic properties. They have historic house tours which is one of their major fundrais-ers. Preserving Idaho’s History One Barn at a Time is Frank’s passion. The broadax he is holding in the picture he found in the barn at Hidden Springs which is owned by the Dry Creek Historical Society. Check out the website: for much more information.   download the newsletter here for more information

Newsletter July 21, 2021

Mike Krause is the Director of Opera-tions for Ronald McDonald House here in Boise, since 2014. He grew up in Meridian and went to C of I, served in the Peace Corps in Botswana and came back home to finish his graduate certificate in Second-ary education. While in Botswana from 2009-2013, he worked with the local Li-ons Club. The new RMH tripled in size. It went from 17 rooms to 48 rooms. They sold the old building to St. Luke’s which now uses it for adults who have been dis-charged from the hospital but still need to be close to the hospital for continued care. He spoke about the RM Family Room in ID Falls housed in the EIRMC. It pro-vides comfort and support to families with sick kids receiving medical care. It has 4 sleep rooms, a kitchen, laundry fa-cilities and more. Families have a home-like environment just steps from their sick child. The Family Room serves kids and their families from the Wyoming bor-der to Oregon. Many of the local McDon-ald’s donated money to help build the over $15 million dollar new building. All money is raised from local businesses/organizations. The round up program at McDonald’s has been quite successful for RMHC. The pull tabs we collect help tre-mendously for their operations fund. You can also donate other recyclables to Western Recycling and put the $ to RMHC’s account. RMHC serves all of the local hospitals. There are no in-person tours but they have a great virtual tour on their website:   download the newsletter here for more information


Newsletter July 14, 2021

Sean Briggs has been the Boise Airport Business Development Manager for 7 years, spent 5 years as Marketing Manag-er for Schweitzer Mountain Resort and is a graduate of Arizona State University. The Boise airport is fully self-sufficient. There are only about 120 city employees. There are approx. 4-5,000 other employ-ees that work at the airport on a daily basis. In April of 2020, only 5,000 pas-sengers flew due to the pandemic. Things are picking back up at breakneck speed. International travel still has restrictions which is helping domestic travel. Jet Blue has started at the airport with service to NY. Business travel hasn’t fully recuper-ated from the pandemic. Here are some added routes: Atlanta, Palm Springs, Or-ange County, Nashville, Austin, NY, Pull-man/Moscow and Everett, WA. They are having some staffing issues in their res-taurants and retail stores. In the future they are hoping to add more TSA lanes. Coming this fall the airport will be moving from a small hub to a medium hub. They halted construction during the pandemic but have resumed projects. Hopefully starting the end of this year, a new public parking garage with 1,000 parking spots and a new employee parking garage. They plan to build out Concourse A because they need more gate space which is a 4-5 year project. Ideas are being discussed on how to address more cell phone parking lanes.  download the newsletter here for more information

Newsletter July 7, 2021

As you all know the BB Lions have manned the Western Idaho Fair Found Kids Booth for many years. The fair outsources many things to CLM Marketing and Advertising where Becky and Megan work. The fair is the largest event in ID. Pre-sale of tickets is off the charts this year. They are anticipating 10,000 people through the gate in the first 2 hours and the largest weekend attendance in history. Most everything is back for the fair this year. There will be 5 concert nights, same carnival as before the pandemic, extra hand sanitizer and hand washing stations. The WIF is the anchor for Boise Navy Week so there will be lots of Navy events. She said many people are asking where the fair is located. Lots of new people will be attending. We will be distributing the tickets most likely the week of July 26-30th. Attached to the newsletter is the flyer and map so you will know where to park, enter and find the booth. The booth is in the same place as before. Ice will be provided for our cooler and hopefully a swamp cooler as in the past. Check out for more information.     download the newsletter HERE for the rest of the story


Newsletter June 30, 2021

All 5th Wednesday’s are designated to be Lions Information Day. Lion Lavon started with sharing a past BB Lions history, Lion Tom Young who was an artist. He shared Lion Tom’s Country Calendar. Pics on pg.3. Proceedings began in May 1951 for chartering the BB Lions in Sept 1951. The Boise Host Lions sponsored our club. There were 18 original members. Lion Lavon’s father was one of them. Interestingly the U.S. was the start of LCI in 1917 with Canada 2nd, China 3rd, Mexico 4th and Cuba 5th. One of the founders of the eye bank, Envision, was a BB Lion Bill Hallock. Lion Lavon said eyes were transported by airplane in a container in the cockpit. Lion Woody Voyles screened newborn babies for hearing problems at the local hospitals. One major project: the club built a 5 room house for a widow with 4 children whose whole house burnt to the ground. download the newsletter HERE for the rest of the story



Newsletter June 23, 2021

PCC Jay Lugo spoke about the process of eye banking. 1905 was the first world corneal transplant. 1969 a group of Bench Lions started the eye bank in Idaho. 1985 a state law was passed when a death occurs the eye bank and organ organizations are to be contacted. They are governed by the FDA. The age of donors for eyes and eye tissue is full term birth to 80. When someone dies the nurse or coroner calls the call center, they go through a very specific donor referral worksheet. Once a viable candidate has been approved there is only 6 hours after time of death to get the eyes/tissue. Tests are ran and examinations performed. Up to 50 people can be helped with an eye/tissue donation. Envision follows the recipients for 6 months. Only 5 transplants didn’t work in 27 years! In Idaho, 72-75% of the time a family is asked to donate they say Yes. Visit for more information to be an organ, eye and tissue donor. download the newsletter here

