We are a non profit organisation.   Our club meets twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Monday.   We have a Bingo every Tuesday starting at 6:40 with the "warm ups", followed by our regular Bingo.  Our Bingos are very important to us, as this is the only income the club has. 

When we the club members meet we discuss different issues or request that we may have had during the month.  If a decision is to be made it is made with all club members.  Each member has the right to voice his or her opinion without being judged.  We my not always see eye to eye, jbut we are like one big happy family.

I am a new member, but what make me most proud of being a lion is our visits to the senior homes around our area.  We visit each homes with a little gift.  We sing a few songs with some local musician like Scott & Gerald, Rheal LeBlanc.  We have our very own Mr. & Mrs. Santa Clause.

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