Visitors are most welcome to contact any Club Officer listed below, for any details on meetings and club projects.  (Welcome to ring Garry on 0294844061 please leave a message)

 President : Helen Roth

Secretary: Margot McGuirk

Treasurer: Charles McGuirk

Membership Chairman: Helen Roth


Address: PO Box 190 Castle Hill NSW 1765


Facebook Page: 


Club Board for 2021-2022
 President Helen Roth
1st Vice President  Charles McGuirk
2nd Vice President  vacant
Secretary Margot McGuirk
Treasurer Charles McGuirk
Membership Chair  Helen Roth
Tail Twister Tom McQuillan
Lion Tamer Davy Lee

Garry Horvai, Jude McKinlay, George Veness, Brian Williams

Webmaster Garry Horvai
Immediate Past President Helen Roth


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