Newsletter June 16, 2021

Lion Donna, yes she is a Lion from the Parma Lions club. She is the director/CEO of The Mentoring Network a non-profit which serves Caldwell, Homedale, Nampa, Parma and Vallivue. This program is all about friendship building with children. Everything is about relationships. 99% of the children they work with graduate from High School and 99% stay out of the juvenile justice system all from seeing these children once a week and listen. We learned a new acronym WAIT - Why am I talking? It is all about listening. Attendance, grades and behaviors improve when children know that someone cares to show up and be their friend. To learn more visit their website -     download the newsletter here for more information


Newsletter June 2, 2021

Kim Ellsworth, marketing and communications for the ID Nonprofit Center spoke to our club at our last meeting in the park. She said there are over 7,000 registered nonprofits in our state. During ID Gives week, 3.86 million dollars was donated. 646 nonprofits participated. She thinks the largest nonprofit based in ID is the YMCA or the Youth Ranch. People continue to donate throughout the year. Their goal is for nonprofits to take center stage as they do so much for our state. Grants and sponsorships fund the employees and the organization. Most states have a nonprofit giving day. If a nonprofit wants to participate in Idaho Gives, they must participate in 8 of the 12 training sessions and they work with the nonprofits to help them be successful. Check out their website:   download the newsletter here for more happenings


May 12 2021 Newsletter

BREN is a network of people that live, work and play in the Boise River watershed dedicated to promoting the ecological enhancement of the river. Liz is the coordinator who organizes the volunteers. BREN is a non-profit organization who helps educate and engage to enhance the ecology of the lower Boise River. They are working with a number of communities to improve habitats at new parks. Volunteers have planted more than a 1,000 birdfriendly and fire-resistant plants in the Hyatt Hidden Lakes Reserve. We learned the river back in the day was over a mile wide. It was quite an undertaking to cross the river in those days. You can join BREN for free to learn more about what they are working on. Go to their website: and check Our speaker at our first park meet- out their YouTube Channel BREN. download the newsletter here for more info


May 5 2021 Newsletter

Lion PID Gary sent their first sunrise in Hawaii picture from their trip. Beautiful! Lion President Aarda stated we will meet at Winstead Park starting May 12th and May 26th. If the weather is bad, we will have a zoom meeting instead. If restrictions change, the consensus was to return to Casa Mexico. We will keep everyone posted. Information: Chrysalis, the non-profit we have supported for years, has leased a home in Meridian which will eventually be their main location. The location is approximately an acre which needs some TLC. The Frison’s checked it out and talked to the owners about our club starting to work on the property while they are getting ready to move out. The tentative date of May 22 has been picked. Lion Patty will let the club know if that date is a go. Lion Lynne emailed Becki Woodbury, the contact for the Found Kids Booth, to offer our help this year during the fair. More to come. LCIF Campaign100: Lion President Aarda would like the club to consider doing a fundraiser to raise money for LCIF. LCIF always helps with global disasters and other projects but they need to raise the money to keep continuing

TT Corner: Lion TT LaDawn shared her words of wisdom. “Move your body a bit more each day than you did the day before; it is good for your soul!” Veteran’s service project: Lion President Aarda said the vets need large gripper slipper socks and lottery tickets. Call her for pickup arrangements 208.362.0528 or plan to bring them to the Winstead park meeting May 12th. The club received a very nice letter from the Veteran’s. See page 3. The new Constitution and by-laws passed! Next time you see Lion Curt, please give him a big Thank You for all his hard work on updating the constitution. Lion Curt posted it on the BB Lions website: download the newsletter here for more information



April 14, 2021 Newsletter

Launee Wolverton from “Purses with a Purpose Boise” spoke to the club about her passion. She woke up one morning with purses on her heart in 2019. She went on social media and asked for gently used or new purses then wondered what to do with them. She filled the purses with personal hygiene items she knew women would need. Then reached out to many different organizations to see if there was a need. There was a tremendous need! The women’s prison is close to her heart because all women need to feel special. When a woman is released, they can pick an outfit from a closet and they also get one of Launee’s purses. Each purse has a card inside saying this purse was packed with love and you are special. She thanked the BB Lions for their 75 purses donation and she said they were perfectly packed! “Purses with a Purpose” is working on a new website and they are working on becoming a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. They deliver 200+ purses every month so they are always in need of “gently” used and new bigger purses along with all of the personal hygiene items. For the warmer months they have added flip flops and make up to the list of needs. Lion Patty plans to speak to the club at our next in person meeting about this becoming an ongoing project for the club,

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March 31, 2021 Newsletter

Program Chairs for July through December needed: You will receive a list of potential programs, a speaker information letter and my whole hearted support. Since we don’t know what our future schedule or location will be, you will be kept up to date with the latest developments. The Boise Bench Lions has the best program schedule which greatly enhances our Lions experience. Please feel free to contact me to sign up or with questions. Lion Curt Club Constitution Voting: The revised Club Constitution which will be effective on July 1, 2021 will be voted on by email in conjunction with the April 14th meeting. Bench Lions members will receive an email from with instructions to vote and reply back so the votes can be tabulated. The proposed constitution is on the home page at our website and if you have any questions, please contact Lion Curt prior to the meeting.

