Canton Lions Club Committees for 2016 - 2017

Under 1st Vice President:

  • Programs - to plan programs to inform the club about community interests, issues & needs. Quarterly Chairpersons - Kathy Johnson, Clay Dangerfield, Jonathan Jorstad, Bill Covin
  • Finance - to prepare an annual budget for Activities & Operations& recommend expenditures. Chair - Monty Williams, Jerry Powell, John Dobbins

Under 2nd Vice President:

  • Cellular Center Fundraisers:  Concession stand work to raise money in support of club projects.  Under the leadership and direction of Jack Webb
  • Scholarship Fundraiser: To plan the annual spring fundraiser for Leo Scholarships. Chair - Stephanie Morgan
  • Camp Dogwood Fundraiser: To promote the sale of Camp Dogwood raffle tickets by club members.  Team Leaders:  Alyssa Holmes and Kathy Johnson
  • Christmas Shopping Trip:  Shopping trip for economically deprive children from a local elementary school.  Held in December.  Leaders: Meghan Killilay, Terryl Evans, Paul Brown
  • Broom Sales:  Sell brooms/mops made in the Industries for the blind to maintain jobs and to raise money for club use.  Chairman - Bill Upton

Under 3rd Vice President:

  • Social - To plan and carry out the annual Club Picnic and Christmas Party. Chair - Jimmy Powell, Mike Smathers, Jerry Powell,
  • Vision and Hearing Activities - To plan vision screenings, Christmas Party for the Blind, and aid to individuals with vision or hearing problems.,
  • Communication - To communicate to the club and community our activities and programs.
    • Newspapers - Clay Dangerfield
    • Website - Mikell Webb
    • Social Media - Mikell Webb
    • Newsletter - Max Bumgardner, Debbie Bumgardner
  • Membership -  Elected by the board  for development, retention, and recruitment of new members.  Chairperson - Mikell Webb
  • Camp Hope - Supervises maintenance and upkeep of the Lions cabin at Camp Hope.  May aid with other camp projects as requested by camp management.  Riley Covin (Chairman), Ken Evans, Mike Smathers.        


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