Joining the Bristol Lions Club

It's difficult to explain to people exactly what Lions do. After all, we do so much. It's far easier to explain why we do what we do – we want to give back to the community and make dreams come true. Your community needs you. In fact, it needs more people like you.

Membership is available on an invitation-only basis to ensure that all of our members maintain our high standards.  Click here to download the membership application, or contact our Membership Chair- Ev Lyons at 860-977-7989.  To receive an invitation, simply talk to a local Lion and tell him or her that you would like to attend a meeting or service project to gain more knowledge of the club.

What Can You Do as a Lion?

The Bristol Lions Club has what you are looking for--an opportunity to help people, broaden your horizons and fulfill your goals. Lions membership offers you an amazing spectrum of possibilities. Projects can vary from cleaning up your neighborhood park to helping end river blindness in Africa. Lions clubs provide extensive opportunities for men and women to learn and grow while serving locally and internationally. Lions continue to:

  • Address needs that are often unmet in their communities, such as teaching life skills to school children, building playgrounds and homes and supporting the elderly
  • Assist the blind and visually impaired by providing preventive screenings, offering resources and equipment
  • Reach out to youth through mentoring and educational programs
  • Raise awareness of health care issues, such as diabetes, hearing loss and vision impairment
  • Provide disaster relief, including food, supplies and healthcare screenings
  • Work collectively and individually to build stronger communities

As a Lion, you will make life better for others while enriching your own life in the process. As a Lion, you can make a difference.


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