(for more information and fun stuff download the newsletter here)



March 10, 2021 Newsletter

Lion VDG Kathy Donahue was our program for the zoom meeting. A year ago the Lions just wanted to survive then changes started. New project ideas and zoom meetings. Now we are starting to thrive again and we have changed. Lions at the district level have worked very well as a team. Lots of phone calls and zoom meetings to reach out to all the clubs. The district used to have a chairperson for a committee now they would like to use a team approach for these committees. But they need volunteers to be part of the teams. Reach out to VDG Kathy if you are interested. Training for club officers will be happening this spring and summer. More to come. The district is looking at different ways to improve communication amongst the members. Using social media, YouTube channels and zoom meetings. LCI has adapted and changed as well during the pandemic. Check out their website:  Download the newsletter here for the rest of the story


February 24, 2021 Newsletter

Information: Zoom meeting schedule: March 10th next zoom meeting with speaker Mike Keller associate AD for development for BSU. Please email/call Sharon L. for help with using Zoom or if you didn’t get the link last time. ID Foodbank: The BB Lions have been issued a challenge from District 39W. March is National Nutrition Month with the theme “Fill their Plates”. They will be holding a food drive March 27th. All clubs can work/ donate at their local food banks or have an in person food drive in their community. Your club/your way! Lion Dar is waiting to hear from Jane at the Idaho Foodbank to get us a date to volunteer so we can enter this challenge! More to come.  Download the newsletter for the rest of the story here..


February 10, 2021 Newsletter

Rachel Roberts from the ID Statesman was so kind to zoom into our noon meeting. Rachel was born and raised in Boise. She graduated from Capital HS and then NNU. She played basketball for NNU and her team made it to the NAIA tournament. She started with the ID Press then went to the ID Statesman. She has covered sports for many years. She was asked to cover BSU football and basketball for the last 4 years. She said with Coach Harsin leaving there is much excitement for the new coach Andy Avalos. She mentioned both the men and women’s BB teams have potential picks for the professional draft. Lion Tom hopes wrestling will return. There is no word as to when or if swimming, diving and baseball will return. They are hiring at the Statesman which is good news as the number of reporters has dropped drastically. Online subscribers are increasing.  (download the newsletter here for the fulll story)


Newsletter February 3 2021

Zoom meeting schedule: February 10th - Rachel Roberts speaking, she is from the ID Statesman. March 10th next zoom meeting Please email/call Sharon L. for help with using Zoom or if you didn’t get the link last time. Envision update: The Envision Office remains closed to the public and the Vision Clinic has not reopened. If you would like to work on eyeglasses, please contact the office at 208-338- 5466 for time availability. Eyeglass collections are currently lower as not many have been collected.

The Montreal LCI Convention is going virtual! Everyone is invited. If you register before March 31st it is only $50! April 1st and beyond the registration fee will be $75. The convention is currently scheduled for June 25-29. For more information go to the convention website:
Lion VP Tom Caperon ended the board meeting with some puns: Acupuncture is a jab well done. Dijon vu - the same mustard as before. Practice safe eating - always use condiments. Shotgun wedding - a case of wife or death. A man needs a mistress just to break the monogamy. A hangover is the wrath of grapes. Dancing cheek-to-cheek is really a form of floor play. Does the name Pavlov ring a bell? Condoms should be used on every conceivable occasion. Reading while sunbathing makes you well red. When two egotists meet, it's an I for an I. A bicycle can't stand on its own because it is two tired. What's the definition of a will? It's a dead give away. Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana   Download the newsletter here for more fun things

Newsletter January 27, 2021

Information: Sprouts Lion Patty corresponded with Tamara Cameron from the Boise Market about Sprouts. She was wondering if it was ok to spend some of the money from our donation last year to get an online program started for Sprouts. I said yes since we had already designated that money last year but also said we wouldn’t be adding a donation this year. They don’t anticipate doing anything in person for the program until maybe August. I told her our club would be interested in volunteering when and if they do.

Zoom meeting schedule: February 10th - Rachel Roberts speaking from the ID Statesman March 10th Please email/call Sharon L. for help with using Zoom or if you didn’t get the link last time.

Supplement: I have been taking a great supplement to prevent memory loss. My memory is better now than when I worked. You should really try it. It’s called ummm... it comes in a green bottle..... I get it at the drug store..... it’s ummm... wait a minute, it will come to me.....I will get back to you.

The Montreal LCI Convention is going virtual! Everyone is invited. If you register before March 31st it is only $50! April 1st and beyond the registration fee will be $75. The convention is currently scheduled for June 25-29. For more information go to the convention website:  download the newsletter here for more information


Newsletter January 13, 2021

Information: Lion Aarda did a recap of the board meeting. It was decided to not meet in person through March. See below for the Zoom meeting schedule. Zoom meeting schedule: February 10th March 10th Please email/call Sharon L. for help with using Zoom. Project ideas: Lion Aarda reached out to her contact at the Veterans facility about her sock idea. The veterans have plenty of socks. So we need another idea for the Veterans. Check out the Veterans Facebook page to see the pictures they posted when handing out all the goodies/cards the club delivered. Lion Sharon M. mentioned we could possibly do the sock project at Interfaith Sanctuary. Be thinking about environmental projects for Spring. We may also be asked to paint the back of the old S&H Foundation building. An idea was mentioned to donate the afghans Lion Edwin and his wife made to diabetes patients receiving dialysis. If you have a contact in that area let a board member know. Envision update: The Envision Office remains closed to the public, if you would like to sort eyeglasses, call to confirm a time as the number of people is limited due to Stage II restrictions.  (Download the newsletter here for more information)


Newsletter January 7 2021  First of the New Year

Information: The board had their zoom meeting Tuesday night. It was decided to continue Zoom meetings through March and then re-assess. Zoom meeting schedule: January 13th February 10th March 10th Please email/call Sharon L. for help with using Zoom. The board members can help as well.

Envision update: The Envision Office remains closed to the public, if you would like to sort eyeglasses, call to confirm a time as the number of people is limited due to Stage II restrictions.

