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Brevard, North Carolina       Chartered 1938

Halloween Fest Broom Salesmen



September 2023


September 7 - Regular 6 PM meeting at the Pisgah Fish Camp.  Attendees to pay for their own meals.

September 21 - Regular 6 PM meeting at the Pisgah Fish Camp.  Attendees to pay for their own meals.

September 28 - Regular 7 PM Board meeting - Brevard/Davidson River Presbyterian Church


NOTE:  Remember - quarterly dues begin July 1 at $45/member 



Halloween Fest Broom Sale



Through July in our 2022/23 Lions Year which began July 1, 2022, $1975 has been approved for assisting 185 people with new glasses, 5 with exam & glasses.

For the 2021/22 Lions year - $2,810 assisting 27 people

For the 2020/21 Lions Year - $4,230 assisting 40 people

For the 2019/20 Lion Year - $4,480 assisting 43 people.

For the 2018/19 Lion Year - $8,598 assisting 82 people

For the 2017/18 Lions Year - $11,413 assisting 106 people

For the 2016/17 Lions Year - $9,305 for assisting 91 people

For the 2015/16 Lions Year - $10,151 for assisting 111 people  

For the 2014/15 Lions Year -  $11,045 for assisting 132 people

For the 2013/14 Lions Year -  $9,495 for assisting 120 people

For the 2012/13 Lions Year - $8,348 for assisting 81 people

In March of 2019 Medicaid of NC approved paying for both exams and glasses for enrolees.  This has resulted in a significant decrease in glasses requests.

For the 1st half of the Lions Year, half is paid by the Brevard Lions Club and half by matching funds from NC Lions Inc.


At the June 10 Vision Van event, we saw 30 clients - with 2 referrals to an eye doctor and one approved for exam and glasses.  We also turned in 1200 pairs of glasses, 22 broken glasses, 45 phones, and 28 hearing aids for transport to Camp Dogwood.

A $2000 grant was received from Lake Toxaway Charities in June to help support our vision projects. This will allow our club to continue to provide glasses for the needy of Transylvania County, through requests from over 25 aid organizations in WNC.

At our April 6 meeting Lion President Paul presented a $1000 scholarship to county resident Emily Barton. She his 1 of only 3 in the country with a rare eye condition.

Welcome new memberTyree Jenkins!  He was sponsored by Lion David, voted in during the March 2 meeting, and had an Induction Ceremony in May.

Lion Chuck has agreed to place our permanent broom display in his store "A Blast From the Past" downtown.  An ad was placed in the paper to notify the public.  He also has a display of ceramic white squirrels on sale - a portion of sales goes to the club.

After a meeting presentation on the dangers of Fentanyl from a mother whose son DJ died of the drug, it was approved to donate $500 the the DJsWish foundation to help spread awareness of the problem.

Upon Lion Scott Kuba's death, the club received a $1000 donation from a friend.  It was approved to make this a memorial donation to the NC Lions.

It was approved to donate $250 to the Salvation Army and to participate in the annual bell-ringing drive on December 8.

Broom sales at Halloween Fest grossed $561.

$359 in donations were received during the annual White Cane/Brighter Visions drive.

It was approved to donate $500 each to the Sharing House and the Bread Of Life as part of the upcoming September 24 Day of Service celebration of the Lions 100th anniversary in NC.

At the July 4th Festival we sold $754 worth of a combination of brooms and White Squirrel ornaments.

$100 has been donated to the "Newspaper for the Blind" for 2022/23.

Broom sales to camps totaled $1,668 this year.

At the White Squirrel Festival we sold $1423 worth of brooms and White Squirrel ornaments.

At our May 19 meeting is was voted to donate $1000 to the Brighter Visions Campaign. This supports Camp Dogwood, matching funds, educational grants, the deaf/blind retreat, the mobile screening unit, and the glasses recycling program.

At our February 3 meeting it was voted to donate $300 to Lion Scott's LED street light project to convert 10 city streetlights.

At the Christmas Dinner meeting in December, it was voted to donate $200 to the Lions Club in tornado-ravaged Mayfield, KY.

Welcome new member Chuck Crane! He was a previous member of two clubs in Texas. He owns the downtown store "A Blast From The Past". He will bring the membership up to 22!

At the December 2 meeting is was approved to donate $200 to the Salvation Army project to provide Christmas gifts to local children.

Welcome new member Jeff Pressley!  He was sponsored by Lion Brian and voted in at the November 18 meeting.  He will be inducted at the December 16 meeting. Membership is now at 21.

The club voted November 18 to donate $100 for Christmas presents for visually-impaired residents at the District Lions-sponsored McCune Center in Black Mountain.

Lion Rick delivered 2096 pairs of used eyeglasses and 36 used hearing aids to Camp Dogwood.

The club voted at the August 19,2021 meeting to donate $500 to the Sharing House Flood Relief due the the recent flood damage in the county.

The club voted at the June 17, 2021 meeting to modify the dues amounts beginning July 1.  Regular members dues will be $45/quarter and at-large members dues will remain at $25/quarter.  This will allow payment of facility charges at meeting locations.  Members will pay for their own meals at regular meetings.

Welcome new member Paul Hoffman!  He was sponsored by Lion James Hackler and voted in at the May 6 meeting. He was inducted at the June 3 meeting.  He brings the membership up to 22.

Due to the corona virus pandemic, all 2020/21 fund-rasing events were cancelled.

$100 has been donated to the "Newspaper for the Blind".

Welcome new member Ken Olson, who joined at the January 3 meeting.  Lion Ed is his sponsor. 

A $1,500 grant was received from St. Philips Episcopal Church in January to help support our vision projects.

We have initiated the transfer of new member Scott Kuba from his old club in Illinois.  Welcome Scott!!  We look forward to taking advantage of your years as a Lion

Congratulations to Lion Jake for 48 years of membership, Lion Ed for 42 years, Lion Tony for 41 years, Lion Gary for 36 years, and Lion Harvey for 31 years! 



September 7 - 9 members

August 17 - 9 members, 1 guest

May Board Meeting - 5 members


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