Ongoing projects of the Bonavista Lions Club:-

- Bonavista/Port Union Lions Clubs TV Bingo - vvery Monday at 7:30 pm

- Serve at Breakfast Program at Matthew Elementary once a month

- Visit sick residents with fruit baskets

- Air church services on community channel 

- Look at three used clothing bins placed in community by Diabetes Association

- Visits hospital, bungalow and seniors' homes with fruit/cookies trays each month

- Collects used eyeglasses on a continual basis


WHAT ARE WE DOING (just some of the things we’ve done over the past year)

-Visits seniors’ homes and hospital once a month

-Visits sick residents

-Donates prizes for bingos at two seniors’ homes

-Serves once a month at Breakfast program

-Collects used eyeglasses

-Sponsors contests for school  children – Peace Poster & Speakouts

-Donates books to all Kindergarten students of end of school year

-Partners with local church for soup kitchen

-Placed benches at Cape Shore trail

-Donates twice a year to local groups and charities such as minor hockey, figure skating, fire departments, schools, foodbank, splashpad, etc.

-Donates to provincial charities such as Ronald McDonald House, Janeway, Daffodil Place, Children’s Wish Foundation, etc.

-Donates to District projects such as sight, hunger, Lion Max Simms Memorial Camp, etc.

-Sponsors campers to blind, autistic, etc. camps

-Sponsors a monthly free skate at local arena

-Held a diabetes screening clinic with CareGivers

-Held Santa Claus parade, Seniors’ Christmas party and Children’s Christmas party

-Delivered fruit trays to sick and elderly during Christmas

-Donated to community group “Secret Santa” who helped the needy with gifts and gift cards

-Sponsored a Youth Exchange student to Peru

-Donated baskets to Stella’s Circle

-Donated equipment to local Red Cross

-Donated turkeys for Christmas Dinner at local church

-Held community bonfire

-Donates to sick residents for travel, etc.

-Places large tray of cookies at funeral home when a resident dies

-Since October 2017, we donated more than $40 000 in monetary donations

We thrive to live up to our motto “WE SERVE”.  If you are interested in serving your community, please consider joining one of the largest service organizations in the world!  Contact any Lion for more information.





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