39W Mid-Winter Convention When: March 13th Where: Wahooz and Virtual 

Check out to review the approved and updated district constitution which will be voted on at the convention. Any questions contact Lions Curt Kelley and Larry Spencer.

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Newsletter December 9, 2020

A Big BB Lions Thank you to Lion Lisa Gier, Camp Hodia’s Executive Director, for always having a refreshing fun outlook on everything she talks about! Camp Hodia has had to adapt to all of the changes in this unprecedented year of 2020. She said they have found “change isn’t bad”! Camp is about the people so whether it is thru Zoom, at a Drive-In movie theater (Soda Springs was their largest Drive In event) or at a Drive-thru Holiday Party it can be fun! Fun is contagious! They had their first Drive-thru Holiday party in Twin Falls this past weekend. The campers received a bag with decorations to make their cars into a snow globe, car dances, and special guest appearances. Their goal is to “take care of people” now and always!(download the newsletter here for lots of good information)


Newsletter December 2 2020

Information: The BB Lions board met using Zoom last night. Due to the COVID-19 numbers rising daily, the in person meetings are cancelled through January 2021. We will have a Zoom meeting December 9th at 12:00. Lion Sharon L. will send out Zoom directions. If you have any questions please email her at or call her at 208.859.8646. All of the board members have been using Zoom as well. You can also contact one of them to practice before next Wednesday’s meeting. We would love to see as many members as possible for this meeting. We all need to stay connected during these unprecedented times. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help. Contact Lion Sharon L. or one of the board members to practice connecting through Zoom. Lion Lisa Gier, the executive director of Camp Hodia, will be speaking and we will be playing Hodia Bingo! This is going to be so much fun!  (download the newsletter here for all the scoop)


Newsletter November 18, 2020

Survey results indicate that our club should not meet in person due to stage 2 conditions. Hospitals are now running out of rooms and have a lack of health care personnel so it's appropriate to limit our exposures. Several of you also offered suggestions. Based on the survey information, I propose that the board decide on recommendations at our upcoming December 1st board meeting, to present to the club. We needed an immediate plan for now, so I cancelled our meeting for this week and we will send out a notice to the club saying the board will present recommendations at our December 9th meeting, which will be a ZOOM meeting. There will not be a meeting the 1st week in December. Sharon LoSasso has agreed to be our host for the December 9th ZOOM meeting and will send out instructions for those who are not already using ZOOM. We plan to have our guest speaker, Lisa Gier from Camp Hodia, join us via ZOOM for her presentation at the December 9th meeting. I have little doubt that we will be out of stage 2 for at least 6 weeks. Suggestions to consider are to continue to conduct meetings using ZOOM and to hold 1 or 2 meetings a month, not weekly. We may consider in person meetings when conditions improve. The Eagles will allow our in person meetings during stage 2 because they are considered a restaurant and social distancing can be practiced. It may still be very difficult to schedule speakers for some time and our activities will be limited, therefore not as much business to conduct and fewer projects we will be able to work on. Put some thought into how we should proceed over the next few months. Conditions may change in a heartbeat so we will need to remain flexible. Stay safe and sane everyone! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving! 

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Newsletter November 11 2020

A Shout Out to the Veterans in the BB Lions: Del Motz Jr. – Army, 1973-77, Germany Dan Frison – Army, Combat Medic, Vietnam with 196th Light Infantry, In the rear with 8th Support Battalion, 1967-1968 Specialist 5th class Dennis Burks - Air Force, 1979-2000; Minot, ND, Las Vegas, NV, Mountain Home, ID, Korea Lynne Burks – Air Force, 1978-1982, Minot, ND Larry Locklear – Army, 1964-1970, kind of all over the place I was in the Jag core. Olie Olsen – Army, 1959-1960, Gelnhausen, Germany Larry Spencer - My time on “vacation” was with the US Air Force. From 1972 to 1976, I was stationed at Grand Forks AFB; Kadena AFB Okinawa; Udorn RTAFB (Royal Thai AFB) Thailand; and Kinchloe AFB in upper peninsula Michigan. So it was either hot or cold for me! Terry Brady - I was a dental officer (Captain) in the USAF 6 years counting early reserve status 1966-1972, one year @ Holloman AFB, NM and one year in Ubon, Thailand. Keith Sander - I was in the USAF from 1973 through 1979, stationed in west Texas, Washington D. C., and the Philippines. Thanks for the shout-out! Curt Kelley - I was on active duty from 1969 to 1972 in the Army and I was stationed in Germany for 2 1/2 years. John Howe - I was in the USAF from 1970 to 1990. Not counting training and TDY locations, I was stationed in Ohio, Southeast Asia, Washington, California and Nebraska. LaVon (Shelly) Shelton - Jan and I were stationed at Norton AFB in San Bernardino, California from 1967-1969 in the Medical unit as a general dentist just after I completed Dental School. Gary D’Orazio – Air Guard from 1962-1968, active duty 1968-1970, Nellis AFB, NV, I was still a Canadian citizen and could have avoided it all and my two brothers as well. Both in Nam at that time, lost my younger brother, a terrific kid, to agent orange from Vietnam. I come from a long line of military men. My father and 5 uncles in the Canadian military during WWll. One Uncle was the base commander for the ANG in Anchorage.    download the newsletter here for the full story.


