The Hearing Foundation (Ear of the Lion) is a non-profit, 501c3 foundation formed in 1982 and supported by Lions Clubs throughout California and Nevada. Its purpose is to provide reconditioned hearing aids for the needy hearing impaired in Cal/Nev.

Our program is not for everyone. It is dedicated to assist qualified low-income persons with their hearing problems, who are not eligible for any government-assisted programs, but are diagnosed as needing hearing aids. Annual Household income must be less than the following: Family of 1, $21,245; Family of 2, $28,805; Family of 3, $36,365 Family of 4, $43,925; Family of 5, $51,485, and going up in increments of approximately $7,000 per additional dependent. If annual income is more than the amount previously listed, the foundation may provide assistance depending on circumstances. Potential cli-ents over the limit are asked to include a hardship letter which is then reviewed by the Board of Directors.
The first step in receiving hearing aids from The Hearing Foundation (Ear of the Lion) is to fill out and send in an application. A Medical Clearance or Waiver, along with a hear-ing test (audiogram) both no older than 6 months must be included with the application. These are done at the clients expense.
Once the applicant has been approved for assistance, they must pay a non-refundable, one-time fee of $150 per hearing aid loaned. A local Lions Club, that is a member of the foundation, is then asked to sponsor the client.
The patient is then assigned to an Audiologist that works with the Foundation in their ar-ea. The Audiologist decides what type of hearing aid will be best for their hearing loss, and impressions are made of the patient’s ear cavity and sent to the lab to be re-shelled and re-circuited to the patient’s need. It is then sent back to the Audiologist to fit the hearing aid to the patient.
We are a referral service also. Because of our contacts we are able to suggest to clients and others a new direction to go to seek assistance if we are unable to help.
Hearing aid donations can be sent to the above listed address. If you would like a tax donation receipt, please include name and address with donation.
The Hearing Foundation
(Ear of the Lion Foundation)
850 San Jose Ave., Suite 115
Clovis, CA 93612
(800) 327-8077 / (559) 322-5466 ~ Fax (559) 322-5468

or contact Kathy Doty for local help and used hearing aid pick up  





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