Lions Way Pedestrian Bridge - September 21, 2013

3Km walking and bicycle pathway including a bridge - facility improvement / construction

Burford Lions Complete Lions Way A Walking and Bicycle Path to and inside Lions Art Cadman Park Lions Park was created between the Burford Lions Club and the former Township of Burford as a centennial project in 1967. Since that time the park has been utilized by many hundreds of people. Family picnics, weekend and week-long camping outings, Burford Rovers for retreats and just people in general out for a walk. Over the years improvements have been added, an open air pavilion, removal of the old “outhouses” and a new concrete block facility to take their place. There was always a danger for everyone walking or biking to the park. The sidewalk within the village only went so far and then everyone had to use the side of the road. The biggest danger was getting over the bridge, lots of traffic and not much room for pedestrians. Approximately 6 years ago, one of our members, Lion Bob Foster had a dream and he followed that dream. Several members assisted Lion Bob and after many meetings, many delays, and many hurdles to get over this $270,000.00 project became a reality on September 21, 2013 with the installation of the final link. “The Bridge”. Stage One was a 1km walk way to the park area and stage Three was a two km walk within the park. Stage Two was the bridge and that was the final link. It began as a Lions Project, it became a community project with many people supporting , believing in, and making donations. Many in-kind donations were received from numerous people and companies involved in the entire process. The County of Brant donated funds and provided a great deal of gravel from the near-by gravel pit. A local Lions supporter for years donated fencing. Two 90 ton cranes and the trucks to deliver the bridge and staff to install the bridge were donated as well.

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