Newsletter November 4 2020

Lion PID Gary gave all the members present a quiz. The winners received a dinner for 4. See quiz below: 1. Name the president of LCI and home country? 2. 39W District Governor and home club? 3. 39W 1VDG and home club? 4. What year were women voted in as members in LCI? 5. Fill in the blanks: To be careful with my _____, and ____ with my ____; to ____ up and not ____. 6. Who said “I fear that the day that technology will surpass our human interaction; the world will have a generation of idiots”? 7. Who was elected first president of the combined clubs called Lions Clubs International at the convention in Dallas? 8. Quote by whom: “How wonderful it is that nobody need a single moment before starting to improve the world.”? 9. Where is the next international convention? 10. MD 39 Council Chair and home club? 11. Who was the first blind person in USA to graduate with a bachelor of arts degree? 12. Fill in the blanks: To take an active interest in the ____, ____, ____, and ____ _____ of my community. 13. Fill in the blanks: To promote the ______ __ ____ ____ ___ ____ _____. 14. What year and month was the Boise Bench chartered? 15. Who said: “We are not a nation of the majority; we are a nation of the majority that participates.

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October 28 2020

Lion Mahmood from the Boise Vista Lions is the new GLT (global leadership team chair) for the district. He spoke about coaching his children. He tells all the kids to have fun, do your best and get better. He was asked to present at an Idaho Women Lawyer’s Inc. Breakfast and Learn. His talk was titled “Characteristics of a Great Leader with a Healthy Attitude”. Below is his outline on leadership: 1. Focus on the situation, issue or behavior and not the person 2. Maintain the self-confidence and self-esteem of others 3. Maintain constructive relationships 4. Take initiatives to make things better 5. Lead by example 6. Think beyond the moment. 7. Failure is okay 8. Always respect the competition 9. Remain upbeat, positive, confident, and certain 10. Achieve as a group and celebrate as one Lion Mahmood broke down all ten points of his talk with humor, kindness and understanding. He is a great addition to the team.  DOWNLOAD THE NEWSLETTER HERE


October 21, 2020 Newsletter

Lion PP Lavon Shelton shared more “Lionism”. In 1925 when Lions international was only 7 yrs old, the legendary Helen Keller spoke to the members at their annual convention and challenged them to become “knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness”. That speech set the course of Lions to be their single most important service commitment. In 1971, LCI declared that June 1st would be remembered as Helen Keller Day. In 1987, LCI granted women membership into Lions clubs. He then spoke to the dynamics of our club. From the MyLCI website: Regular/active members 53, Affiliate members 10 (definition from the by-laws is a quality individual of the community who currently is not able to fully participate as an active member of the club but desires to support the club and its community service initiatives and be affiliated with the club.) At Large member 1 (definition from the by-laws is a member who has moved from the community, or because of health, or other legitimate reasons, is unable to regularly attend club meetings and desires to retain membership in this club, and upon whom the board of directors of this club desires to confer this status.) Associate member 1 (definition from the by-laws is a member who holds primary membership in another Lions club but maintains a residence or is employed in the community served by this club.) Life members 20 (definition from the by-laws any member of this club who has maintained active membership as a Lion for 20 or more years and has rendered outstanding service to this club, the community, or this association; or any member who is critically ill; or any member of this club who has maintained such active membership for 15 or more years and is at least 70 years of age. The MyLCI website shows 65 members found in the Boise Bench Lions Club. All Past Presidents are official greeters but if you have been to one of our meetings, all of the members are great greeters! The Lion Tamer is the custodian of the clubs property. The Tail Twister promotes harmony, enthusiasm and the occasional fine. If you want to fine the tail twister, it has to be a unanimous vote! So if she is in the room that isn’t going to happen!   download the newsletter here for even more news and pictures

October 14, 2020 Newsletter

In honor of the Lions International Induction Day, Lion PCC Bob Storm re-inducted a few of our recent new members with their sponsors.
Lion PP Lavon Shelton shared some ID Lions history. In 1923, the first Lions club started in Malad. In 1946 Lions district 39 was divid-ed into 39E and 39W. For our newer members and past members, Lion Lavon mentioned past and present projects the club has supported.
Camp Hodia (childhood diabetes)
Deaf & Blind summer and winter camps
Special Olympics
Envision (formerly the Sight & Hearing Foun-dation)
Boise Rescue Mission
Chrysalis House
Collecting used eyeglasses
Hit the Jackpot Golf tournament (fundraiser)
City of Light
Lion Curt Kelley showed a brief video about the millions of Lions in the world working hard to complete the Lions mission. “ We Serve”
Lion PID Gary D’Orazio was our last Inter-national Director from 2009-2011. He truly enjoyed being an ID for Idaho. He and his wife met so many people and went many places during those 2 years. He mentioned meetings he attended would have 17 different languages interpreted!

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October 7, 2020 newsletter

Molly Stevens is the Worthy President of the Eagles Lodge. She has been an Ea-gle for 6 yrs. This is her first time as president. The Eagles established in 1898 in Seattle, WA. They have since moved to Grove City, OH. The Boise F.O.E. was started in 1901. As we are clubs, the eagles are “aeries where Eagles nest”. The Ea-gles are very similar to Li-ons. They are an interna-tional nonprofit organization united fraternally in the spirit of liberty, truth, jus-tice and equality. Molly said they have approximately 600,00 members. Famous past members: FDR and El-eanor Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, JFK and Arnold Palmer to name a few. In 2005, women were allowed to join the FOE. They also have an auxiliary composed of women which is their strong fundraising arm. Their focus is fundraising on charities in Boise. Their ma-jor fundraiser is Bingo. They rent their facility which can hold over 300 with a full bar. Our own Lion Shirley is in charge of their bake sales. Their Motto: People Helping People   Download the newsletter here for more information


