Becoming a member of Lions Clubs International is mutually beneficial to both the member and the Club. These benefits can only be realized when there is commitment and involvement by both parties.
For the Member
· Community Service
· Personal Growth
· Prestige of belonging to the world's largest service organization
· Develop leadership skills
· Fun and Fellowship
· Enlarge your circle of friends
· Networking opportunities
For the Club
· Increased membership
· New Ideas
· More "hands" for service
· Greater opportunity and potential
· Increased talent & skills
· Greater impact on the community
· Expansion of fund raising capabilities
· Expansion of community service
· Recipient of your unique talents, knowledge
  and expertise
· Another representative in the community to
  promote the concept of giving and serving
Membership Requirements
· Sponsorship by a fellow Boulder City Lions Club member
· Approval of the Officers and Membership.
· Payment of $75 initiation fee which is the annual dues.
· Willingness for commitment and involvement in club and community
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