September 30, 2020 Newsletter

Lion John Mundt started off with a funny “I don’t mind getting old but my body isn’t handling it well.” He is a Meridian Lion and a board member for Envision formerly ID-Eastern Ore. Lions Sight and Hearing foun-dation. It is still a foundation but more than a foundation. It is a business where the eye bank drives the business. Envision is an operating foundation which is differ-ent than most other foundations. Lion Jay Lugo, the executive director, writes grants to other foundations to help support Envi-sion. It is one of 70 eye banks in the U.S. Envision hopes to get the vision (for all the rest of the story, download the newsletter here)


September 23 2020 Newsletter

Lion Angel spoke about her last months in Singapore regarding COVID-19. She said COVID hit Singapore in December. They went to Thailand and heard that someone had gotten sick. Many people go to China over the Chinese New Year and when they returned the virus hit Singapore. The country jumped into action as they were prepared due to the previous SARS outbreak. Panic buying started and TP disappeared just like it did here. If a person became sick, they were transported in a private ambulance to a COVID facility never coming in contact with other people. The country started a website that was updated daily, they used very specific contact tracing and their prime minister spoke to the people frequently. If a person was quarantined and broke the quarantine, they were fined $10,000 or jail for 6 months! If you continued to break the rules, you were banned from Singapore for life. Singapore  download the newsletter here for the rest of the story


September 16, 2020 Newsletter No meeting this week due to poor air quality so here is an update of what Lions members have been up to.

Thank you so much for the $1000 donation to LCI Childhood Cancer in Lion Happy's name. Your generosity is greatly appreciated by me and I'm sure by Happy. I've told several of you Lions about her dedication. One example, in a 25 year period she missed only one regular weekly club meeting, and that was when she was our Club President. Our Club normally sends the new president to the USA/Canada Leadership Forum which was in New York that year, so that's where she was for the missed meeting. Lion Olie Olsen
TT Corner: TT LaDawn shared some uplifting quotes we can all use during these times! Everyday Positive Think-ing by Louise Hay and Friends
Know that you are the perfect age. Each year is special and precious, for you shall only live it once. Be comfortable with growing older. Louise L. Hay
Smile and laugh often! Each day, find something happy, joyful, and funny about life—smile and laugh and smile and laugh again. Keith D. Harrell

Lions Dar and Sam did a drive by at the new location of the Idaho Foodbank on 3630 E. Commercial Court, Meridian. Their challenge has not been a shortage of food, but a lack of warehouse space. They had a lack of warehouse space, lack of refrigeration and a lack of teaching space. The Solution: Idaho’s New Hunger Relief Facility. Go to to read more about their vision and watch their virtual tour. Lion Dar said no more info to date. for more information download the newsletter here


September 9, 2020 Newslettter

The BB Lions will be making a $1000 donation to LCI Childhood Cancer in Lion Happy’s name! Her legacy will live on in the name of children fighting cancer.
TT Corner: TT LaDawn shared a cou-ple of quotes for today.
“The things that matter most in this world carry no price tag, for they can neither be bought nor sold for any price.” Suze Orman
“Release the need to blame anyone, in-cluding yourself. We are all doing the best we can with the understanding, knowledge, and awareness we have.” Louise L. Hay
The BB Lions will be making a $100 donation to District 39W for the box of masks. Thank you to the district for thinking of our safety!
Members: 22 members were at the park.
Plans to move indoors to the Eagles location are being worked on now. The Eagles building is very large where all can social distance. download the newsletter here for more information


September 2, 2020 Newsletter 

Just a short newsletter this week.  President Aarda brought lots of newspapers and magazines for the club to clip to send to the residents of the Idaho State Veterans Home, this is an ongoing project that the veterans really appreciate.

New Lion Phil Gauron was inducted by sponsor Lion Curt Kelley, and President Aarda Justin.

Lion Curt held Quiz Day with questions about Lions, and questions from the Slate News Quiz and the New York Times Quiz from last week.  Lots of fun and candy bars and car wash for prizes.

Our next meeting will be on September 9th at Winstead Park at noon.



August 26, 2020 Newsletter

Charter Party Awards presented by Lion PP Rob Anno:
Lion Jan Shelton is the honorable recipient of the Melvin Jones for her dedication, commitment and support to Lionism starting in 1973 when Lion Lavon became a Lion.

Bench Lion of the Year-Sharon Marchetti

Lion Shirley received an achievement pin and gift certificate for eyeglasses and helping to organize the Christmas Party.

Lion VP Tom received an achievement pin and gift certificate for SHP, board member and VP.
Lion Lynne received an editor medal and gift certificate for the newsletter.

Lion Curt received a citizenship pin, presidential award pin and a gift certifi-cate for his work with Alzheimer’s.

Download the newsletter here for even more awards and pictures

August 19, 2020 Newsletter

Pictured here are some of the Lions en-tered into the Lion contest President Aarda asked our members to bring. TT LaDawn showed off each Lion for a “roar” from the members. We had three catego-ries: Best overall, cutest and smallest. She also auctioned off a new “Lions” hat. Only worn once by a Lion.
Announcement: The Eagles are having a car show this Saturday from 9-3 in their parking lot. Lion Shirley will be selling cookies, there will be other baked goods, breakfast burritos and a beer garden. You can social distance as it is outside in their parking lot. If you are interested in checking out the Eagles building for a possible meeting place for our meetings just ask an Eagle.

Members: 24 members
Welcome to our newest member Lion Phil Gauron!
Envision eyeglass recycling: They are in dire need of boxes for packing eyeglass-es! There are 63 boxes left from the over 500 boxes sent from NY.
ID Foodbank: August 25 from 12-2, you can call or go online to sign up. Please bring a mask. They will provide gloves. Type this into your browser to sign up: There is no hyphen between bench and lions.
Veterans project: We are collecting Vet notes, silly things to read, lottery tickets etc. The Vets are getting stir crazy during this pandemic. They are not allowed to go anywhere. We are looking into a couple of projects for the Vets. Their canteen with drinks and snacks was shut down. The Vets are desperate for a soda! Also a landscap-ing project is in the works. More details to come. Thanks for your help to support our Vets!  DOWNLOAD THE NEWSLETTER HERE FOR EVEN MORE INFORMATION


August 12, 2020 Newsletter

Lion President Aarda presided over our meeting in the park. We all were social distancing and wearing our masks when not eating. Lion Aarda sent a list of project ideas for the board to consider. The pan-demic makes it harder for us to serve but it can be done. Her ideas focus on visibility for the BB Lions. One idea was to build a bee barn to be placed in an area that has a high pollination potential. Label the bee barns with a BB Lions logo. Maybe “Bee a Lion”, just some thoughts for brainstorm-ing. See page 3 for Bee Barn picture and other ideas to think about.(Download the newsletter here for all the news fit to print and pictures too!!)


August 5, 2020 Newsletter

DG Lynn Johnson came to Win-stead park to install our new club officers. More pics on page 2 and 3. His theme for the year is Hun-ger Relief which he felt was much needed with the pandemic affect-ing so many people in our areas. He talked about his DG team con-sisting of VDG Kathy Donahue and 2VDG Betty Simpson who have been working with him to achieve his goals for this year. He men-tioned that many of the clubs are not able to have their fundraisers this year due to the pandemic. This will hit the clubs hard finan-cially. He also mentioned working to get 2 new clubs up and going in Middleton and Wilder. Thank you DG Lynn for installing our new officers and board members.  (for even more information download the newsletter here!!)


July 29, 2020 Newsletter

Save the date: DG Lynn Johnson will be attending our noon lunch August 5th at Winstead Park 6150 W Northview St, Boise to install the new officers. Please try and attend if you feel comfortable. Bring a chair and lunch to enjoy his visit.

Idaho Foodbank: Thanks to Lions Aarda, Angel, Darlene and 6 other volunteers we were able to scoop, label, bag, box and seal 1800 lbs. of elbow macaroni which will turn around to make 1500 dinners for families in our community, much needed during this time of COVID-19....ROAR! Sorry I forgot to take a pic but we were so very busy! Good job BB Lions!

Eyeglass recycling: Lions Henry and Liz, Lions Sharon and Ken, Lion Curt, Lion Aarda, Lion Angel and Lion Shirley have been recycling/packing eyeglasses at Envision. The month of July was a whopping 18,447! Good job Lions.

July 22, 2020 Newsletter

BB Lions will meet at Winstead Park, 6150 W Northview, Boise on July 29th at noon, bring lunch, chairs and masks and see your fellow Lions.  PP Rob will wrap up his year and hand out awards that normally be given out at the annual Charter party.  So be there or be square!

Garage sale: CANCELLED due to the effects of COVID-19 in our area! The storage unit was emptied and all items delivered to the Eagles Youth Ranch. The Frison’s are trying to sell some items on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. Thank you Lions Patty and Dan!
The board also decided we will meet at Winstead Park through the end of July and it is undecided if we will meet at the Eagles in August or con-tinue to meet outside for the time being.
Idaho Foodbank: We are scheduled to volunteer at the Foodbank on July 28th from 12-2. Please sign up individually be-forehand. Type this into your browser to register: http://
No hyphen in website address

Milestone Chevron Awards:
Floyd Evans 60 yrs.
Terry Brady 45 yrs.
Bruce Morrison 35 yrs.
Happy Olsen 30 yrs.
John Howe 25 yrs.
Samuel Storck 20 yrs.
Kevin Kempers 20 yrs.
Joyce Schram 15 yrs.
Edwin Marshall 15 yrs.
James Kreller 10 yrs.

Lion Larry S. (L-3) has been a BB Lion for four years. His special person was Lion Larry Kidd (L-1). This is the only Lions club he has been in. He became a Lion after he retired from Idaho Power (Sept. 2016), he wanted to begin helping the community and especially the veter-ans. The Boise Bench Lions was a per-fect fit.
Favorite Music: Music from the 60’s and 70’s – easy listening where you can un-derstand the lyrics!
Hobbies: Golf, reading, travel and golf. I said golf twice because I like golf.

for even more information and fun facts download the newsletter here!


July 15, 2020 Newsletter

BB Lions picnic/meeting: the BB Lions will meet at Winstead Park 6150 W Northview St, Boise at Noon through the end of July. Bring your chairs, lunch and masks.

Envision: Lion Henry is asking for more apple/orange boxes to pack glasses in. You can drop them off at Envision or bring them to the meetings in the park.
Garage sale: CANCELLED due to the effects of COVID-19 in our area! A few BB Lions will be emptying out the shed this Saturday at 8am and donating the items to the local thrift stores. The Frison’s will try to sell a few more items on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Please let the Frison’s know if you want them to hold onto any items you have already delivered to their home otherwise they will be donated to the thrift stores.
BB Lions Board meeting decisions: the board decided to cancel the August 19th picnic due to the effects of COVID-19 in our area.
The board also decided we will meet at Win-stead Park through the end of July and it is undecided if we will meet at the Eagles in August or continue to meet outside for the time being.
Idaho Foodbank: We are scheduled to volun-teer at the Foodbank on July 28th from 12-2. Please sign up individually beforehand. Type this into your browser to register: http://
No hyphen between bench and lions

for even more information and pictures download the newsletter here!!!!


July 8, 2020 Newsletter

We had an informal meeting at Winstead park and will have another on same time same place on July 15th.

BB Lions Board meeting using zoom, July 14th at 6pm. Lion Sharon L. will send out the meet-ing link invite. Non-board members are wel-come just email Sharon L. so she can send you the link for the meeting. Please send any agenda items to Lion Tom or Lion Dennis as Lion President Aarda is hav-ing fun in Deadwood.

Envision: Please send your hours to Lion Dennis @ 208-599-0271 or email so he can enter them as a service project in MyLion.
Garage sale: The garage sale will be August 15th at the Frison’s home. Please start saving items or contacting the Frison’s if you need to make a drop off.
Clean-up project: Date: July 13th at 8:30 at the Envision former location at 70 N Latah. The corner of Kimberly, a couple of blocks north of Rose Hill. Please let Lion Curt know if you can make it. The cleanup will be in the back alley, there are some trees to be trimmed and brush to be hauled away. A chain saw and tree trimmer or two would help. The alley could use some raking to be leveled a bit too. Envision still owns the building and another non-profit is the tenant. The sign out front still says Idaho Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation.
Idaho Foodbank: We are scheduled to volun-teer at the Foodbank on July 28th from 12-2. Please sign up individually beforehand. Type this into your brows-er to register: http://

TT Corner: Hi Good Lions! It has been great to see some of you at our Wednesday picnics! Please stay safe and healthy! Li-on LaDawn
Q: What is a lion’s favorite campsite food? A: Baked beings
Q: What does a lion say to his pride before they go hunting? A: Let us prey…
Q: Why are desert lions so popular around Christmas-time? A: Because they have sandy claws.
Q: What happened when the lion ate the clown? A: He felt funny.
Q. Why did the lion lose at Go Fish? A. Because he was playing against a cheeta.

Save the Date: August 5th the new DG Lynn Johnson will make his first official club visit and install our new club officers!

MEETINGS JULY 2020 and going forward:
Welcome to our new Lions year fellow Lions and friends, the past few months have been challenging and we are facing new challenges as we move forward. The ability to adapt and adopt change will be key as we move forward in everything we do. One of our first orders of business items is to get back to our weekly meetings.
We plan to resume our regular weekly business meetings Wednesday July 29th as long as all conditions continue to allow. We will not be able to hold our meetings at Casa Mexico for the foreseeable future due to the inability of Casa Mexico to meet social distancing requirements. We will instead meet at the Eagles lodge, located at 7025 Overland Road, Boise, which has room enough to allow for social distancing. The Ea-gles lodge is located behind Woodcrafters, the movie theatre and Eddie’s Restaurant, it is a separate building back behind the front row of businesses and has plenty of parking available. The Eagles lodge will offer a buffet lunch for those wanting to eat, no menu items available. Price will run about the same as at Casa Mexico. We will need a headcount in advance for each meeting of those wanting lunch so they can prepare accordingly. The club will bill members for their charges as was done at Casa Mexi-co. There will be no charge for the use of the lodge as long as we are purchasing our lunches there. Outside food and drink are not allowed. We will start inviting speakers for our meetings in August and will adjust our plans if needed as time goes on. More information to come later as we get the details worked out and we look forward to seeing everyone again at meetings. ROAR.   download the newsletter for more information and pictures here


July 1, 2020 Newsletter  We had an informal meeting at Winstead park this week.

We will have another informal meeting at Winstead Park on July 8th noon, bring lunch and chair in case we can't use the gazebo.

MEETINGS JULY 2020 and going forward:
Welcome to our new Lions year fellow Lions and friends, the past few months have been challenging and we are facing new challenges as we move forward. The ability to adapt and adopt change will be key as we move forward in everything we do. One of our first orders of business items is to get back to our weekly meetings.
We plan to resume our regular weekly business meetings Wednesday July 29th as long as all conditions continue to allow. We will not be able to hold our meetings at Casa Mexico for the foreseeable future due to the inability of Casa Mexico to meet social distancing requirements. We will instead meet at the Eagles lodge, located at 7025 Overland Road, Boise, which has room enough to allow for social distancing. The Ea-gles lodge is located behind Woodcrafters, the movie theatre and Eddie’s Restaurant, it is a separate building back behind the front row of businesses and has plenty of parking available. The Eagles lodge will offer a buffet lunch for those wanting to eat, no menu items available. Price will run about the same as at Casa Mexico. We will need a headcount in advance for each meeting of those wanting lunch so they can prepare accordingly. The club will bill members for their charges as was done at Casa Mexi-co. There will be no charge for the use of the lodge as long as we are purchasing our lunches there. Outside food and drink are not allowed. We will start inviting speakers for our meetings in August and will adjust our plans if needed as time goes on. More information to come later as we get the details worked out and we look forward to seeing everyone again at meetings. ROAR

Save the Date: August 5th the new DG Lynn Johnson will make his first official club visit and install our new club officers! See page 3 for meeting place and details.

Envision: Please send your hours to Lion Dennis @ 208-599-0271 or email so he can enter them as a service project in MyLion.
Garage sale: The garage sale will be August 15th at the Frison’s home. Please start saving items or contacting the Frison’s if you need to make a drop off.
Clean-up project: Date: July 13th at 8:30 at the Envision former location at 70 N Latah. The corner of Kimberly, a couple of blocks north of Rose Hill. Please let Lion Curt know if you can make it. The cleanup will be in the back alley, there are some trees to be trimmed and brush to be hauled away. A chain saw and tree trimmer or two would help. The alley could use some raking to be leveled a bit too. Envision still owns the building and another non-profit is the tenant. The sign out front still says Idaho Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation. (download the newsletter for even more information)




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